January 18, 2019

Movies Prominently Display Christmas Tree Lights Outdoor


Take Inspiration From Award-Winning Christmas Decor

charlie brown treeIn the 1965 A Charlie Brown Christmas, Charlie Brown, with Lucy’s encouragement, sets about the task of finding a Christmas tree to embellish their school’s play with Christmas décor.  The tree lot is almost sold out but Charlie Brown picks the only live tree left on the lot, a small baby tree.  Upon returning to school, the kids laugh at Charlie Brown’s tree and tell him it is not festive Christmas décor.  Unhappy, Charlie Brown leaves with the tree wondering about Christmas décor and the true meaning of Christmas.  He passes Snoopy’s doghouse with Christmas décor proudly displaying a first place ribbon from the neighborhood’s lights and display contest.  Charlie Brown takes an ornament from Snoopy to use as Christmas décor on his tree.  The baby tree is not strong enough to hold the Christmas décor and it falls to the ground.  Charlie Brown’s friends, realizing they were too hard on him, show up and use all of Snoopy’s Christmas décor to decorate the baby tree.  Later, Lucy and the gang admit Charlie Brown picked a nice tree with beautiful Christmas décor, and they all shout, “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!”


Create Joy During the Holidays– Decorate With Outdoor Holiday Lights

Although not displayed until the last part of the movie, the 1954 musical White Christmas, shows a beautiful white light treeChristmas tree with outdoor holiday lights.  Guests at the Columbia Inn in Pinetree, Vermont are decorating the tree with outdoor holiday lights while an anxiously-awaited fresh new snow lightly falls on them and the tree creating a magical mood for the climax of the movie.  This evokes powerful emotions as the audience witness’s true friendship.  Lighting can change a mood and outdoor holiday lights can create an irresistible and jovial festive season.  Outdoor holiday lights add visual appeal to any scene.  Decorating with outdoor holiday lights can be as simple as hanging them on a Christmas tree to as complicated as layering lighting for more complicated staging.  In recent years, the lighting in many popular movies has become more layered and complicated as technology advances.  The ornament hanging and stringing of lights at the end of White Christmas create a calm mood before the audience’s emotions were intensified with the surprise climax.  Outdoor holiday lights are a powerful component of staging and can create powerful emotions in holiday decorating.


Unify Community Spirit With Christmas Light Displays

Many communities prominently display a large Christmas tree adorning Christmas light displays in a common area of town like a town square.  In the 2000 movie, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, an in-town Christmas tree is decorated with Christmas light displays to encourage festivity and joy to all the merry and warm-hearted Whos in Whoville.  The Grinch, an unhappy catlike creature with a heart too small, doesn’t like the happiness created from the Christmas light displays and sets out to ruin the Who’s fun.  The Grinch wreaks havoc when he goes into town and at one point, burns down the Christmas tree with its Christmas light displays.  Although trying to prevent Christmas from coming, the Christmas tree with all its Christmas light displays magically reappear within minutes and Christmas comes none-the-less.  He soon realizes Christmas is more than presents and Christmas light displays and from then on his heart grew triple its previous size.  Christmas light displays can bring cheer and joy to everyone in a community and help unify the people.

How To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights

How To Hang Outdoor Christmas LightsInstalling Exterior Christmas Lights Can Be Handled In A Few Easy-to-Understand Steps

Do you love the look of outdoor holiday lights, but dread the idea of installing them? Don’t worry. The process isn’t as daunting as it seems. Just follow this primer, and you’ll have no trouble hanging outdoor Christmas lights.

How To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights 1Start With the Basics

The basics of how to hang outdoor Christmas lights include performing a few basic preliminary steps. First, find an electrical receptacle. You’ll want to use heavy-duty extension cords, running from a 120-volt electrical outlet protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter.  Then, take a long measuring tape of 30 feet or longer and measure both the length of your home along the ground and its height. Also, measure the height of any component of your yard–such as bushes and trees–you will want to embellish with exterior Christmas lights, as well as the lengths of Christmas light strings needed to decorate the periphery of doors and windows. Then calculate how many 50-foot Christmas light strings are required to accommodate these measurements combined.

