January 18, 2019

Solar Powered Christmas Lights Shine Bright



Energy Efficient Solar Outdoor String Lights Help Keep Your Electric Bill Lowsolar

Brighten your Christmas display this year with ecologically friendly solar outdoor string lights.  Solar outdoor string lights look the same as traditional wired Christmas string lights except they use no electricity to operate and they use LED light bulbs, all of which are energy efficient and will save you money.  Solar outdoor string lights can be used indoors if the solar panel is located outside to collect energy from the sun.  Solar outdoor string lights are best used outdoors where the sun shines most, like southern exposures.  Solar outdoor string lights work by absorbing energy from the sun to charge rechargeable batteries during the day.  Solar outdoor string lights automatically turn on from a built-in photo cell that automates operation from dusk to dawn.  If the outdoor string lights solar panel doesn’t receive enough energy during the day, the batteries will not charge well and the lights will be dim.  Decorating with solar outdoor string lights is easier than decorating with traditional Christmas string lights because no electrical outlet is needed.  They are available in mini lights, net lighting and shapes such as Christmas trees, stars, snowmen, snowflakes, flowers, and humming birds.  Make your holiday decorations glow this year and invest in solar outdoor string lights.

 Versatile Rope Lights Allow Many Creative Uses In Holiday Decorating

Solar rope lights are gaining in popularity due to their flexibility in decorating.  Solar rope lights contain a long row of LED bulbs wired together and encased in clear plastic tubing. The solar rope lights are great for outdoor uses because the clear plastic tubing keeps the bulbs protected and free from moisture.  Solar rope lights are quite flexible and easy to bend around corners or tight areas but have enough structure to keep their shape.  They work wonderfully in outlining walkways or buildings.  The solar rope lights can also be wrapped around trees or shrubbery.  A fun use of solar rope lights is the opportunity to create special patterns, shapes, or custom designs.  Solar rope lights offer many advantages including energy efficiency, no electric bills, long lasting, and automatic turn-on due to the built-in photo cell.  A disadvantage of solar rope lights is the fact that they need sunlight to operate and the sun doesn’t shine each and every day.  Much of the time, the rechargeable batteries are powered enough by the sun to keep the solar rope lights lit all night long.  They do perform better in more southern climates that are closer to the equator and that get more powerful and longer sun exposure.  Solar rope lights are energy efficient and provide great flexibility in decorating.  Radiate your home this holiday season with smart and flexible solar rope lights.


Holiday Decorating Is A Breeze With Solar Christmas Lights Installation

Solar Christmas lights installation is the easiest and safest Christmas lighting to install.  Solar Christmas lights installation requires no wiring or extension cords.  Solar Christmas lights installation requires a solar panel to be mounted in the ground facing in the southern direction to absorb as much sunlight as possible.  After the solar Christmas lights installation is complete, nothing more is needed except to enjoy many years of fabulous lighting.  The next solar Christmas lights installation won’t be needed for many years because the rechargeable batteries are designed to recharge at least 1,000 times.  Then the rechargeable batteries are easy to replace.  LED lights are not replaceable but have a 25 year life expectancy based on ten hours of output each night.  Solar Christmas lights installation is a smart choice for your holiday decorating.

Outdoor Christmas Lights–A Family Tradition



A Family Tradition –Preparing Electric Christmas Lights

family hanging lightsPreparing electric Christmas lights each year is a great opportunity to start parent-child bonding and a family tradition.  Electric Christmas lights need to be unrolled, detangled, and tested for illuminated light bulbs.  This provides a wonderful opportunity for a parent to show a child how to be careful in handling electric wires and cautious in untangling delicate light bulbs.  As exemplified in the 1989 movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Clark Griswold asked his son, Rusty, to help him prepare the electric Christmas lights for the annual outdoor holiday decorating.  The electric Christmas lights are wound in a tight ball with mini-light bulbs jutting out in all directions.  Rusty is assigned the fun task of unrolling and detangling these tightly bound balls of electric Christmas lights.  Clark also tells Rusty to test each and every electric Christmas light bulb.  This, invariably should take hours, but Rusty manages to accomplish his task in record time.  The electric Christmas lights are prepared and hung within a few hours.  What a great example Clark makes to other parents who want to spend quality time with their children.


