August 25, 2019

Outdoor Christmas Lights

Make The Season Bright With Decorative Holiday Lights

Outdoor Christmas LightsWhen it comes to decorating for the holiday season, too much is never enough when using decorative holiday lights.  How fun it is to brighten the neighborhood with decorative holiday lights and make your home shine with holiday splendor.  Loosely hanging string lights in a vertical position on tree branches makes them appear light and airy suggesting movement.  It is also fun to hang decorative holiday lights on a home’s frame giving it dimension.  Decorative holiday lights can be used to spell out holiday wishes, line walkways, define shrubbery, and light up novelty shapes like stars, candy canes, bows, and a variety of Christmas characters.  Decorative holiday lights look especially beautiful on wreaths.  Create a luminescent luxury by means of abundant decorative holiday lights.

Add Sparkle To The Season With White Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas Lights 1White Christmas lights carry a certain elegance and sophistication about them.  White Christmas lights are popular outdoor Christmas lights.  White Christmas lights come in two colors.  There are cool white lights and there are warm or soft white lights.  Cool white Christmas lights have a bluish tint to them making them slightly brighter than the warm white Christmas lights.  Warm white Christmas lights are also called soft white Christmas lights.  Warm white Christmas lights have a yellowish tint to them making them less bright.  Some homeowners choose to decorate the outside of their home using both cool and warm white Christmas lights.  The cool white Christmas lights can act as accents on a decorating scheme.  They look particularly lovely framing a tree and outlining the Star of David.  Cool white lights can also highlight holiday figures making them stand out.  Warm white Christmas lights add a soft glow to holiday decorating and can help frame a house or softly lit other holiday objects.  Using both cool and warm white Christmas lights creates a spectacular outdoor Christmas display.

Create A Beautiful Outdoor Christmas Tree With Blue LED Christmas Lights

blue capitolEvery year the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Forest Service provides a Christmas tree for the lawn of the U. S. Capitol.  A Christmas tree lighting ceremony has been a tradition since 1964.  In 2007, blue LED Christmas lights were used as a predominant color on the Capitol tree.  Blue LED Christmas lights look fabulous when combined with a minimal use of other multi-colored lights.  The blue LED Christmas lights stand out from a distance and make the tree look blue.  Close up, however, the blue LED Christmas lights look like an accent combined with other colors from other lights and ornaments.  The effect is quite creative and striking.  Try making your own beautiful blue LED Christmas lights tree this year.

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights

Use Christmas Lights for Your Outdoor Christmas Decor

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas LightsFor more than a decade, the Quincy, Illinois Chamber of Commerce has organized an “Avenue of Lights,” a more than two mile outdoor Christmas décor made of numerous displays illuminated with Christmas lights.  For a small fee, visitors can drive through the Moorman-Wavering Park to see the wondrous outdoor Christmas décor.  Thousands of volunteer hours are logged in the year-round planning and execution of the outdoor Christmas décor in the park.  Each year displays are updated and changed to make a unique viewing of their outdoor Christmas décor.  The magnificent “Avenue of Lights” has entertained more than a million visitors with its outstanding collection of Christmas lights displays and outdoor Christmas décor.

Make a Brilliant Rainbow with Outdoor String Lights

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights 1Visitors drive through the ‘Avenue of Lights” showcasing several different tunnels and individual displays, all using string lights.  One Tunnel is decorated in a brilliant flashing rainbow of outdoor string lights.  Other tunnels, created with outdoor string lights, include a holly tunnel and an animated snowflake tunnel.  Outdoor string lights frame and decorate many individual displays for people of all ages and interests.  Some of the outdoor string lights displays include traditional Christmas themes associated with Santa, snowmen, lighted Christmas trees, reindeer, and even a nativity scene.  Other outdoor string lights displays include novelty themes related to and including fishing polar bears, baseball playing elves, jumping dolphins, Cinderella, golf, dinosaurs, erupting volcanoes, the Loch ness monster, motorcycles, trucking, and many others.

Create a Meandering Caterpillar Using Green Christmas Lights

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights 2The Quincy, Illinois “Avenue of Lights” has more than 100 individual Christmas lighting displays in all colors.  A brilliantly displayed Christmas caterpillar, made with green Christmas lights appears to meander through the park.  Green Christmas lights are a favorite color of Christmas lights to decorate with during the holiday season.  Green Christmas lights pair well with red Christmas lights since both are complimentary colors and naturally look good together.  A poinsettia tunnel made of green Christmas lights, red Christmas lights, and white Christmas lights looks majestic with flowers popping up throughout the display.  Green Christmas lights are used in many “Avenue of Lights” displays.

