December 4, 2022

Festive Lights Add Sparkle to Outdoors

patioBrighten Outdoor Spaces Using Festive Patio Lights

Opportunities abound when considering festive patio lights for use on your private patio.  One fun idea is to hang window boxes on a deck railing aglow with patio lights.  Make sure to purchase appropriate size window boxes to cover an evenly spaced portion of the deck railing.  A good rule to follow is to cover about a third of the available space.  Too few window boxes will make the patio lights seem cheap and understated while too much decoration will overwhelm the viewer with too many patio lights.  First, plant the window box with any of your favorite greenery.  One example is fragrant rosemary trees.  Next, hang the planted window box on the deck railing.  Then, cut garden stakes the height of the plants and insert them into the soil.  The stakes will support the patio lights but will be hidden by the plants.  Lastly, wrap mini string patio lights through the stakes and around the plants.  The number of patio lights needed depends on whether a subtle delicate decoration is desired or a bright fiery bold display is most wanted.  Patio lights can transform and outdoor living space from a cold wintry area into a warm inviting radiant atmosphere.  When springtime comes, pretty flowers can replace the patio lights in the window boxes for a warmer and more colorful display.  Decorate your patio or deck this holiday using bright and cheerful patio lights in versatile window boxes. 


Radiant Wreath Lights To Add Charm To Private Spaces

Hanging a wreath chandelier illuminated with wreath lights will create a festive decorative touch to any outdoor living space.  Hang the horizontal evergreen wreath decorated with wreath lights upside down.  The first step is to purchase an artificial evergreen Christmas wreath with battery-operated wreath lights and timer already attached.  Pre-lit battery-operated Christmas wreaths with timers attached eliminate unsightly cords and provide the convenience of not having to regularly turn on wreath lights.  Next, measure the diameter of the wire frame on the back of the wreath.  On the porch ceiling where the wreath lights are needed for illumination, attach five cup hooks in a circle matching the size of the wreath.  Hang the wreath from the cup hooks and decorate with Christmas ornaments around the wreath lights.  A chandelier made out of wreath lights can be a fun and symbolic way to decorate during the holidays.  The circular shape of the wreath symbolizes God’s eternity and unity.  Evergreens symbolize the persistence of life during the long winter months.  After the holidays are over, the ornaments can be taken off and the wreath with wreath lights can remain as a decorative illumination on the porch during the winter months as a reminder of the persistence of life.


Create A Wintry Scene By Applying Snowflake Lighting To Outdoor Objects

Snowflakes, as a symbol of the winter season, make a fun and joyful shape to novelty string lighting.  Snowflake lighting can easily transform outdoor shrubbery and evergreen trees into cheerful decorations.  A search through stores or over the internet will yield various snowflake lighting shapes and sizes from many manufacturers.  Large snowflake lighting looks particularly lovely on large evergreen trees that will be viewed from a distance.  Smaller snowflake lighting can be used on smaller displays appropriate for closer-range viewing, for instance, topiary trees placed near an entrance to the home.  The serenity, peace, and tranquility of snowflake lighting make a perfect welcoming symbol.  Be sure to decorate with many strings of snowflake lighting this holiday season to warmly welcome guests to the calm, peaceful beauty of your home.

Energy Efficient Solar Powered Christmas Lights Save Money

 Solar-Powered-Christmas-Lights_F5BB07F9Brighten the Season With Christmas Decorating

