December 4, 2022

Save Your Outdoor Christmas Décor For Display After Thanksgiving



turkeySeparate Your Lights Decorations For Specific Holidays

When decorating for the holidays, it’s important to concentrate lights decorations on one holiday at a time.  Lights decorations can look cluttered and unattractive if more than one holiday is represented.  Christmas lights decorations should be saved for display after Thanksgiving.  Some people like to hang lights decorations in their trees during the fall when the weather is warmer and at their convenience.  This is fine as long as the lights decorations are not lit until after Thanksgiving.  Some people like to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Lights decorations that change colors for different seasons are just the answer for this interest.  An internet search of holiday lights will produce lights decorations that can be colored orange and purple for Halloween and then changed to red and green for Christmas.  During the month of November, these lights decorations can remain hung but unlit then simply changed colors for the Christmas season.  It’s also important to remember that after the New Year, people do not want to see lights decorations lit.  Many homeowners associations have rules allowing for specific time periods that lights decorations can be hung and lit.  Specify a specific holiday when planning your lights decorations this season.


Take It One Holiday At A Time When Decorating With Yard Lightinglights

Yard lighting can look quite lovely and add a special feel during the festive holiday season.  When more than one holiday is represented in yard lighting, the look gets confusing and appears unorganized and poorly planned.  Every year it seems the Christmas yard lighting goes up earlier and earlier in the season.  It has gotten so the pumpkins are barely gone from Halloween when some eager decorators are already displaying their yard lighting.  This early display of yard lighting can be annoying for some.  The unwritten rule of decorating used to be that the Thanksgiving turkey needed to be cleared from the table before the yard lighting was lit.  There are a few who are more than annoyed and who take action.  One radio station in the Chicago suburbs has a service to help decorators learn the rules.  Eric and Kathy, disc-jockeys, at 101.9fm, WTMX take emails at from neighbors who can’t stand the early Christmas yard lighting on display before Thanksgiving.  Eric and Kathy send their “angry pilgrim” producer Swany out dressed in his pilgrim outfit to the offending house at the crack of dawn to take down the yard lighting and other decorations that have been prematurely displayed.  Later that morning, Eric and Kathy call the house to tell the owners that their yard lighting has been taken down but will be given back after Thanksgiving.  Decorators need to be careful with the timing of their Christmas yard lighting or Swany, the angry pilgrim, will show up at their doorstop and create a cheerless holiday.


Decorate Each Holiday With It’s Own Novelty Holiday Lights

Swany the angry pilgrim will also take down novelty holiday lights if they are put up too soon.  Star-shaped, snowflake-shaped, or other novelty holiday lights will be targeted for take down if they are displayed before Thanksgiving.  Don’t make Swany the angry pilgrim mad by putting up your novelty holiday lights before Thanksgiving.  Set up your novelty holiday lights up after Thanksgiving and it will be a fantastic, wonderful, beautiful Christmas holiday.

Outdoor Christmas Lights 101


Choose From A Wealth of Options In The Exterior Christmas Lights Category 

LED-Icicle-LightsWhere and how should I use icicle lights, and what in the world are LED icicle lights? What’s the difference between string lights and rope lights? What are curtain lights, and are they the same as net lights? These are probably among the questions you’re asking yourself if you’re new to the outdoor Christmas décor game. Here’s a “crash course” in outdoor Christmas lights that will make you a confident exterior Christmas lights shopper in no time flat! 

Just the Facts: Icicle Lights

Icicle lights have, over the past few years, become one of the most popular categories of outdoor Christmas lights. As their name implies, icicle lights look like real icicles. Available in different shapes (traditional, snowflake, star, etc.) and colors (white, blue, pink, and purple), this variety of lights allows you to give your outdoor Christmas décor a “white Christmas” type of look–even when the weather outside is anything but frightful. Simply suspend them from the eaves and/or roofline of your home. Icicle lights come in two varieties–traditional incandescent and LED. Some proponents of incandescent icicle lights say they are a better choice because they are brighter and cost less money to purchase than their incandescent counterparts. However, fans of LED icicle lights point out that they do not contain a filament and require less energy to operate, rendering them a more economically viable option in the long run. When selecting between the two varieties, consider that LED icicle lights are made of heavy plastic, making them extremely durable. 

The Real Deal on Rope and String Lights

Rope and string lights are another major subcategory of outdoor Christmas lights. Manufactured from clear PVC tubing, these lights can be formed into different shapes and cut in regular increments, as well as programmed to illuminate outdoor areas in a steady fashion or using flashing/blinking effects generated by a controller. Many people like to wind rope lights around outdoor Christmas trees, and they can also be used to extend outdoor Christmas décor to railings and fences when wrapped around these structures. 

Catching The Drift on Net Lights

This variety of exterior Christmas lights allows users to place blankets of Christmas mini lights on bushes and trees, as well as to uniformly illuminate areas that may otherwise be difficult to light. A majority of Christmas net lights available on the market incorporate 150 bulbs. They’re very easy to install; just lay them over bushes or wrap them around tree trunks. Outdoor curtain lights are swaths of lights that are ideal for draping from balconies, running along gutters and draping across walls. Some vendors offer connectable LED systems wherein LED string lights, net lights and icicle lights can all be added to the same chain for an added element of flexibility to outdoor Christmas décor.

