August 25, 2019

Solar Powered Christmas Lights Shine Bright



Energy Efficient Solar Outdoor String Lights Help Keep Your Electric Bill Lowsolar

Brighten your Christmas display this year with ecologically friendly solar outdoor string lights.  Solar outdoor string lights look the same as traditional wired Christmas string lights except they use no electricity to operate and they use LED light bulbs, all of which are energy efficient and will save you money.  Solar outdoor string lights can be used indoors if the solar panel is located outside to collect energy from the sun.  Solar outdoor string lights are best used outdoors where the sun shines most, like southern exposures.  Solar outdoor string lights work by absorbing energy from the sun to charge rechargeable batteries during the day.  Solar outdoor string lights automatically turn on from a built-in photo cell that automates operation from dusk to dawn.  If the outdoor string lights solar panel doesn’t receive enough energy during the day, the batteries will not charge well and the lights will be dim.  Decorating with solar outdoor string lights is easier than decorating with traditional Christmas string lights because no electrical outlet is needed.  They are available in mini lights, net lighting and shapes such as Christmas trees, stars, snowmen, snowflakes, flowers, and humming birds.  Make your holiday decorations glow this year and invest in solar outdoor string lights.

 Versatile Rope Lights Allow Many Creative Uses In Holiday Decorating

Solar rope lights are gaining in popularity due to their flexibility in decorating.  Solar rope lights contain a long row of LED bulbs wired together and encased in clear plastic tubing. The solar rope lights are great for outdoor uses because the clear plastic tubing keeps the bulbs protected and free from moisture.  Solar rope lights are quite flexible and easy to bend around corners or tight areas but have enough structure to keep their shape.  They work wonderfully in outlining walkways or buildings.  The solar rope lights can also be wrapped around trees or shrubbery.  A fun use of solar rope lights is the opportunity to create special patterns, shapes, or custom designs.  Solar rope lights offer many advantages including energy efficiency, no electric bills, long lasting, and automatic turn-on due to the built-in photo cell.  A disadvantage of solar rope lights is the fact that they need sunlight to operate and the sun doesn’t shine each and every day.  Much of the time, the rechargeable batteries are powered enough by the sun to keep the solar rope lights lit all night long.  They do perform better in more southern climates that are closer to the equator and that get more powerful and longer sun exposure.  Solar rope lights are energy efficient and provide great flexibility in decorating.  Radiate your home this holiday season with smart and flexible solar rope lights.


Holiday Decorating Is A Breeze With Solar Christmas Lights Installation

Solar Christmas lights installation is the easiest and safest Christmas lighting to install.  Solar Christmas lights installation requires no wiring or extension cords.  Solar Christmas lights installation requires a solar panel to be mounted in the ground facing in the southern direction to absorb as much sunlight as possible.  After the solar Christmas lights installation is complete, nothing more is needed except to enjoy many years of fabulous lighting.  The next solar Christmas lights installation won’t be needed for many years because the rechargeable batteries are designed to recharge at least 1,000 times.  Then the rechargeable batteries are easy to replace.  LED lights are not replaceable but have a 25 year life expectancy based on ten hours of output each night.  Solar Christmas lights installation is a smart choice for your holiday decorating.

Have Fun With Your Holiday Lighting Installation


Creative Holiday Decorating–Easier Than You Think  

It’s almost holiday lighting installation time! This year, why not try your hand at some creative holiday decorating? It’s not difficult once you think about how many different types of lights there are, and how many different “twists” on using them there might be.  

Icchristmas sculptureicle Lights: Not Just For Roofs Anymore

Icicle lights that look like the real thing have become a very popular part of holiday lighting installation for many consumers. Not only do they look pretty; they’re a breeze to install.

But don’t just hang these underneath your home’s roof line and call it “creative holiday decorating”! Outdoors, try stringing together multiple strings of icicle lights and spreading them across an expanse of your front porch railing or shrubbery, or wrapping them around front porch columns and/or banisters. Mixing various colors of icicle lights is another option, both outdoors and indoors. Speaking of innovative holiday lighting installation indoors, consider accenting the inside of a large living room window or the top of a door with a sweep of icicle lights, devising window “curtains” made of light strings or weaving icicle lights and garland together to decorate a banister.  

On A Rope

If you’re like a majority of consumers, the only part rope lights play in your holiday lighting installation plan is as an accent for Christmas trees, outdoor railings, and fences. But, there’s more to it than that! The light PVC material from which rope lights are manufactured makes them very flexible, so try to put together an interesting assortment of ready-made Christmas rope light sculptures. You might also take advantage of the availability of rope lights in a range of colors–green, red and white as well as less traditional shades like blue and pink–to give a distinctive look to your Yuletide décor. And while rope lights can be configured to give off “steady” light, it’s fun–and a good creative holiday decorating practice–to experiment with the various “flashing” effects you can set using a controller.  

Beyond the Yard and Living Room

Who says holiday lighting installation has to be limited to landscapes and living rooms? Other rooms benefit just as much from creative holiday decorating based on illumination. Use Christmas lights to line the ceilings in your rooms. Buy and decorate mini-Christmas trees to put in the bedrooms–making them part of a larger holiday vignettes if desired. For added interest, try different bulb shapes. So forget the “same-old, same-old” holiday decorations. With the versatility of today/s lighting options, the sky’s the limit.

Landscape Lighting: A Wealth of Options

Landscape Lighting A Wealth of OptionsUse many different types of lighting to decorate your yard this holiday season

It’s no secret that consumers are becoming more and more creative when it comes to decorating the interior of their homes for Christmas. Of course, with the wide range of products, you just can’t miss. But jazzing up your yard to make the holiday season all the more merry and bright can be just as easy, given the selection of landscape lighting options to be found in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Here are a few choices to consider.

Landscape Lighting A Wealth of Options 1Tying In Rope Lights

Long a popular choice for landscape lighting due to their versatility, rope lights are decorative light ropes manufactured using clear PVC tubing. The light material is very flexible, allowing it to be formed into a multitude of shapes and cut in regular increments. Rope lights can be set to provide steady lighting or “flashing” effects via a controller. Available in a variety of colors, rope lights make a great focal point when wrapped around outdoor Christmas trees and can also be used on railings, fences, and the like.

Landscape Lighting A Wealth of Options 2Taking A Shine To Icicle Lights

Icicle lights have also become a top choice for Christmas landscape lighting because of their distinctive appearance. As their name suggests, icicle lights look like the real thing. In addition to the traditional icicle shape, they come in other shapes, such as snowflake and star. Not all icicle lights are white: Many manufacturers now offer icicle lights in a palette of colors that includes pink, blue, purple, and green. Some companies also design their icicle lights with clips that attach the bulbs to the wire, ensuring that the latter point downward for the best look and easy setup. Icicle lights look beautiful when dangled from eaves, decks, gutters, fences, or rails.

Landscape Lighting A Wealth of Options 3Snazzing It Up With Sculptures

Crafted from plastic, light sculptures can be used as the “centerpiece” of a landscape lighting design, as well as to flank outdoor Christmas trees. Most light sculptures come in a flat version, a majority of which comprise frames embellished with light strings. Many people like to decorate these with garland. A few companies have also introduced three-dimensional light sculptures in such motifs as snowflakes, deer and reindeer; some animal light sculptures feature moving heads powered by a motor. You can leave your three-dimensional light sculptures bare-framed, or make them even more festive by draping them with garland or looping/weaving through plastic cord. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.