Bright and colorful lighting in Christmas decorating can ignite the holiday spirit and make the season merry.  Energy efficient solar powered Christmas lights can be a smart choice for any Christmas Decorating.  There are options to make Christmas decorating less expensive and more ecologically friendly than traditional electric Christmas lights.  Solar powered Christmas lights are the answer to smart Christmas decorating.  Solar powered Christmas lights work by absorbing energy from the sun during the day to charge rechargeable batteries that power illumination during the night.  There are no electric bills to pay for Christmas decorating when using solar powered Christmas lights.  An added benefit to Christmas decorating with solar powered Christmas lights are the more ecologically friendly LED light bulbs that use less energy to shine and last much longer than traditional Christmas light bulbs.  Christmas decorating can be fun and easy with solar powered Christmas lights.  Since no power cords are needed, solar powered Christmas lights can be hung easily wherever the sun shines making Christmas decorating flexible.  Christmas decorating can be fun by hanging solar powered Christmas lights in non-traditional ways.  One Christmas decorating idea is to spell out “Merry Christmas” in the middle of a lawn.  It is simple to place the solar panel in the middle of a lawn and decorate around it without worrying about people or animals tripping over long electrical cords.  Radiate your outdoor Christmas decorating with solar powered Christmas lights.


Make the Season Sparkle With Christmas Tree Lights

Light up your outdoor Christmas trees with solar powered Christmas tree lights.  It’s become a tradition for people to decorate a Christmas tree with Christmas tree lights to celebrate the holiday season and make their lives merrier.  It’s so exciting to see Christmas tree lights progress from bottom to top in anticipation of a beautiful radiant tree and the blessed holiday season.  Christmas tree lights are so important in creating a festive cheerful spirit.  Many people can watch Christmas tree lights for hours memorized by their beauty.  Solar powered Christmas tree lights are a smart choice for people who are concerned with energy efficiency and with “being green.”  Solar powered Christmas tree lights cost less to use and last longer than traditional Christmas lights.  Make your holiday decorations glow this year and invest in solar powered Christmas tree lights.


Decorating With Patio Lights Can Extend Beyond The Holidays

Solar powered patio lights can bring cheer and celebration to any outdoor living space.  Patio lights can make spending holiday time outdoors more festive.  Patio lights can create a sense of peace and calm during the hectic holiday season.  After a busy day of shopping and holiday preparation, relaxing outdoors with patio lights and other decorations can encourage a sense of harmony and balance by proper illumination.  Solar powered patio lights can be hung for the holidays and then left to brighten one’s spirit all year long.  Solar powered patio lights with LED light bulbs and rechargeable batteries will last many years.  Enjoy the luminary effects solar powered patio lights provide all year long.  Patio lights are not just for Christmas.

Landscape Lighting – Your Spirit, Personalities and Atmosphere

Outside Lights Can Make Your Spirit Bright

Landscape LightingOne of my favorite memories is from years ago when I lived in a different house.  The next door neighbor hung numerous multi-colored outside lights on an evergreen tree in her backyard.  She left these lit all day and night and they were the only outside lights throughout all our neighbors’ backyards.  I can clearly remember the first night I awoke in the middle of the night and looked outside.  There was a fresh blanket of snow covering and the outside lights on the Christmas tree were sparkling with magnificence.  It took my breath away.  I found myself purposely getting up in the middle of the night, each night, to look at the festive winter wonderland of outside lights.  When we moved into our next home, we copied this tradition of our old neighbor by hanging outside lights on our backyard evergreens to spread the luminescent luxury to others.

People’s Personalities Are Reflected In Their Yard Lighting

Landscape Lighting 1Have you ever wondered who lived in certain houses?  An insight into what they are like is more easily discovered during the holidays by looking at their yard decorations and yard lighting, or lack thereof.  The way people decorate their outdoors can tell you a lot about how they behave and what they think.  People’s actions regarding yard decorations and yard lighting can be due to many factors:  cultural and religious beliefs, time, money, family traditions, lack of interest, etc.  During the most recent years, my favorite yard lighting is stringing monochromatic white lights over all trees, shrubs, and house.  This is the typical yard lighting design of my neighbors.  I wonder, does this mean I need to “keep up with the Jones?”

