January 18, 2019

Christmas in July

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Christmas in July 


A Summertime Party Idea Complete with Outdoor Christmas Lights


Celebrating Christmas in July is one cool way to cool off.  If you’re bored with the heat and looking for a way to divert yourself, you can celebrate Christmas in July.  For this event, plan an off-the-wall party complete with outdoor Christmas lights, a Christmas tree, a visit from Santa and gifts for all.

 It’s unclear just where this idea came from, but according to Wikipedia we may be able to attribute it to a girl’s summer camp in North Carolina.  It seems that in 1933 Camp Keystone celebrated Christmas in July. Very likely this is where the phrase we refer to was coined.

 In 1940 a movie by this name was released.  The main character wrongly believes he has won $25,000 and buys gifts for his family and girlfriend.  Shortly after this time, the US Post Office was involved in an early mailing campaign of this name.  The purpose of the campaign was not to promote Christmas tree lighting, but rather to encourage early mailing of packages and cards to servicemen serving in WWII. 

 It may interest you that in parts of the world the dead of winter is actually in July.  In the southern hemisphere, if you’re looking for a wintry Christmas the best way to obtain it is by celebrating it in July.  In the mountains of South America, in Australia and even at the South Pole, wintry celebrations of Christmas have been used as lighthearted tools for celebration as well as for marketing purposes.  One resort in Australia is known to have hosted such a party when spurred on by a group of Irish tourists. 

 Needless to say there are people around the globe who use the “Christmas in July” theme as just  another reason to have a party.  In such cases, individuals and groups have been known to light an outdoor Christmas tree, add indoor Christmas lights to their homes and use wreath lighting for a festive effect. Then they proceed to eat, drink and be merry, and give gifts.

 The gift-giving portion of the idea resonates with retailers who may often get on-board and use this idea as a promotional tool.  Sometimes the concept is used to clear out sale merchandise that has accumulated.  Sometimes it’s used in tourist areas where stores sell high-end collectibles to primarily women shoppers on vacation.  On Cape Cod, the concept can be seen at work in the Christmas Tree shops, which do a bustling summer business with visitors looking for a pre-holiday bargain. Fabric and craft shops are yet another type of retail store that benefit from this practice.  In this case the shops often bring in holiday fabrics and projects for Christmas, leaving plenty of time for crafters to complete their tasks for gift giving and holiday home décor.

 Whatever you make of the practice of celebrating Christmas in July, you have to admit it’s a way to turn the tables and really shake things up.

Adapt Your Landscape Lighting to the Holidays

Landscape lighting is a beautiful addition to your home that will pay off year round.  Even at Christmastime, you can, with very little effort add simple touches to make it special for the holiday season.  You could choose to add colored bulbs, adjust your spotlights or add wreath lighting and maybe even a few icicle lights. The investment in landscape lighting seems far less daunting when you consider that it can make the process of Christmas lighting outside much easier.

Combining new or existing landscape lighting with a variety of holiday decorating ideas can allow you to get “double-duty” out of your landscape lighting.  Opt for adding holiday color and additional lights to your yard, adapt your current landscape lighting or select creative products for an unusual combination that sure to marvel your neighbors.

Step back in Time–Combine Candlelight with Your Landscape Lighting and Outside Christmas Lights

Adapt Your landscape Lighting to the HolidaysOne stunning way to combine landscape lighting with your creativity is to take it back in time and make it more nostalgic by mixing your existing landscape lighting with candle light.  To make Christmas Eve very special, you could consider adding candlelight luminaries to your yard. A common practice in some east coast communities, lit votive candles are placed in lunch-size paper bags, so they can light the walkways as guests proceed to homes before and after Christmas Eve services.  An elegant custom, symbolically the candles are said to “light the path of the coming Christ  Child”.

Christmas Lighting Outside–Luminaries-to-Go

Adapt Your landscape Lighting to the Holidays 1Should you not have the time to assemble these yourself various manufacturers have begun producing kits with everything that you need to add this custom to your community.  In some cases the bags are even die-cut with design such as stars, angels, snowmen and Christmas trees.  These luminaries aren’t your only candle lighting option.  In addition to the usual Christmas lighting outside, other candle choices include Mexican tin candle holders and even Chinese lanterns.  The key to using them safely and effectively is to weight them with stones and only put them out on nights when it is not snowing.

