August 25, 2019

Festive Lights Add Sparkle to Outdoors

patioBrighten Outdoor Spaces Using Festive Patio Lights

Opportunities abound when considering festive patio lights for use on your private patio.  One fun idea is to hang window boxes on a deck railing aglow with patio lights.  Make sure to purchase appropriate size window boxes to cover an evenly spaced portion of the deck railing.  A good rule to follow is to cover about a third of the available space.  Too few window boxes will make the patio lights seem cheap and understated while too much decoration will overwhelm the viewer with too many patio lights.  First, plant the window box with any of your favorite greenery.  One example is fragrant rosemary trees.  Next, hang the planted window box on the deck railing.  Then, cut garden stakes the height of the plants and insert them into the soil.  The stakes will support the patio lights but will be hidden by the plants.  Lastly, wrap mini string patio lights through the stakes and around the plants.  The number of patio lights needed depends on whether a subtle delicate decoration is desired or a bright fiery bold display is most wanted.  Patio lights can transform and outdoor living space from a cold wintry area into a warm inviting radiant atmosphere.  When springtime comes, pretty flowers can replace the patio lights in the window boxes for a warmer and more colorful display.  Decorate your patio or deck this holiday using bright and cheerful patio lights in versatile window boxes. 


Radiant Wreath Lights To Add Charm To Private Spaces

Hanging a wreath chandelier illuminated with wreath lights will create a festive decorative touch to any outdoor living space.  Hang the horizontal evergreen wreath decorated with wreath lights upside down.  The first step is to purchase an artificial evergreen Christmas wreath with battery-operated wreath lights and timer already attached.  Pre-lit battery-operated Christmas wreaths with timers attached eliminate unsightly cords and provide the convenience of not having to regularly turn on wreath lights.  Next, measure the diameter of the wire frame on the back of the wreath.  On the porch ceiling where the wreath lights are needed for illumination, attach five cup hooks in a circle matching the size of the wreath.  Hang the wreath from the cup hooks and decorate with Christmas ornaments around the wreath lights.  A chandelier made out of wreath lights can be a fun and symbolic way to decorate during the holidays.  The circular shape of the wreath symbolizes God’s eternity and unity.  Evergreens symbolize the persistence of life during the long winter months.  After the holidays are over, the ornaments can be taken off and the wreath with wreath lights can remain as a decorative illumination on the porch during the winter months as a reminder of the persistence of life.


Create A Wintry Scene By Applying Snowflake Lighting To Outdoor Objects

Snowflakes, as a symbol of the winter season, make a fun and joyful shape to novelty string lighting.  Snowflake lighting can easily transform outdoor shrubbery and evergreen trees into cheerful decorations.  A search through stores or over the internet will yield various snowflake lighting shapes and sizes from many manufacturers.  Large snowflake lighting looks particularly lovely on large evergreen trees that will be viewed from a distance.  Smaller snowflake lighting can be used on smaller displays appropriate for closer-range viewing, for instance, topiary trees placed near an entrance to the home.  The serenity, peace, and tranquility of snowflake lighting make a perfect welcoming symbol.  Be sure to decorate with many strings of snowflake lighting this holiday season to warmly welcome guests to the calm, peaceful beauty of your home.

Nothing Shows Off Cheer During the Holidays Like Yard Lighting

Yard Lighting is a Display of Individuality

nothing shows off cheer during the holidays like yard lightingThe different ways people decorate their yards for the holidays are as unique as their individual personalities. Some people are zany and colorful, while others are reserved and elegant. With all of the different styles of lights available for decorating, literally any design scheme that can be conceived of can be executed. When you decorate your yard for the holidays, you’re showing the world that you care enough about cheer and good will to dedicate the time and energy to transform the front of your house into a spectacular sentiment of Christmas wonder.

Take Precautions When Setting Up Your Exterior Christmas Lights
When preparing to install your exterior Christmas lights, there are certain precautions you should take to ensure the safety of yourself and your lights:

  • Never try to hang lights from unsafe heights.
  • Always make sure that your lights are secured to your home so they don’t fall.
  • Make sure your lights are resistant enough to withstand the elements.
  • Make sure that all of your bulbs work prior to hanging them up to avoid multiple trips up the ladder.
  • Always wear safety glasses when setting up outdoor lights.
  • Snowflake Lighting and Mini Lights are Great Accessories for Outdoor Decorating
    nothing shows off cheer during the holidays like yard lighting 1Whether you live in a climate that doesn’t permit snowfall, or you just like the look of them, snowflake lights are classic Christmas decorations that have stood the test of time. Snowflake lights offer homes that don’t have natural snow on them some of that winter luster while eliminating the mess and cold weather from the equation. Snowflake lights come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors and fit in perfectly with any other decorations around them. Never tacky and always perfect for seasonal decorating, snowflake lights are chosen by decorators time and time again because of their classic elegance and beauty.

    And if you want to eliminate the hassle of decorating your home with big bulky lights, try using mini lights. Mini lights give off a subtle glow, are easy to put up and never get bright to the point of excess. Mini lights are perfect for accentuating special parts of the home or office, and come in a variety of styles and colors. Perfect for the decorator who values subtlety but knows how to achieve pizzazz, mini lights are great standbys to fulfill any holiday decorating need.

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