Patio Lights Provide a Warm Inviting Atmosphere to Share With Family and Friends

Landscape Lighting 2I find myself grateful to have a family member who has the most beautiful patio I have ever seen.  From the family room, you step out on the same level through French doors onto a cement patio with a large outdoor area rug.  Directly across the patio is a working outdoor fireplace.  When not in use, candles are strategically placed inside contributing to the patio lights.  The outdoor room has a lighted ceiling fan, also contributing to the patio lights.  Other patio lights include wall sconces, a floor lamp and assorted solar candles.  Sofas are strategically arranged to allow for easy conversation and allow for easy viewing of the backyard.  Landscape lighting makes the backyard glow with beauty.  A privacy curtain, tied back during the day, is a creative way to enjoy private evenings outside.  It’s easy to decorate this room for the holidays.  Monochromatic white Christmas string lights, hung around the room, add beautifully to the other patio lights.

Landscape Lighting to Create the Perfect At Home Vacation

The economic times are getting tougher.  We are all returning to the simpler things in life.  Enjoyment of what we have at home, instead of chasing the adventures across the world.  After all the best adventures usually start in our own backyards!  And trips away are almost more of a hassle than skipping the vacation altogether.  Often we feel like we need a vacation after our vacation.

Make your own vacation spot at home

landscape lighting to create the perfect at home vacationInstead of using our time off of work to pack up the family and make a trek to our vacation spot of the year, why not just stay at home and enjoy what we have in our own backyards?  You can use landscape lighting to enhance your own backyard to make it like your favorite vacation spot.  Use festive lighting to give it a more tropical feel.

Entertain your guests as if they were at a resort
Landscape Lighting for Summer Enjoyment 1The patio is where the bulk of your entertaining will be.  You should first consider where you want to install patio lights.  Lights can be mounted on your home on either side of the doorway.  This will provide safety for your guests as they enter and exit your deck area from your home.  You can also use string lights to highlight walkways.

Enhance the comforts you already have

Landscape Lighting for Summer Enjoyment 2Lighting to enhance your landscaping is a very exciting process.  This where you really get to show off all the hard work you have put into your landscaping.  You can be as creative as you want.  You are held back only by your own imagination.  Use landscape lighting to highlight trees, bushes and flowers.  Who says the beauty that you created should only be seen during the day?  Keep in mind that trees and walls look best when lit from below.  Another plus to using landscape lighting in your garden and yard area is that it helps to light up dark areas that may be hidden without lighting.  You can also place lighting to create dramatic shadows.

Whatever your landscape lighting, make sure that you take the time to enjoy it.  When your lighting project is complete, you will not regret missing out on a long trip with the family, because you will have your own little paradise in your backyard!

How to Decide What Landscape Lighting is Best for You

What does every home need to play up its best assets?  Landscape lighting of course!  There are virtually thousands and styles to choose from.  Plus you can decide how much to spend and what designs fit within your budget.  And the best thing is that landscape lighting will improve the comfort surrounding your home, making times at home much more enjoyable.

You can decide the lighting that is best for you

how to decide what landscape lighting is best for youThe first thing to decide is which type of lighting to use when choosing outside lighting.  Ask yourself which power source would be best for you, your home and most importantly your pocketbook.  There are a few different options to choose from.  The majority of consumers will choose electric or low voltage, but there is also solar powered and gas lighting to choose from.  All have their advantages, so it is up to you to decide which is best.

Function will determine placement
how to decide what landscape lighting is best for you 1When you are thinking of the purpose of your lighting, you will need to think about where your lighting will be.  Placement of the lighting will determine the purpose the lights will serve.  We will first think about lighting for safety.   Pathways, walkways, patio lights and stairways require the use of lighting for safety.  You will need to light these areas to keep your guests on the right path and to keep them from making a misstep and harming themselves.

Be creative and have fun

how to decide what landscape lighting is best for you 2Lighting to enhance your landscaping is a very exciting process.  This where you really get to show off all the hard work you have put into your landscaping.  You can be as creative as you want.  You are held back only by your own imagination.  Use yard lighting to highlight trees, bushes and flowers.  Who says the beauty that you created should only be seen during the day?  Keep in mind that trees and walls look best when lit from below.  Another plus to using landscape lighting in your garden and yard area is that it helps to light up dark areas that may be hidden without lighting.  You can also place lighting to create dramatic shadows.