December 4, 2022

Create Beautiful Memories with Christmas Tree Lighting



Be Inspired By a Beautifully Illuminated Outdoor Christmas Tree

christmas treeThe Griswold family, in the 1989 popular Christmas movie, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, set out to find a magnificent irresistible evergreen outdoor Christmas tree that they could cut down and bring home to decorate for their holiday pleasure.  After a long drive through the woods, they discovered a beautiful outdoor Christmas tree standing alone in a meadow.  Clark Griswold, the father, envisioned this outdoor Christmas tree festively decorated with Christmas an abundance of tree lighting and, he knew that it would be this year’s family Christmas tree.  This outdoor Christmas tree was blanketed with Christmas tree lights from top to bottom including a radiant star topper.  The outdoor Christmas tree sparkled with magnificence and the whole family was mesmerized by its beauty.  The outdoor Christmas tree was cut down, roped up, placed on the car’s rooftop, and driven to the family home.  There are many ways to become inspired by things and inspiration to re-create a joyful opulent indoor Christmas tree can come from seeing beautifully decorated outdoor Christmas trees around town.


Consider Tree Height and Width When Planning a Christmas Light Decoration

Upon arriving home, the Griswold family brought their new Christmas tree into their house to adorn it with an abundance of Christmas light decorations.  When they propped the tree up and untied it, the tree burst into its original large shape breaking windows and protruding beyond its intended space leaving little to no room for a Christmas light decoration.  This was not how the Griswold family envisioned their new tree with lack of room for Christmas light decorations.  When looking for the perfect Christmas tree, special attention needs to be exerted with careful measurement of tree height and width.  Tree toppers and any other Christmas light decoration needs to be considered and allowed room to glow.  For safety sake, tree toppers and any other Christmas light decoration should have plenty of room around it for air flow.  It’s important to make sure the Christmas light decorations do not overheat risking fire.  The careful measurement of tree, its Christmas light decorations and the room it will brighten will ensure a properly prepared holiday decorating that is safe and festive for all to enjoy during the wonderful Christmas season.


Ignite Your Spirit With The Use of Christmas Lights String

Christmas tree lighting with the use of Christmas lights string can brighten the world around you and make the holidays quite cheerful.  The popular Christmas lights string are irresistible when wrapped all around the tree.  When decorating the tree, it is recommended to arrange the Christmas lights string in a swirl pattern from bottom to top, using several strands of Christmas lights string.  This practice avoids a set or two of Christmas lights string from hanging below the tree’s branches, a curious play toy for animals like cats.  Guests of the Griswolds brought a curious cat on their holiday visit.  Unfortunately, while everyone was dining on the holiday meal, the cat dined on the Christmas lights string and literally fried himself and caused much damage from a fire.  This is a terrible way to enjoy and try to digest a fine holiday dinner.  The tree was uncolorfully and unpleasantly singed black.  Christmas lights string are a safe and festive way to enjoy the holiday spirit with a little care and proper preparation.  Christmas lights string can ignite your holiday spirit causing much joy for all to see.

Christmas in July

small letter 


Christmas in July 


A Summertime Party Idea Complete with Outdoor Christmas Lights


Celebrating Christmas in July is one cool way to cool off.  If you’re bored with the heat and looking for a way to divert yourself, you can celebrate Christmas in July.  For this event, plan an off-the-wall party complete with outdoor Christmas lights, a Christmas tree, a visit from Santa and gifts for all.

 It’s unclear just where this idea came from, but according to Wikipedia we may be able to attribute it to a girl’s summer camp in North Carolina.  It seems that in 1933 Camp Keystone celebrated Christmas in July. Very likely this is where the phrase we refer to was coined.

 In 1940 a movie by this name was released.  The main character wrongly believes he has won $25,000 and buys gifts for his family and girlfriend.  Shortly after this time, the US Post Office was involved in an early mailing campaign of this name.  The purpose of the campaign was not to promote Christmas tree lighting, but rather to encourage early mailing of packages and cards to servicemen serving in WWII. 

 It may interest you that in parts of the world the dead of winter is actually in July.  In the southern hemisphere, if you’re looking for a wintry Christmas the best way to obtain it is by celebrating it in July.  In the mountains of South America, in Australia and even at the South Pole, wintry celebrations of Christmas have been used as lighthearted tools for celebration as well as for marketing purposes.  One resort in Australia is known to have hosted such a party when spurred on by a group of Irish tourists. 

 Needless to say there are people around the globe who use the “Christmas in July” theme as just  another reason to have a party.  In such cases, individuals and groups have been known to light an outdoor Christmas tree, add indoor Christmas lights to their homes and use wreath lighting for a festive effect. Then they proceed to eat, drink and be merry, and give gifts.

