August 25, 2019

Christmas Decorations–Craft Projects for Kids

Holiday Decorating With Kids in Mind

xmas decoration craft project for kidsComing up with holiday decorating ideas for kids is a well-known challenge for teachers and leaders of scout and community groups across the country.  Where can you they go to come up with unique ideas to use to help kids make their own simple Christmas decorations?  Lucky for them the internet has just about eliminated this familiar challenge.  These days the quandary is which of the multitude of holiday decorating ideas to choose.

Some of the best sites for kid-friendly Christmas decorations are, and  These sites offer some quick, simple and inexpensive ideas that teachers can use to help kids come up with holiday decorating projects to take home to the family.

Holiday Decorating and Crafting Supplies

Some of the best places to get supplies for these projects for kids are your local craft shops or the craft departments of your local discount store.  We found supplies for Christmas decorations as early as July in craft stores such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnn Fabric Shops.  Of the large discount stores, Wal-Mart appears to be the one that offers the largest selection of home crafting materials.

xmas decoration craft project for kids 1Many of the materials we found we located in the floral departments of craft stores.  Here we found artificial boughs and holly, glitter poinsettias and an amazing array of floral pieces beyond our wildest dreams.  If you’ve a bit of creativity, visit one of these stores and let your imagination flow.  You’re sure to come up with your own original ideas like this beautiful, simple floral craft project that hangs on a door.  The only catch here is when you get into floral you can spend a bit more than if you stick to simple children’s projects with materials like foam, paper, glitter and the like.

Beautify Your Projects with Xmas light

xmas decoration craft project for kids 2If you’ve a bit more to spend, you can always add interest to holiday craft projects by adding some Xmas light.  We like to scan the stores after Christmas and pick up discount holiday lights sets.  These mini Christmas lights are inexpensive during the season, but if you wait until after the holiday and buy for the year ahead you can often purchase your strings for less than you would pay for wholesale holiday lights. Even large lights like those shown, if purchased at a discount, can be used in many uniquely creative ways.  After all, whatever way you choose to go, the kids you work with are sure to have fun and enjoy creating their very own special Christmas decorations.