Unify Community Spirit Using Outdoor Christmas Lights

Communities Share Camaraderie When Holiday Decorating

Subdivisions across America can come together during the holidays by coordinating holiday decorating.  Nearly every home in one subdivision in the Western suburbs of Chicago shares in the holiday spirit by planning and coordinating their holiday decorating.  Some homes choose to accent their homes, some accent their landscapes, and some homes accent both in their holiday decorating.  Neighbors get together to decorate parkway trees to create a tunnel effect driving through the neighborhood.  Some streets are lined with monochromatic white tree trunks and green foliage and some neighbors choose to do the opposite color scheme.  Some homeowners like to be more colorful and choose multi-colored Christmas lights or other colored light combinations in the holiday decorating of their parkway trees.  The beauty not only lies in the holiday decorating but in neighbors coming together for a common purpose.  This spirit can be taken further.  After years of decorating and adding to their collections, some homeowners go all out in their holiday decorating.  There are homes whose entire garages, fronted with clear plexiglass, are devoted to holiday splendor.  One home has an elaborate train set displayed in their garage staged in a winter mountainous small town Christmas festival.  Many homeowners also create festive winter wonderlands throughout their outdoors.  In addition to hanging numerous outdoor Christmas lights, some homeowners pipe in speakers playing holiday music from local radio stations and provide candy canes to visitors adjacent to a donation basket.  The use of outdoor Christmas lights, speakers coordinated with twinkling lights, candy canes offered to visitors, interactive displays for children, and the smell of the great outdoors all come together as part of a multi-sensory holiday decorating experience that’s fun for everyone.

Neighbors Coordinate Yard Lighting To Unite In The Holiday Spirit

Ideas abound when planning yard lighting for a unified neighborhood holiday lights display.  Neighbors can consider stringing lights on shrubbery and trees, spotlighting wreaths, and lighting pathways to make yard lighting festive for all who pass by.  Elaborate displays can be placed inside glass boxes and staged on one’s lawn as part of a protective yard decoration.  The yard lighting of these displays is best when spotlights are used to up light the display.  Popular figurines like Pooh Bear and Tigger or Snoopy and Woodstock are shown in festive holiday poses and accented with yard lighting.  Yard lighting makes the holiday season more festive for all.

Homeowners Create Festive Displays With Window Holiday Lights

Another way a community can organize a unified holiday display is with the use of window holiday lights.  Festive window holiday lights can be displayed in various ways.  Special scenes like the nativity, Santa carrying presents, elves peeking over window sills looking to see if the children have been naughty or nice, or any other holiday related scene make an impressive use of window holiday lights.  Other ideas for window holiday lights can include outlining the top of the window frame with icicle lights, outlining the window frame with rope lighting, hanging special shapes like the Moravian Star or Starlight Spheres, or creating a special design of your own.  The creativity is endless when using window holiday lights and the best part is the display is contained inside free from weather or harm.  Encourage all of your neighbors to decorate with window holiday lights to create a luminescent luxury for all to see when driving through your neighborhood.

Christmas-Decorative Holiday Lights

Create a Merry Environment with the Use of String Lights

christmas decorative holiday lightsOne of the easiest ways to add pizzazz to your holiday decorating is with the use of string lights.  Among the many opportunities that exist to decorate your interior spaces for Christmas, string lights are a quick and inexpensive way to set a mood and add visual appeal for the festive season.  They can evoke a warm and comfortable “home for the holidays” feel, a jolly party atmosphere, or, even, a romantic softly-lit surrounding.  String lights allow you to quickly transform a room’s mood by adjusting other lighting in a room.  Wrap string lights around Christmas trees, garland, wreaths, or even other displayed greenery.  Other ideas are to put string lights in or around table-top displays.  A large hurricane sparkles with beauty when filled with string lights and glass ornaments.  Fireplace mantels that are lit with string lights sparkle with festivity.

Make It a Green LED Christmas

christmas decorative holiday lights 1If investing in new Christmas lighting this year, try energy-saving LED Christmas products.  Green is in and the commitment will provide financial savings throughout the years.  A variety of electric or battery powered LED Christmas products in many sizes exist to design a monochromatic white or colorful fascinating lighting display.  The assortment of string lighting includes many bulb size options and shapes, as well as string lengths.  Some popular shaped string LED Christmas lighting includes star-shaped spheres and Moravian stars to make a dramatic display.  In addition to string lights, you can use rope or icicle lighting to embellish your environment.  Pre-lit LED Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, or swags provide an easy and quick decorating option.  As with indoor LED Christmas lighting, many options are available for your outdoor yard decorations.

Construct a Fabulous Holiday Display with Outdoor Christmas Lights

christmas decorative holiday lights 2What better way is there to improve curb appeal during the holiday season than with the use of outdoor Christmas lights?  Whether using traditional displays like a nativity scene or using a more humorous non-traditional Santa riding a motorcycle, many messages of holiday reflection or cheer can be displayed in the yard.  Outdoor Christmas lights can be used as accents for a home and its landscaping.  Icicle lighting can highlight roof lines, while net lighting draws attention to shrubbery.  Rope lighting can even be used to outline driveways and sidewalks to welcome visitors.  Don’t forget to dangle stars and snowflakes from your trees.  Neighbors can create a unified cohesive neighborhood look by decorating all parkway tree trunks and tree tops in same-colored outdoor Christmas lights.  This creates a beautiful pathway down a street.  The opportunities for creativity and cheer are endless with the use of outdoor Christmas lights.