To find out more about landscape lighting that easily adapts to the holidays check out: www.holiday-concepts.il.com

Christmas Luminaries are available for purchase at the following sites:




Using Color to Enhance Your Christmas Light Decorations

Color Makes the Mood

Color has an amazing ability to evoke emotion and create mood.  Using color to create the feeling you want your home to emanate for Christmas is easier than you might imagine.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorationsTake elegance for example.  Shades of gold and ivory together can create one of the most elegant Christmas statements.  Simply mixing these two colors in your Christmas light decorations will give you the antique feel of sophisticated holidays of years gone by.  Remove all the bold color from your decorative scheme and the feeling is not only elegant, but soft, calm, quiet and sophisticated–perfect for chic, grown-up adult parties.

Need a livelier scheme?  Simply add some red to your gold and ivory decorations and suddenly your home takes on a bolder and more contemporary look.  Check out this Christmas tree and see how the color changes your reaction to the photo.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorations 1Should you need to entertain sophisticated clients, family and children all in one space, consider starting with a base color-scheme of gold and ivory.  You can entertain your professional friends with this calm, chic scheme. Then when it’s time for the family and kids to arrive, change the entire mood quickly by simply adding a few red flower picks to your garlands and red ornaments to your tree.  Voila! In no time you can change the entire mood of party with a few simple changes to your Christmas lights decorations.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorations 2Let There Be Light–Candle and Wreath Lighting

Light as well as color can be used to influence the emotions evoked by holiday decorating.  Add candles and wreath lighting to a mantle to achieve a beautiful warm look above your fireplace like the one pictured here.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorations 3Elegant Inside & Outside Christmas Lights

When the interior is complete, you’ll want to be sure to take you Christmas light outdoor.  Elegant, beautiful Christmas light decorations are as easy to complete outdoors as in.  Consider this outdoor Christmas tree.  It’s simple, elegant and carries our beautiful gold scheme outside.

Give Your Home a Retro Look This Season by Decorating with Vintage Christmas Lights

Vintage Christmas Lights Give Your Home a Unique Look

They just don’t make Christmas lights like they used to. Everything from the attention to detail, to the hand-crafted look, to the interesting sizes and shapes of older lights make a lot of what’s on the market today seem like it was cut from the same stencil. But much like vinyl records in today’s music scene, vintage Christmas lights are making a big comeback thanks to people who want to preserve the memories of a bygone era while adding a hip sense of throwback to their otherwise modern surroundings.

Display Your Hip Sense of Style with Vintage Christmas Tree Lights

When it comes to decorate for the holidays, no part is more important than the Christmas tree itself. For families all across the world, the Christmas tree is a beacon of holiday cheer and a representation of their own unique loves, personalities and collaborations. Vintage Christmas tree lights are relics of a simpler, more family-oriented time in history. And whether it’s the hand-blown glass bulbs, retro angel lights or a few strings of flame-tip mini lights adorning your tree this season, you’ll be sure to draw the energy and warmth of past years into your family’s celebrating for years to come. Here are a few of the most popular styles of vintage Christmas tree lights:

  • vintage xmas lights give your home a unique lookBubble Candle Lights are big, bright and fun to be around. Ideal tree lights, bubble candlelights have been a popular model for several decades. All you have to do is place them, plug them in, and in an instant your home is transformed into a place of warmth and holiday delight.
  • vintage xmas lights give your home a unique look 1Star Lights are a timeless classic in the world of holiday décor. The shape and luster of these particular lights exude a magic to which there is no comparison. Available in an array of styles, sizes and colors, star lights have the advantage of remaining timeless yet staying consistently fresh and exciting.
  • vintage xmas lights give your home a unique look 2Sugared Round Christmas lights produce a wondrous glow that will make the perfect addition to any holiday celebration. These big beautiful orbs will bathe any area of the house in soft yet colorful light. Available in many sizes and colors; sugared rounds are sure to get your house some attention from neighbors and friends.
  • And to add even more style to your home this season, don’t stop at just the tree. Vintage

    Christmas lights look good on patios, around roofs and on wreaths of all kinds.

    This Year’s Holiday Decorating can be a Combination of Old and New

    When combined with your existing décor, vintage Christmas lights add a unique element to any design or decorating scheme. Their antiquated look, combined with the nostalgia they induce, make vintage Christmas lights the perfect personal touch to any home or office. No matter what look you’re going for in your holiday decorating, you can be guaranteed to find a vintage light or ornament that will compliment your idea perfectly.

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