July 4, 2022

Technological Advances Make Holiday Lighting More Fun


Battery Christmas Lights Can Be Used In Non-Traditional Ways

Perhaps you’ve seen A Charlie Brown Christmas where Snoopy decorated his dog house with battery Christmas lights and won first place in the neighborhood’s lights and display contest.  Now, you too can decorate with battery Christmas lights. 


christmas dogHow about decorating the family pooch with LED battery Christmas lights?  Today’s LED battery Christmas lights allow you to safely give your pet that holiday glow and entertain your guests at the next holiday party.  LED battery Christmas lights are cool-to-the-touch and comfortable to wear.  What can be more fun than hanging icicle lights from your Great Dane or decking your little white dog out in multi-colored LED battery Christmas lights.  So this year, put the “fa la la” into your pooch’s attire with today’s new LED battery Christmas lights.  Decorating with holiday lighting has never been more versatile or easy to adapt to new and creative applications.  With a little imagination, you can illuminate almost anything and bring that Christmas spirit into all parts of your life.  Your pet, car, or even that favorite holiday sweater can sparkle and shine with the glow of battery Christmas lights.


Outdoor Xmas Decorations Require Planning and Thought

When illuminating the exterior of your home with Xmas decorations, it is important to have a plan and a theme.  Without both, the resulting Xmas decorations can look like a horrifying display of color and texture.  The number of Xmas decorations available in stores today can result in the, “Hey, it’s on sale and it will look good in my yard this year” mentality.  This holiday enthusiast buys whatever Xmas decorations are on sale with no thought to design, theme, or color.  When home, the Xmas decorations are set up and lit upon dark.  A riot of color and lack of balance confuses the senses.  Neighbors desire that the Xmas decorations be taken down.  A smart decorator will begin with color.  Balance is also important in Xmas decorations.  This will ensure a good flow of attention across your Xmas decorations display.  Novelty yard Xmas decorations require a theme.  It’s not a good idea to place The Grinch directly next to a nativity scene.  Mixing themes in Xmas decorations will look cluttered and out of control.  Be careful, however, of sparsely decorated exteriors.  For example, the thin white outline of lights along the gutters and roof lines looks clean and consistent but is overdone and sterile.  The best Xmas decorations strike a balance between the conservative approach and the non-color coordinated chaos.  Remember always, exterior Xmas decorations are about having fun and expressing creativity.  If unsure, get a second opinion and have a happy holiday.


The Little Xmas Lights That CouldC7 LED

One year ago in a distant China workshop, there was a happy little strand of LED Xmas lights that knew it would soon be illuminated and admired.  It was shipped to a store where many unimpressed eyes looked at it then put it back on its shelf.  Many months passed and hope dwindled while the LED Xmas lights sat in the store unlit.  After Christmas it went on sale and remained unhappy in the store.  A few more months passed and during the long hot summer the Xmas lights almost lost hope.  The Christmas season came again, however, and this time there was an increased interest in energy efficient LED Xmas lights due to a weak economy.  The little strand of LED Xmas lights was purchased this time and displayed on a grand Christmas tree to be admired by many.  The LED Xmas lights shined brighter than all the other lights that Christmas.

How To: Decorate Xmas Lights

It’s Easy to Decorate Using a Christmas Lights Professional

How To Xmas LightsPeople who are busy, who need physical help, or who simply want to pay for expertise are perfect candidates for the Christmas lights professional.  A Christmas lights professional can hang Xmas lights efficiently and safely.  Although costly, the Christmas lights professional takes care of design, measurement, installation, and take down.  Some people face sticker shock because they don’t know how much it costs.  They don’t realize how labor intensive it is.  The most important job of the Christmas lights professional is to make sure all stays safe.  Their job is focused on using proper caps, terminators and measuring wattage to not over burden a line.  They won’t use wire nuts, black tape, or cheap lights that will melt.  The Christmas lights professional can take down and discard the lights at the end of the season or take down and leave the lights for you to store in the off-season and then pay only for installation in subsequent years.

Safety is Important When Hanging Outdoor Lights

How To Xmas Lights 1Education is key when hanging outdoor lights and there are a few important steps to follow to make sure the Xmas lights are hung the right way.  First, determine the number of hanging outdoor lights that are needed.  Second, locate power sources to be used for hanging outdoor lights.  Third, calculate the number of watts that can run on each circuit.  Fourth, visually inspect the Xmas lights including wires, and bulbs.  Replace any broken or missing bulbs on the hanging outdoor lights.  If the wires are faulty, replace the strings.  Fifth, test the Xmas lights prior to hanging outdoor lights.