The Allure of String Lights

Light up the sky

the allure of string lightsFrom illuminating homes to setting city streets ablaze, string lights are one of the most common implements used to decorate. Comprised of thin electrical wiring featuring sockets for an assortment of bulbs, they can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Prices vary depending on several factors such as LED, size and length, but there’s no denying that all string lights help fashion an appealing atmosphere.

Have a holly, jolly Christmas

Come December, string lights can be seen on nearly every home and building to ensure a holly and jolly Christmas. Whether you prefer an everlasting glow of clear lights or a glimmering array of colored lights as your outdoor Christmas decor, string lights offer an ample amount of diversity. Since most strands are able to be attached to others, the combinations of light patterns are endless.

Don’t be fooled by the common misconception, however – string lights can be used for more than just decorating.

The benefits of multi-dimensional string lights
the allure of string lightsIn fact, Christmas is not the only holiday string lights ignite. Heart-shaped lights unite lovers on Valentine’s Day while pumpkin-shaped lights make ghosts and monsters terrifying on Halloween. Whichever holiday it may be, you can rest assured there is a string light designated for it.

As an alternative to lamps, string lights have also been used more and more as a means of brightening dark areas, both indoor and outdoor. Different shaped bulbs add a decorative touch, giving each designated area a pinch of personality. They work perfectly as fun additions to college dorm rooms as well as classrooms for small children. While they are all tested for safety, make sure the lights are being used under the proper conditions – some are meant strictly for outdoor use while others only indoor.

Your Yard Will Save With LED Christmas Lights

Any holiday loving resident will want to have their impressive barrage of lights gleaming through the long winter nights, presumably to show up their neighbors. But whatever the case, it’s something that the competitive holiday decorator would want. If that’s what you want for your outdoor Christmas decor, you want LED Christmas lights.

The Outdoor Christmas Lights Tradition

your yard will save with led xmas lights 38The average American starts their outdoor Christmas decorating two days after Thanksgiving – Black Friday of course absorbs the day after turkey day. Let’s say you fit the credentials of this average American, and let’s say you run your lights from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. every night until Christmas day. That’s 150 hours that you’ll be running your outdoor Christmas lights. That’s also about one seven-hundredth of how long outdoor LED lights are able to run.

What You’ll Get With Outdoor LED Lights

Since these wonders of modern holiday technology can run nonstop for about 10 years, there has to be something unique about them that makes them able to do this right. Well unlike the traditional incandescent outdoor christmas lights, LEDs use a light-emitting diode that harnesses fast electron movement to create a sufficient glow- sufficient glow because of their lower wattage. Incandescents use about .48 watts per bulb, more than four times the amount of LED Christmas lights, a big reason why they are more energy efficient.

your yard will save with led xmas lights 38 1

If you are the neighborhood attention hog and you need to save money, it’s worth it to invest in the LED technology. Each strand of 50 bulbs may cost 1.5 to two times more than regular incandescent lights, but in a 30-day period, it’ll cost you one sixtieth of what you would usually pay on energy.

Wrap Your Home in Icicle Lights this Christmas

Icicle Lights Evoke Winter Memories Anywhere

wrap your home in Icide lights this xmasDangling icicle lights that emulate the real thing have been an American staple for the past decade.  One of many types of outdoor Christmas lights, cascading white icicle lights have enabled people to create their own private icy winter wonderland regardless of whether they live in the snow belt or in parts of the country where they will never, ever see a single snowflake.

Expanded Variety thanks to LED Icicle Lights

wrap your home in Icide lights this xmas 1Did you know that the typical little white icicle lights are far from the only choice in this category?  In the last few years these icicle lights have evolved into a whole new generation of colorful LED lights in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These days you can opt for icicle lights composed of a multitude of little snowflakes or even little stars.

On top of that you can select LED icicle lights in a variety of tempting colors to complement a color-coordinated display of outdoor Christmas lights.  Color choices are potentially endless but in addition to white, red and green, unusual color schemes with purple and even blue Christmas lights are showing up nationwide.

Opt for Energy Savings With LED Lights for your Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Eye-popping and unusual, the newer LED lights can cost a fair amount more than traditional incandescent outdoor Christmas lights.  But with reported energy savings of up to 88%, these new little LED lights have garnered plenty of attention and sold well.

wrap your home in Icide lights this xmas 2So, as you plan your outdoor Christmas lights for the coming year, don’t be afraid to venture into something just a bit different.  Experiment with unusual, non-traditional colors, and add variety to your display by considering some of the new shapes and designs that will be arriving in local stores this fall.  Christmas in America is not just little white icicle lights any more.