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights

Use Christmas Lights for Your Outdoor Christmas Decor

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas LightsFor more than a decade, the Quincy, Illinois Chamber of Commerce has organized an “Avenue of Lights,” a more than two mile outdoor Christmas décor made of numerous displays illuminated with Christmas lights.  For a small fee, visitors can drive through the Moorman-Wavering Park to see the wondrous outdoor Christmas décor.  Thousands of volunteer hours are logged in the year-round planning and execution of the outdoor Christmas décor in the park.  Each year displays are updated and changed to make a unique viewing of their outdoor Christmas décor.  The magnificent “Avenue of Lights” has entertained more than a million visitors with its outstanding collection of Christmas lights displays and outdoor Christmas décor.

Make a Brilliant Rainbow with Outdoor String Lights

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights 1Visitors drive through the ‘Avenue of Lights” showcasing several different tunnels and individual displays, all using string lights.  One Tunnel is decorated in a brilliant flashing rainbow of outdoor string lights.  Other tunnels, created with outdoor string lights, include a holly tunnel and an animated snowflake tunnel.  Outdoor string lights frame and decorate many individual displays for people of all ages and interests.  Some of the outdoor string lights displays include traditional Christmas themes associated with Santa, snowmen, lighted Christmas trees, reindeer, and even a nativity scene.  Other outdoor string lights displays include novelty themes related to and including fishing polar bears, baseball playing elves, jumping dolphins, Cinderella, golf, dinosaurs, erupting volcanoes, the Loch ness monster, motorcycles, trucking, and many others.

Create a Meandering Caterpillar Using Green Christmas Lights

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights 2The Quincy, Illinois “Avenue of Lights” has more than 100 individual Christmas lighting displays in all colors.  A brilliantly displayed Christmas caterpillar, made with green Christmas lights appears to meander through the park.  Green Christmas lights are a favorite color of Christmas lights to decorate with during the holiday season.  Green Christmas lights pair well with red Christmas lights since both are complimentary colors and naturally look good together.  A poinsettia tunnel made of green Christmas lights, red Christmas lights, and white Christmas lights looks majestic with flowers popping up throughout the display.  Green Christmas lights are used in many “Avenue of Lights” displays.

Take A Shine To LED Icicle Lights

LED Icicle Lights Make Creative Holiday Decorating Economical and Easy

take a shine to LED Icicle lightsIf you’re like many consumers, you want Christmas lights that will truly beautify your home at holiday time, without breaking the bank. LED icicle lights, which look like real icicles and come in a variety of shapes (traditional, snowflake, and star, to name a few) and colors (like white, blue, pink, and even purple) fit the bill perfectly.

Unlike traditional incandescent mini-bulbs, LED icicle lights have no filament. As a result, they not only require a reported 88% less energy to operate; they generate less heat than other kinds of bulbs. LED icicle lights are also constructed from heavy plastic, so they’re more durable than traditional mini-lights. This makes them easy on your pocketbook–a great benefit at a time of year when most people are also spending big bucks on gifts for family and friends.

take a shine to LED Icicle lights 1Jazzing Up Outdoor Christmas Décor

If you think LCD icicle lights can only be hung beneath the roof  line of your home, think again. It’s just as simple to create a striking outdoor lighting display by stringing together numerous icicle light strands and draping them across an expanse of your front porch railing or shrubbery. You can also wind the strings around front porch columns and/or banisters. For an even more distinctive look, intersperse different colors or shapes of lights. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

take a shine to LED Icicle lights 2Bringing Creativity Indoors

LCD icicle lights also aren’t just outdoor Christmas décor. Considering the number of varieties and colors available today, along with the ease of melding together numerous light strings, incorporating these products into your mix of indoor Christmas lights makes perfect sense. Again, be creative, not only by mixing-and-matching multiple shapes and colors, but by doing more than hanging LCD icicle lights from your living room mantle. How about hanging a string of lights across the inside of a large living room window or above a door? Fashion a “curtain” of lights on either side of a smaller window. Run several strands down the length of a table to accent a table runner. Pair icicle lights with other types of Christmas décor, such as garlands, when decorating an indoor banister. Again, the possibilities are endless. So don’t get caught in a Christmas lighting rut this holiday season. Give LCD icicle lights a whirl indoors and out.

The Allure of String Lights

Light up the sky

the allure of string lightsFrom illuminating homes to setting city streets ablaze, string lights are one of the most common implements used to decorate. Comprised of thin electrical wiring featuring sockets for an assortment of bulbs, they can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. Prices vary depending on several factors such as LED, size and length, but there’s no denying that all string lights help fashion an appealing atmosphere.

Have a holly, jolly Christmas

Come December, string lights can be seen on nearly every home and building to ensure a holly and jolly Christmas. Whether you prefer an everlasting glow of clear lights or a glimmering array of colored lights as your outdoor Christmas decor, string lights offer an ample amount of diversity. Since most strands are able to be attached to others, the combinations of light patterns are endless.

