August 25, 2019

Outdoor Christmas Decorations–The Lure of Icicle Lights

outdoor xmas decorations the lure of Icide lights

Icicle Lights–One of the Most Popular Choices for Holiday Decorating

In recent years one of the most popular outdoor Christmas decorations has been icicle lights.  Originally available as incandescent lights, in recent years a small but growing number of these  lights are being sold as LED icicle lights.  A number of factors have been driving the high level of interest in this product.  Of the various reasons consumers opt for this product one of the most compelling is energy savings and the resulting decrease in the typical holiday time electricity bill.

What You Should Know about Purchasing LED String Lights

The biggest concern we initially heard was the additional investment required when opting for LED string lights over the more conventional incandescent Christmas lighting.  But with the resultant cost savings, many individuals were happy to make this initial sacrifice in return for the anticipated conservation of electricity.

Inherent in the selection process was the assumption that the LED icicle lights would be long lasting.  Purchasers anticipated using their string of cascading icicle lights for years to come.

Unfortunately for many who invested in this style of Christmas lighting, the years of use were not to be.   Many of the lights were manufactured with exposed steel wire which is not designed to hold up to the frequently cold and icy conditions that they were to be used in.

The biggest complaint noted was rusted wires on bulbs that prevented lights from operating when they were removed from storage for use the second year. Purchasing replacement bulbs for these light strings was more costly than purchasing traditional incandescent Christmas light bulbs.

The Key to Buying Long Lasting LED Icicle Lights

How can you avoid this problem?  Fortunately many manufacturers have finally caught this error. If you select carefully and rely on a reputable vender, you can greatly improve your chances of selecting truly long-lasting LED icicle lights.

Whether in your local discount store or when meeting with a professional installer look for strings where the lights are encased in a protective plastic.  In a recent check of light strings, GE was offering LED lights that were manufactured in this manner.  Keep in mind that the bulbs are often exposed to the elements, so purchasing strings with covered wires will add to the longevity of the decorations you select. For additional information on high quality LED icicle lights and other options in LED string lights you might want to consult a reliable and knowledgeable

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