 The gift-giving portion of the idea resonates with retailers who may often get on-board and use this idea as a promotional tool.  Sometimes the concept is used to clear out sale merchandise that has accumulated.  Sometimes it’s used in tourist areas where stores sell high-end collectibles to primarily women shoppers on vacation.  On Cape Cod, the concept can be seen at work in the Christmas Tree shops, which do a bustling summer business with visitors looking for a pre-holiday bargain. Fabric and craft shops are yet another type of retail store that benefit from this practice.  In this case the shops often bring in holiday fabrics and projects for Christmas, leaving plenty of time for crafters to complete their tasks for gift giving and holiday home décor.

 Whatever you make of the practice of celebrating Christmas in July, you have to admit it’s a way to turn the tables and really shake things up.

Use a Live Tree Inside and Plant it Outdoors Later

Christmas Tree Lights… Outdoor Extravaganza


Outdoor Christmas Trees–A Little History

As early as 1912, North America began to see the use of Christmas tree lights outdoor.  One of the first places where lights were used on trees was in Boston’s public areas.  Soon thereafter many other communities followed suit until today where it is rumored there are as many outdoor Christmas trees as there are indoor ones.

 The Living Outdoor Christmas Tree 

If you want to join the outdoor Christmas tree crowd, consider planting an actual permanent tree in front of your home.  A permanent live tree adds color, life and even oxygen to your yard and its surroundings all year long.  At Christmastime you can then do some outdoor Christmas tree lighting of your own.

Yet another way to be “green” and eventually add a tree to your yard is to purchase a live Christmas tree–roots and all.  These trees are dug up in their entirety and placed in a container.  You simply leave the tree in the dirt for Christmas and when the holiday is over you plant it in a pre-dug hole in your yard.  After a few years of doing this you can reforest much of your yard, while never killing or wasting a good tree.                                                                                                                

Landscape Lighting and a Perfect Tree 

During the winter months many of us are looking for ways to brighten our yards.  Landscape lighting and plantings that maintain their color during the winter are two common ways to accomplish this goal.  So adding a tree to the yard makes sense in more ways than one.  When the holidays come along you have the additional opportunity to step up the color when you add outdoor Xmas light to your trees and yard.

Whatever you choose, adding a tree to the yard is an investment in the future.  Light it now or light it later.  Or better yet plant it after using it indoors. 

 Happy holidays from us—- at the site for Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas!

Christmas Decorations Add Cheer During the Holidays

Add Brightness to the Holidays with Christmas Lighting Ideas

Christmas Decorations Add Cheer During the HolidaysProper lighting can completely transform an area from dull and boring to festive and exciting.  Christmas lighting ideas can range from string lights to rope lighting, to stick lights, lantern lights, hanging objects, candles, flags, novelty figures, etc.  There are so many Christmas lighting ideas available today, the creativity seems endless.  Don’t forget colors when contemplating Christmas lighting ideas.  The choices for multi-colored lights, monochromatic colored lights, or even monochromatic white lights are many.  One Christmas lighting idea for someone who is short on space, would be to outline a Christmas tree with string lights on a blank wall to create a 2-D Christmas tree.  Visit local stores or peruse the internet to help with more Christmas lighting ideas.

Share the Cheer with Outdoor Christmas lighting

Christmas Decorations Add Cheer During the Holidays 1In addition to indoor Christmas decorations, outdoor Christmas lighting can encourage peace and unity amongst neighbors, add curb appeal, and brighten your “welcome home.”  Some ideas for outdoor Christmas lighting include lighting a path, outlining a boundary with lights, displaying religious or novelty objects, lighting trees/bushes/buildings/objects.  It’s fun to drive down a street lined with parkway trees wrapped in monochromatic lighting of green stems and white tree tops.  Lining a deck railing brings the festivity to the backyard.  Nativity scenes are particularly beautiful when highlighted with outdoor Christmas lighting.  Outlining a house with outdoor Christmas lighting can accent its beauty.  There are many ways to share the spirit with outdoor Christmas lighting.

Chose Among the Many Ways to Decorated an Outdoor Christmas tree

The most grand outdoor Christmas tree can usually be found in the downtown of a major metropolitan area.  Several trees are roped together to form a massive outdoor Christmas tree.  This is then lit with an abundant amount of lights and, sometimes, other Christmas decorations.  It is spectacular.  Other large Christmas trees can be formed from metal framing and then outlined with outdoor lights.  It is easy to form many different sizes in this way.  Lights can be strung horizontally, vertically, or in a swirl design emphasizing movement.  A monochromatic lighting scheme is popular but multi-colored lighting on an outdoor Christmas tree is equally striking.  Of course, decorating an evergreen makes an easy outdoor Christmas tree.  Don’t forget the ornaments and a tree topper.