The Right Tools Makes a Christmas Lights Repair Quick and Easy

How To Xmas Lights 2A few tools can make a Christmas lights repair more efficient and safe.  There are a few devices on the market to locate bad mini bulbs on a set without first removing it.  These tools can make a Christmas lights repair by locating a Xmas light “hum” through the use of an audible continuity detector.  They also have a fuse and bulb tester and a bulb puller.  Some Christmas lights repair tools feature a head light with LED beam to illuminate the working area.  Christmas lights repair tools save time and money by locating bad bulbs, sockets, and wire without checking the entire strand.

Fondest Memories of Indoor Xmas Lights

Look for Updated Vintage Christmas lights

Fondest Memmories of Indoor Xmas LightsWhen I was a young girl, we helped my widowed aunt and cousin string vintage Christmas lights around their tree every year.  The vintage Christmas lights were brilliant large round balls of many colors.  They were much larger than any other Xmas lights popular back then.  Mini lights seemed to dominate the market at that time.  So, these were the only vintage Christmas lights I knew of and my cousin took great care of them because she loved them.  I was told they were irreplaceable.  They are more easily found these days with many more companies catering to those of us with special memories of our vintage Christmas lights.

Anticipate the Arrival of the Bubble lights
Fondest Memmories of Indoor Xmas Lights 1Like anticipation of the arrival of Christmas, bubble lights made us practice patience as we waited for the bubbling action to start.  It was quite exciting to watch the bubble lights warm up.  It seemed to take five minutes but it probably was much less than that.  The bubble lights seemed to glow with warmth and peace.  It was a calming effect during a hectic holiday season.  The bubble lights looked like tiny little candles illuminating the tree reminding us of what Christmas’ were like in previous years.  Bubble lights have been popular for years and now come in many colors, sizes, and shapes.  Today, we use bubble light night-lights for each of our children’s bedrooms to remind us of our wonderful childhood Christmas’.

Make the Season Bright with Christmas tree lights

Fondest Memmories of Indoor Xmas Lights 2The most beautiful part of decorating for Christmas is putting the Christmas tree lights on the tree.  It is so exciting to see the Christmas tree lights progress from bottom to top illuminating the way to the tree topper.  When I was young, we used a combination of multi-colored twinkling Christmas tree lights and multi-colored non-twinkling Christmas tree lights.  There were some years we added monochromatic white to this mix.  Although I don’t decorate like that today, I thought the trees looked absolutely lovely back then.  To me, Christmas tree lights are the most important decorating tool during the holidays.  They evoke a festive spirit.  I can watch the Christmas tree lights for hours completely memorized by their beauty.

The Why’s and How’s of Commercial Christmas Lighting

Xmas lights and other touches lend a festive air to non-residential environments

The Why and How of Commercial Christmas LightingIf the economy has you thinking about cutting down on or eliminating Xmas lights and other decorations from your business this year, you may want to re-consider your strategy. Consumers have come to expect to see festive lighting where they shop, as well as at commercial establishments in general. Commercial Christmas lighting not only allows operations to create a welcoming environment for customers and clients, but helps to set them apart from the pack and keeps people coming back for more of whatever products or services you offer. Additionally, Xmas lights and other types of decoration get employees into the holiday spirit, bolstering their own productivity.

Leading with LED Christmas lights

The Why and How of Commercial Christmas Lighting 1One of the best and most festive lighting options you can select is LED Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights have become a popular Christmas lights sub-category–for commercial Christmas lighting and residential lighting purposes alike–because they are highly affordable and energy-efficient. Traditional incandescent mini-bulbs have filaments, but LED lights do not–meaning they need about 88% less energy to operate as well as generate less heat than other kinds of bulbs. LED lights are also manufactured from heavy plastic, yielding them a durability that’s especially favorable for commercial establishments. You can hang LED lights as you would other types of Christmas lighting, or make them part of a Christmas village scene. Also worth considering are LED icicle lights, which look like real icicles and come in a variety of shapes, such as traditional, snowflake, and star, and colors, like white, blue, pink, and purple.

Getting it done

The Why and How of Commercial Christmas Lighting 2For many businesses, municipalities, and the like, using commercial Christmas lighting has come to mean more than hanging a few strings of Christmas lights. Throughout the country, you can find a wealth of companies that specialize in commercial Christmas design and offer full custom décor and program packages. These firms generally send an expert to photograph the area or areas to be decorated, then utilize color digital graphics to enhance the photo(s) and replicate the desired look for client approval. Christmas lights and other decorations are then fully installed according to clients’ specifications, with any necessary alterations made during the process.

