December 4, 2022

Decorate In Old World Style Using Vintage Christmas Lights


Christmas Light Displays Have A Colorful History vintage

Electric Christmas light displays have been popular for more than a hundred years.  The first reported Christmas light displays radiated bright and colorful lights.  Although light sets have changed over the years, Christmas light displays remain constant in their ability to bring happiness, cheer, and joy to all who witness them.  The Antique Christmas Lights Museum, located at, is chock full of historical information on Christmas light displays.  Information on light sets, lamps, bubble lights, lighted candles, novelty lights, tree toppers, table-top trees, music and lighting companies throughout history is available on the website.  Check out the transformation of Christmas light displays since the late 1800’s and learn how people around the world have celebrated Christmas.  The irresistible appeal of Christmas light displays make our world more colorful and festive so we can celebrate the holidays with family and friends.


Brilliant Christmas Tree Lights Adorned The First Christmas Tree

The first Christmas tree lights are believed to have radiantly glowed on a Christmas tree set up by Mr. E. H. Johnson, President of the Edison Company for Electric Lighting.  Mr. Johnson was interested in electric house lighting and came up with the idea to entertain his children with a festive Christmas tree brilliantly lit with Christmas tree lights.  In the early 1880’s, the magnificent Christmas tree lights were shown to his children and their friends in their home at No. 139 East 36th St., New York.  The 120 multi-colored Christmas tree lights showed bright on the six foot high tree.  The radiant Christmas tree lights are reported to be the most brilliant and colorful lights the children had ever seen.  They all looked on in amazement as the Christmas tree lights sparkled as the brilliant tree revolved.  A motor at the base of the tree made it revolve in a steady regular motion.  The Christmas tree lights were divided into six sets.  One Christmas tree lights set was lit at a time displayed on the front of the tree as it went round.  The first Christmas tree lights set was colored pure white.  The second vision of Christmas tree lights displayed were red and white followed by yellow and white and then other colors.  Mr. Johnson can be credited with providing happiness and cheer to many generations of people who have admired his Christmas tree lights.


bubble lightsBubble Lights Used To Be The World’s Most Popular Christmas Light

In the 1930’s, a man named Carl Otis, an accountant for the Montgomery Ward Company, had an idea for bubble lights to be used on a table top sign display.  His idea continued into small bubble lights he called, “Ornamental Illuminating Devices” specifically meant for Christmas trees.  Other inventors around the same time were also producing bubble lights and it is reported that Benjamin Franklin first came up with the idea for a bubbling liquid inside sealed glass tubes.  Otis, however, is regarded as the inventor of Christmas bubble lights.  While he was waiting for the Christmas bubble light patent to be approved, he sent a sample to ten electric Christmas light manufacturers.  The Noma Electric Company was the only one interested.  Noma began producing the bubble lights but because of World War II restrictions and materials shortages, they didn’t become popular until the mid-1940’s.  Others tried to copy the bubble lights but Noma remained the number one seller.  Noma manufactured  bubble lights until the 1970’s.  Bubble lights were hugely popular and remain decorations on Christmas trees today.

Fondest Memories of Indoor Xmas Lights

Look for Updated Vintage Christmas lights

Fondest Memmories of Indoor Xmas LightsWhen I was a young girl, we helped my widowed aunt and cousin string vintage Christmas lights around their tree every year.  The vintage Christmas lights were brilliant large round balls of many colors.  They were much larger than any other Xmas lights popular back then.  Mini lights seemed to dominate the market at that time.  So, these were the only vintage Christmas lights I knew of and my cousin took great care of them because she loved them.  I was told they were irreplaceable.  They are more easily found these days with many more companies catering to those of us with special memories of our vintage Christmas lights.

Anticipate the Arrival of the Bubble lights
Fondest Memmories of Indoor Xmas Lights 1Like anticipation of the arrival of Christmas, bubble lights made us practice patience as we waited for the bubbling action to start.  It was quite exciting to watch the bubble lights warm up.  It seemed to take five minutes but it probably was much less than that.  The bubble lights seemed to glow with warmth and peace.  It was a calming effect during a hectic holiday season.  The bubble lights looked like tiny little candles illuminating the tree reminding us of what Christmas’ were like in previous years.  Bubble lights have been popular for years and now come in many colors, sizes, and shapes.  Today, we use bubble light night-lights for each of our children’s bedrooms to remind us of our wonderful childhood Christmas’.

Make the Season Bright with Christmas tree lights

Fondest Memmories of Indoor Xmas Lights 2The most beautiful part of decorating for Christmas is putting the Christmas tree lights on the tree.  It is so exciting to see the Christmas tree lights progress from bottom to top illuminating the way to the tree topper.  When I was young, we used a combination of multi-colored twinkling Christmas tree lights and multi-colored non-twinkling Christmas tree lights.  There were some years we added monochromatic white to this mix.  Although I don’t decorate like that today, I thought the trees looked absolutely lovely back then.  To me, Christmas tree lights are the most important decorating tool during the holidays.  They evoke a festive spirit.  I can watch the Christmas tree lights for hours completely memorized by their beauty.