How To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights 2Get A Good Look

Take a good look at the Christmas light strings you’re going to hang. If there’s one important thing to remember about how to hang outdoor Christmas lights once you’ve finished the basics ,but before you actually start doing the job, it’s this: Inspect all light strings for broken and missing bulbs, and thoroughly examine wires for defects and excessive wear. Pull broken bulbs out with long-nose pliers, and don’t forget to wear gloves. Unplug strings to replace faulty bulbs, re-testing them to make certain that lights work. Check for a blown fuse on any Christmas light string that doesn’t work at all, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for replacing the fuse and perform a re-check, replacing the whole string if the fuse blows again. Discard any outdoor holiday lights whose wires are worn out or otherwise defective.

How To Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights 3Up On The Ladder

Finally, it’s time to actually climb the ladder to install those exterior Christmas lights. It’s best to use an extension ladder, unless you reside in a home with low eaves. Lean the ladder against the eaves, ensuring that it sits firmly on flat ground. The ladder should extend fairly far above the eaves and be propped in a position that allows for comfortable climbing. Any gutter against which a ladder leans should have a short piece of 2 by 4 inserted in it to secure that ladder. Attach outdoor holiday lights along your gutters and/or roof with plastic clips manufactured especially for that purpose. The clips work by gripping shingles or gutters; they feature lower hooks designed to hold Christmas light strands and extension cords. Attach exterior Christmas lights to the trim of your home’s windows trim, as well as to other vertical surfaces, with tube light or nail-on plastic clips spaced at intervals of about 12 inches. Then stand back and admire your work. Now, learning about hanging Christmas lights wasn’t that hard, was it?

The Lay of the Landscape

Landscape lighting is a Key Component of Creative Holiday Decorating

The Lay of the LandscapeInvesting in landscape lighting is a great way to jazz up your property no matter what the season, but it incorporating it into your outdoor Christmas décor is a particularly desirable strategy at holiday time. After all, no matter where you live, winter brings fewer daylight hours, and the area surrounding your home simply isn’t as visually interesting as it is at other times of the year.

Going Beyond the Basics–Outdoor Holiday Lights

When many people think of landscape lighting for Christmas, the image of outdoor holiday lights simply strung across a bush immediately comes to mind. However, there’s far, far more to it than that. An essential element of creative holiday decorating–which is all the rage these days– landscape lighting can feature traditional or LED Christmas lights used to outline shrubs, paths, beds, creeks, roofs, and driveways alike. Either type of lighting technology can also be put into place to wrap columns, tree trunks and canopies. If you’re particularly ambitious, garland, wreath, trees, topiaries, bows, ornamentals and the like can serve to augment some or all of these.

Debunking Other Myths

The Lay of the Landscape 1Another myth about Christmas landscape lighting is that it should be restricted to outdoor holiday lights. Nothing could be farther from the truth. As it relates to creative holiday decorating, landscape lighting also encompasses other types of illumination to set the scene for a wintry wonderland. For example, if you have spruce trees or distinctive shrubbery set against a stone or brick wall or a even a white fence, place a spotlight there to highlight the “scene” at night.  If you want to get a bit more “Christmasy” and the backdrop is of a light color (white, for example), use a red bulb.

Extending The Glow–Creative Holiday Decorating

The Lay of the Landscape 2Sure, well-designed, well-executed landscape lighting will brighten your holiday and beyond. But you can also leverage your investment at other times of the year. Leave a few lights (not the multi-colored ones) around a group of plants or in a tree. One creative homeowner puts away the strings of red and green lights in the attic once the Christmas season is over, but takes strings of lights and creates fanciful shapes–from flowers to summer dresses, on a few of her bushes throughout the year. So don’t be afraid to experiment–your landscape, and perhaps even your neighbors and passers-by, will thank you.