A hybrid approach

The Why and How of Commercial Christmas Lighting 3Despite the appeal of employing a custom design firm to create commercial Christmas lighting designs, doing so is often outside businesses’ budgetary parameters. In recognition of this fact, some design companies have begun to promote hybrid programs that comprise custom decorations whose price is relatively competitive with standard catalog decorations. To do this, they take “stock” pre-existing designs and personalize them with unique elements, such as special Christmas lighting treatments.  The end-result is, for the most part, unique, but is less costly to design and produce because it does not come entirely from scratch. But no matter what approach you take to commercial Christmas lighting, don’t neglect this essential this Christmas.

Fondest Memories of Outdoor Xmas Lights

Create Neighborhood Unity with Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Fondest Memories of Outdoor Xmas LightsWhen I think of Christmas’ past, the first memories that come to mind are of driving around different neighborhoods on the eve before Christmas looking at outdoor Christmas lighting.  I’ve lived in at least a dozen different neighborhoods, from city to suburban, apartment to single family house.  The thread that ties these communities together during the holidays is the beautiful outdoor Christmas lighting décor.  The many different sizes and shapes of Xmas lights combined with different cultures and personalities, come together to create a unique and varied outdoor Christmas lighting display.  Some people choose a minimalistic approach while others spend many days planning and decorating their outdoors.  Outdoor Christmas lighting can be as creative and unique as the imagination can muster.

Accentuate your home with Landscape lighting

Fondest Memories of Outdoor Xmas Lights 1A beautiful way to highlight a building is with landscape lighting.  A multi-color or all-monochromatic theme can be quite stunning and eye-catching.  Landscape lighting adds curb-appeal and really makes your home shine.  Monochromatic bursts of color, when each tree or shrub is wrapped in a bold statement of color, makes landscape lighting looks stunning.  The all white monochromatic theme makes landscape lighting look elegant and sophisticated.  Multi-color lighting can dazzle the senses and bring cheer to your landscape lighting.

Add fun and laughter using Novelty lighting

Fondest Memories of Outdoor Xmas Lights 2A favorite Xmas lights display of mine from years ago was a neighborhood block where each house used a Charlie Brown and Snoopy themed display of novelty lighting.  Each home had a different story to tell and we wondered how new homeowners to the community felt about being told they had to participate in the yearly novelty lighting.  Novelty lighting can put a smile on a child’s face when they recognize a favorite character or unique display.  Novelty lighting is a creative and fun way to decorate with Xmas lights.

Christmas Decorations–Craft Projects for Kids

Holiday Decorating With Kids in Mind

xmas decoration craft project for kidsComing up with holiday decorating ideas for kids is a well-known challenge for teachers and leaders of scout and community groups across the country.  Where can you they go to come up with unique ideas to use to help kids make their own simple Christmas decorations?  Lucky for them the internet has just about eliminated this familiar challenge.  These days the quandary is which of the multitude of holiday decorating ideas to choose.

Some of the best sites for kid-friendly Christmas decorations are www.kaboose.com, www.dltk-holidays.com/xmas/index.html and www.amazingmoms.com/htm/christmas_crafts.  These sites offer some quick, simple and inexpensive ideas that teachers can use to help kids come up with holiday decorating projects to take home to the family.

Holiday Decorating and Crafting Supplies

Some of the best places to get supplies for these projects for kids are your local craft shops or the craft departments of your local discount store.  We found supplies for Christmas decorations as early as July in craft stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnn Fabric Shops.  Of the large discount stores, Wal-Mart appears to be the one that offers the largest selection of home crafting materials.

xmas decoration craft project for kids 1Many of the materials we found we located in the floral departments of craft stores.  Here we found artificial boughs and holly, glitter poinsettias and an amazing array of floral pieces beyond our wildest dreams.  If you’ve a bit of creativity, visit one of these stores and let your imagination flow.  You’re sure to come up with your own original ideas like this beautiful, simple floral craft project that hangs on a door.  The only catch here is when you get into floral you can spend a bit more than if you stick to simple children’s projects with materials like foam, paper, glitter and the like.

Beautify Your Projects with Xmas light

xmas decoration craft project for kids 2If you’ve a bit more to spend, you can always add interest to holiday craft projects by adding some Xmas light.  We like to scan the stores after Christmas and pick up discount holiday lights sets.  These mini Christmas lights are inexpensive during the season, but if you wait until after the holiday and buy for the year ahead you can often purchase your strings for less than you would pay for wholesale holiday lights. Even large lights like those shown, if purchased at a discount, can be used in many uniquely creative ways.  After all, whatever way you choose to go, the kids you work with are sure to have fun and enjoy creating their very own special Christmas decorations.