Give Your Home a Retro Look This Season by Decorating with Vintage Christmas Lights

Vintage Christmas Lights Give Your Home a Unique Look

They just don’t make Christmas lights like they used to. Everything from the attention to detail, to the hand-crafted look, to the interesting sizes and shapes of older lights make a lot of what’s on the market today seem like it was cut from the same stencil. But much like vinyl records in today’s music scene, vintage Christmas lights are making a big comeback thanks to people who want to preserve the memories of a bygone era while adding a hip sense of throwback to their otherwise modern surroundings.

Display Your Hip Sense of Style with Vintage Christmas Tree Lights

When it comes to decorate for the holidays, no part is more important than the Christmas tree itself. For families all across the world, the Christmas tree is a beacon of holiday cheer and a representation of their own unique loves, personalities and collaborations. Vintage Christmas tree lights are relics of a simpler, more family-oriented time in history. And whether it’s the hand-blown glass bulbs, retro angel lights or a few strings of flame-tip mini lights adorning your tree this season, you’ll be sure to draw the energy and warmth of past years into your family’s celebrating for years to come. Here are a few of the most popular styles of vintage Christmas tree lights:

  • vintage xmas lights give your home a unique lookBubble Candle Lights are big, bright and fun to be around. Ideal tree lights, bubble candlelights have been a popular model for several decades. All you have to do is place them, plug them in, and in an instant your home is transformed into a place of warmth and holiday delight.
  • vintage xmas lights give your home a unique look 1Star Lights are a timeless classic in the world of holiday décor. The shape and luster of these particular lights exude a magic to which there is no comparison. Available in an array of styles, sizes and colors, star lights have the advantage of remaining timeless yet staying consistently fresh and exciting.
  • vintage xmas lights give your home a unique look 2Sugared Round Christmas lights produce a wondrous glow that will make the perfect addition to any holiday celebration. These big beautiful orbs will bathe any area of the house in soft yet colorful light. Available in many sizes and colors; sugared rounds are sure to get your house some attention from neighbors and friends.
  • And to add even more style to your home this season, don’t stop at just the tree. Vintage

    Christmas lights look good on patios, around roofs and on wreaths of all kinds.

    This Year’s Holiday Decorating can be a Combination of Old and New

    When combined with your existing décor, vintage Christmas lights add a unique element to any design or decorating scheme. Their antiquated look, combined with the nostalgia they induce, make vintage Christmas lights the perfect personal touch to any home or office. No matter what look you’re going for in your holiday decorating, you can be guaranteed to find a vintage light or ornament that will compliment your idea perfectly.

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    Is it Time to Replace Your Vintage Christmas Lights with Energy-Efficient LEDs?

    Vintage Christmas Lights Look Nice, but Does Your Electric Bill?
    vintage xmas lights look nice but does your electric billVintage Christmas lights look nice, but many of them suck in a lot of electricity, making them impractical for extensive holiday decorating. A few here and there for posterity’s sake is fine, but if you’re looking to overhaul your house this season with some impressive decorations and lights you should consider the energy saving option of led lighting. Led lights use only a fraction of the wattage that regular lights do, making them the economical and eco-friendly choice to decorate your home with this season. But if it’s the look of your decorating you’re worried about ruining by not using those antiquated lights, don’t worry! Led lights come in a variety of styles and colors, meaning there is sure to be something that fits your unique decorating needs.

    Battery-Operated LED Christmas Lights are Excellent for Energy Efficiency
    Instead of plugging in the same old lights every year, why not opt to change things up by investing in some battery-operated led lights? Since the lights are battery-operated, you can put them anywhere! No more stooping around and only putting your lights where you can find the outlets to plug them into. Battery-operated led lights will also save you money on your monthly electric bill. So no more having to turn off your lights because you feel like you’re wasting electricity. With these new lights, your home will exude a savviness that will be immediately evident to your friends and loved ones. Now you have the aesthetic and financial freedom to decorate your home however you want for the holidays, and you can do it all while knowing that you’re saving money.

    LED Lights can now be Found with other Discount Christmas Lighting
    At first, led lights were considered impractical because they cost slightly more than regular Christmas lights. But new technology is allowing manufacturers to make led lights out of less-expensive materials, making them cheaper for the customers. Now led lights can be found anywhere that other discount Christmas lighting can be found. No matter how you look at it, replacing antiquated Christmas lights with led and other battery-operated lights is the responsible decision. It saves you money on your electric bill, helps the environment by reducing electricity use and they are now cheaper than ever. So take a look around and see what the world of battery-operated led lights has to offer you and put some of those vintage Christmas lights to rest.

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