Exercise Great Care When Securing Outdoor String Lights

Hanging and securing outdoor string lights must be a cautious task.  Always use special care when working with electrical wires, including outdoor string lights.  Clark Griswold needed to be more careful in securing the outdoor string lights to the roof and eaves of his house.  He needed help with steadying the ladder to secure himself against the two-story home so he could carefully staple the outdoor string lights to the roof’s eaves.  When he lost his balance, he lost control of the outdoor string lights, grabbed onto the gutters and ripped part of them off the house.  This caused a long sharp and pointed icicle to go flying from the gutters of his home right through the window of his next-door neighbor’s house.  Up on the rooftop, he strung an abundance of parallel outdoor string lights in rows covering its entire surface.  He also accidentally stapled the wrist cuff of his jacket to the roof and pulled up many outdoor string lights in the process of tearing his coat.  Perhaps Clark should have asked a family member for help with this project.  There are hanging clips available today that are a much better option than stapling when hanging outdoor string lights.


Yard Lighting and Novelty Objects — A Fun Way To Decorate The Lawn 

Another tradition families can participate in each year is yard lighting and decorating.  Yard lighting and novelty tacky-lights-richmond-va-300x245Eobjects can create a festive mood during the holiday season.  Clark Griswold placed Santa’s sleigh and reindeer in the front yard of his house that, unfortunately, went flying high into the sky when there was a nearby chemical explosion.  It wound up being a magical moment for all to see.  These objects went from being illuminated with yard lighting to being lit by the moonlight.  Yard lighting creates a fantastic compliment to home lighting and both provide a cheerful holiday atmosphere.  Home and yard lighting are a wonderful way to bond with family members and carry on family traditions.  When Clark’s father, Clark Wilhelm Griswold, Sr., complimented him on his wonderful decorations and yard lighting, Clark thanked his father for teaching him everything he knew.  Outdoor Christmas lights used for home and yard lighting are a fun, joyful way to spend quality time with our loved ones and carry on family traditions.

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights

Use Christmas Lights for Your Outdoor Christmas Decor

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas LightsFor more than a decade, the Quincy, Illinois Chamber of Commerce has organized an “Avenue of Lights,” a more than two mile outdoor Christmas décor made of numerous displays illuminated with Christmas lights.  For a small fee, visitors can drive through the Moorman-Wavering Park to see the wondrous outdoor Christmas décor.  Thousands of volunteer hours are logged in the year-round planning and execution of the outdoor Christmas décor in the park.  Each year displays are updated and changed to make a unique viewing of their outdoor Christmas décor.  The magnificent “Avenue of Lights” has entertained more than a million visitors with its outstanding collection of Christmas lights displays and outdoor Christmas décor.

Make a Brilliant Rainbow with Outdoor String Lights

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights 1Visitors drive through the ‘Avenue of Lights” showcasing several different tunnels and individual displays, all using string lights.  One Tunnel is decorated in a brilliant flashing rainbow of outdoor string lights.  Other tunnels, created with outdoor string lights, include a holly tunnel and an animated snowflake tunnel.  Outdoor string lights frame and decorate many individual displays for people of all ages and interests.  Some of the outdoor string lights displays include traditional Christmas themes associated with Santa, snowmen, lighted Christmas trees, reindeer, and even a nativity scene.  Other outdoor string lights displays include novelty themes related to and including fishing polar bears, baseball playing elves, jumping dolphins, Cinderella, golf, dinosaurs, erupting volcanoes, the Loch ness monster, motorcycles, trucking, and many others.

Create a Meandering Caterpillar Using Green Christmas Lights

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights 2The Quincy, Illinois “Avenue of Lights” has more than 100 individual Christmas lighting displays in all colors.  A brilliantly displayed Christmas caterpillar, made with green Christmas lights appears to meander through the park.  Green Christmas lights are a favorite color of Christmas lights to decorate with during the holiday season.  Green Christmas lights pair well with red Christmas lights since both are complimentary colors and naturally look good together.  A poinsettia tunnel made of green Christmas lights, red Christmas lights, and white Christmas lights looks majestic with flowers popping up throughout the display.  Green Christmas lights are used in many “Avenue of Lights” displays.