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Outdoor Christmas Trees

March 25, 2019

Use a Live Tree Inside and Plant it Outdoors Later

Christmas Tree Lights… Outdoor Extravaganza


Outdoor Christmas Trees–A Little History

As early as 1912, North America began to see the use of Christmas tree lights outdoor.  One of the first places where lights were used on trees was in Boston’s public areas.  Soon thereafter many other communities followed suit until today where it is rumored there are as many outdoor Christmas trees as there are indoor ones.

 The Living Outdoor Christmas Tree 

If you want to join the outdoor Christmas tree crowd, consider planting an actual permanent tree in front of your home.  A permanent live tree adds color, life and even oxygen to your yard and its surroundings all year long.  At Christmastime you can then do some outdoor Christmas tree lighting of your own.

Yet another way to be “green” and eventually add a tree to your yard is to purchase a live Christmas tree–roots and all.  These trees are dug up in their entirety and placed in a container.  You simply leave the tree in the dirt for Christmas and when the holiday is over you plant it in a pre-dug hole in your yard.  After a few years of doing this you can reforest much of your yard, while never killing or wasting a good tree.                                                                                                                

Landscape Lighting and a Perfect Tree 

During the winter months many of us are looking for ways to brighten our yards.  Landscape lighting and plantings that maintain their color during the winter are two common ways to accomplish this goal.  So adding a tree to the yard makes sense in more ways than one.  When the holidays come along you have the additional opportunity to step up the color when you add outdoor Xmas light to your trees and yard.

Whatever you choose, adding a tree to the yard is an investment in the future.  Light it now or light it later.  Or better yet plant it after using it indoors. 

 Happy holidays from us—- at the site for Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas!

Landscape Lighting: A Wealth of Options

Landscape Lighting A Wealth of OptionsUse many different types of lighting to decorate your yard this holiday season

It’s no secret that consumers are becoming more and more creative when it comes to decorating the interior of their homes for Christmas. Of course, with the wide range of products, you just can’t miss. But jazzing up your yard to make the holiday season all the more merry and bright can be just as easy, given the selection of landscape lighting options to be found in brick-and-mortar stores and online. Here are a few choices to consider.

Landscape Lighting A Wealth of Options 1Tying In Rope Lights

Long a popular choice for landscape lighting due to their versatility, rope lights are decorative light ropes manufactured using clear PVC tubing. The light material is very flexible, allowing it to be formed into a multitude of shapes and cut in regular increments. Rope lights can be set to provide steady lighting or “flashing” effects via a controller. Available in a variety of colors, rope lights make a great focal point when wrapped around outdoor Christmas trees and can also be used on railings, fences, and the like.

Landscape Lighting A Wealth of Options 2Taking A Shine To Icicle Lights

Icicle lights have also become a top choice for Christmas landscape lighting because of their distinctive appearance. As their name suggests, icicle lights look like the real thing. In addition to the traditional icicle shape, they come in other shapes, such as snowflake and star. Not all icicle lights are white: Many manufacturers now offer icicle lights in a palette of colors that includes pink, blue, purple, and green. Some companies also design their icicle lights with clips that attach the bulbs to the wire, ensuring that the latter point downward for the best look and easy setup. Icicle lights look beautiful when dangled from eaves, decks, gutters, fences, or rails.

Landscape Lighting A Wealth of Options 3Snazzing It Up With Sculptures

Crafted from plastic, light sculptures can be used as the “centerpiece” of a landscape lighting design, as well as to flank outdoor Christmas trees. Most light sculptures come in a flat version, a majority of which comprise frames embellished with light strings. Many people like to decorate these with garland. A few companies have also introduced three-dimensional light sculptures in such motifs as snowflakes, deer and reindeer; some animal light sculptures feature moving heads powered by a motor. You can leave your three-dimensional light sculptures bare-framed, or make them even more festive by draping them with garland or looping/weaving through plastic cord. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.