June 27, 2019

Use a Live Tree Inside and Plant it Outdoors Later

Christmas Tree Lights… Outdoor Extravaganza


Outdoor Christmas Trees–A Little History

As early as 1912, North America began to see the use of Christmas tree lights outdoor.  One of the first places where lights were used on trees was in Boston’s public areas.  Soon thereafter many other communities followed suit until today where it is rumored there are as many outdoor Christmas trees as there are indoor ones.

 The Living Outdoor Christmas Tree 

If you want to join the outdoor Christmas tree crowd, consider planting an actual permanent tree in front of your home.  A permanent live tree adds color, life and even oxygen to your yard and its surroundings all year long.  At Christmastime you can then do some outdoor Christmas tree lighting of your own.

Yet another way to be “green” and eventually add a tree to your yard is to purchase a live Christmas tree–roots and all.  These trees are dug up in their entirety and placed in a container.  You simply leave the tree in the dirt for Christmas and when the holiday is over you plant it in a pre-dug hole in your yard.  After a few years of doing this you can reforest much of your yard, while never killing or wasting a good tree.                                                                                                                

Landscape Lighting and a Perfect Tree 

During the winter months many of us are looking for ways to brighten our yards.  Landscape lighting and plantings that maintain their color during the winter are two common ways to accomplish this goal.  So adding a tree to the yard makes sense in more ways than one.  When the holidays come along you have the additional opportunity to step up the color when you add outdoor Xmas light to your trees and yard.

Whatever you choose, adding a tree to the yard is an investment in the future.  Light it now or light it later.  Or better yet plant it after using it indoors. 

 Happy holidays from us—- at the site for Outdoor Christmas Lighting Ideas!

The World’s Best Displays of Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights

A World Wide Extravaganza of Xmas Light

Travel and Leisure Magazine editors have searched the world over for the world’s best displays of hanging outdoor Christmas lights.  You can be sure they are plenty of contenders for this honor and although you might expect the United States to have the monopoly on this category, you’ll have to guess again.  Although the US has entries on the list, Travel and Leisure’s awards span the globe. Let’s take a look at who’s in the top 6 of this list.

Disney World’s Hollywood Studies–No surprise here.  Nobody does an extravagant show like Disney and the Christmas Extravaganza is no exception. Known as the “Osborne Dancing Christmas Lights”, this show incorporates music with over 5 million lights blinking along in time.

Complete with snow, (artificial of course) after all this is Florida, the show comes ablaze every 15 minutes.

The Worlds Best Displays of Hanging Outdoor Christmas LightsBrussels Town HallA bit scary, this 15th century gothic building is covered with spires and lights that blink eerily to music every night during the month of December.

Tokyo–Roppongi Hills Galleria–when the midtown shopping district of Tokyo unveiled the first of its outdoor Christmas light displays, the amazing Milky Way display in 2007,  people the world over took notice.  It remains to be seen what they have planned for this year and years to come.

Johnson City, Texas–a small town of just 1500, this hamlet does outside Christmas lights Texas style–in a big, big way.  This 1 block park space is adjacent to Lyndon B. Johnson’s National Historic Park and features more than 1 million lights.  People come from the big Texas towns, Austin and San Antonio just to see what the Pedernales Electrical Cooperative has put together for the season.

Branson, MissouriSilver Dollar City is Branson’s theme park.  Although the entire park gets decked out for the holiday what’s really impressive is the 5-story special effects outdoor Christmas tree lighting.

Mexico CityThe vendors at the Tepito flea market go all out.  When not selling all kinds of cheap goods, they’re busy decking out their stalls to celebrate Navidad with their take on commercial holiday lights.

Like to see these displays up close and personal, without travelling the globe?  If so, you’re in luck.  Simply click on the link below and see Travel and Leisure’s selections for Best Holiday Light Displays