Christmas Decorations Add Cheer During the Holidays 2

Using Color to Enhance Your Christmas Light Decorations

Color Makes the Mood

Color has an amazing ability to evoke emotion and create mood.  Using color to create the feeling you want your home to emanate for Christmas is easier than you might imagine.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorationsTake elegance for example.  Shades of gold and ivory together can create one of the most elegant Christmas statements.  Simply mixing these two colors in your Christmas light decorations will give you the antique feel of sophisticated holidays of years gone by.  Remove all the bold color from your decorative scheme and the feeling is not only elegant, but soft, calm, quiet and sophisticated–perfect for chic, grown-up adult parties.

Need a livelier scheme?  Simply add some red to your gold and ivory decorations and suddenly your home takes on a bolder and more contemporary look.  Check out this Christmas tree and see how the color changes your reaction to the photo.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorations 1Should you need to entertain sophisticated clients, family and children all in one space, consider starting with a base color-scheme of gold and ivory.  You can entertain your professional friends with this calm, chic scheme. Then when it’s time for the family and kids to arrive, change the entire mood quickly by simply adding a few red flower picks to your garlands and red ornaments to your tree.  Voila! In no time you can change the entire mood of party with a few simple changes to your Christmas lights decorations.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorations 2Let There Be Light–Candle and Wreath Lighting

Light as well as color can be used to influence the emotions evoked by holiday decorating.  Add candles and wreath lighting to a mantle to achieve a beautiful warm look above your fireplace like the one pictured here.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorations 3Elegant Inside & Outside Christmas Lights

When the interior is complete, you’ll want to be sure to take you Christmas light outdoor.  Elegant, beautiful Christmas light decorations are as easy to complete outdoors as in.  Consider this outdoor Christmas tree.  It’s simple, elegant and carries our beautiful gold scheme outside.

Christmas–The Joyful Holiday of Lights Decorations

Fond Memories of Christmas Tree Lighting

Do you have fond memories of getting your childhood home ready for Christmas?  Are you like me, where you can remember the excitement of bringing home the Christmas tree each year?

In our upstate town of Tribes Hill, New York, in the 1960’s and 1970’s artificial trees were pretty rare.  Being so close to the Adirondack Mountains most of us kids expected to have real pine in our homes.  This was an opportunity to bring indoors the familiar pine smell we enjoyed all summer as we camped, picnicked, swam and boated in the region’s recreational areas.

Come Christmastime, we gathered the family into the ever-present station wagon to go to the local tree lot or sometimes even the local Christmas tree farm.  No one was ever left behind for this important event.  As kids we rushed around the snow-covered trees, pushing, shoving and hiding from each other among the icy branches.  All this went on while Mom and Dad, and my live-in Great Aunt negotiated over the all-important tree. Would it be a Scotch pine like Aunt Alice’s?  Never–Mother hated those short, full, stubby trees with there long, thin needles.  How about a beautiful blue spruce?  That would be nice, but this particular species of tree was one of the most expensive.  Most every year we found ourselves in the aisle with the balsam fir trees.  These trees are tall and somewhat sparse in my opinion, but in these years they were among the more reasonable options.  The best thing about them is their incredible aroma.  Even now years later when I smell balsam fir, I’m returned to these times.

Bringing That Outdoor Christmas Tree In

Usually the tree we ended up with had a blemish of some sort–at least in my mother’s mind.  Even after my poor father held up tree after tree looking for the perfectly-shaped one, it was sure to have a flaw.  The solution to this was remarkably to remake the tree!  My mother would point out the spots where branches were lacking and my father would be required to saw off branches from the bottom and place them in holes he drilled out higher up on the tree.  This unorthodox method usually resulted in a fairly symmetrical tree but alas one that didn’t last too long before the poor water starved needles started shedding onto the carpet.

A Time Before the Advent of Miniature Christmas Lights

Following the selection and remodeling of the tree, it was placed in the traditional screw-tightened tree stand and ready for the initial step of adding the Christmas tree lighting.  In those days, long before the little, miniature Christmas lights, we lit the tree with traditional c7 lights or sometimes even with those pesky string lights with the pointy bulbs that must have been left from the 1950’s.  These bulbs were the ones that wouldn’t light if any one of the many bulbs was burned out.  My job was often to find the offending Christmas bulb or if I were unlucky the offending Christmas bulbs.  This was truly the worst job. If more than one were burned out fixing the string became a frustratingly impossible task.

Frustrating or fond, all those memories are all that’s left of a time so long ago.  Little did we know that these were special times that would eventually fade into the distant past.