Don’t be fooled by the common misconception, however – string lights can be used for more than just decorating.

The benefits of multi-dimensional string lights
the allure of string lightsIn fact, Christmas is not the only holiday string lights ignite. Heart-shaped lights unite lovers on Valentine’s Day while pumpkin-shaped lights make ghosts and monsters terrifying on Halloween. Whichever holiday it may be, you can rest assured there is a string light designated for it.

As an alternative to lamps, string lights have also been used more and more as a means of brightening dark areas, both indoor and outdoor. Different shaped bulbs add a decorative touch, giving each designated area a pinch of personality. They work perfectly as fun additions to college dorm rooms as well as classrooms for small children. While they are all tested for safety, make sure the lights are being used under the proper conditions – some are meant strictly for outdoor use while others only indoor.

Your Yard Will Save With LED Christmas Lights

Any holiday loving resident will want to have their impressive barrage of lights gleaming through the long winter nights, presumably to show up their neighbors. But whatever the case, it’s something that the competitive holiday decorator would want. If that’s what you want for your outdoor Christmas decor, you want LED Christmas lights.

The Outdoor Christmas Lights Tradition

your yard will save with led xmas lights 38The average American starts their outdoor Christmas decorating two days after Thanksgiving – Black Friday of course absorbs the day after turkey day. Let’s say you fit the credentials of this average American, and let’s say you run your lights from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. every night until Christmas day. That’s 150 hours that you’ll be running your outdoor Christmas lights. That’s also about one seven-hundredth of how long outdoor LED lights are able to run.

What You’ll Get With Outdoor LED Lights

Since these wonders of modern holiday technology can run nonstop for about 10 years, there has to be something unique about them that makes them able to do this right. Well unlike the traditional incandescent outdoor christmas lights, LEDs use a light-emitting diode that harnesses fast electron movement to create a sufficient glow- sufficient glow because of their lower wattage. Incandescents use about .48 watts per bulb, more than four times the amount of LED Christmas lights, a big reason why they are more energy efficient.

your yard will save with led xmas lights 38 1

If you are the neighborhood attention hog and you need to save money, it’s worth it to invest in the LED technology. Each strand of 50 bulbs may cost 1.5 to two times more than regular incandescent lights, but in a 30-day period, it’ll cost you one sixtieth of what you would usually pay on energy.

Contribute to the Environment by using Energy-Efficient Outdoor Christmas Decor

Outside Lights Make Your Home a One-of-a-Kind in the Neighborhood

There’s nothing quite as magic as a yard full of glowing outside lights during the holiday season. Whether it’s elegant white string-lights or festive red and green, nothing shows off the spirit of Christmas more than a well-lit yard. There’s an almost endless amount to choose from when picking which lights to incorporate into your outdoor Christmas décor. With all the different styles, colors and lengths to pick from it can sometimes be difficult to find which ones are right for you. So here is a rundown of some of the popular styles of outside lights to choose from this season:

  • Contribute to the environment by using energy efficient xmas lightIcicle Lights are a good way to bring out the holiday cheer. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, icicle light are perfect for being strung across the edges of roofs, patios and any other large outdoor structures. And, for those who live in climates that don’t permit snowfall, icicle lights are a great way to replicate the natural grandeur of winter.
  • Contribute to the environment by using energy efficient xmas light 1String Lights are generally known for their elegance and subtlety. If you want your home to have a warm glow and don’t want to have to worry about your lighting scheme looking tacky, string lights are definitely the way to go. String lights come in a variety of colors and shapes, making them the perfect simple touch to any holiday environment
  • Contribute to the environment by using energy efficient xmas light 2Novelty Lights are meant for those who want to inject a little humor into their decorating. With so many different styles to choose from, you’re sure to find a light that fits your own unique personality. Novelty lights can range anywhere from Santa, reindeer and snowman lights to characters like the Grinch, racehorse jockeys and even your favorite football team.
  • Help the Environment this Season by decorating with Outdoor LED Lights
    LED lights are fast becoming the new craze in Christmas lighting for several different reasons. They are long lasting, don’t heat up, don’t contain mercury and use much fewer watts than other lights, making them the perfect eco-friendly decoration. And by clustering LED bulbs on the same decoration, manufacturers have expanded the possibilities of light patterns and brightness intensities that the lights emit. The three most common styles of LED lights are recessed/track bulbs, diffused bulbs and spotlight/floodlight bulbs. The most common colors to choose from are red, green, blue, white, amber and holiday mix.

    Yard Lighting Turns any Property into a Winter Wonderland

    With all the different styles of lights to choose from this year, you should have no problem decorating your yard exactly how you want. From tree lights to patio lights to lit plastic statues, there is guaranteed to be a light scheme to fit every need and personality. So show off your individuality and eco-friendliness this season by investing in the newest LED outdoor lighting technology.

    This Holiday Season, Let the Professionals Set Up Your Outdoor Christmas Decor

    Outdoor Christmas Décor can be a Hassle
    This Holoday Season Let the Professionals set up your outdoor christmas decorEvery year, as the holiday season approaches, millions of Americans arm themselves with ladders, lights and boxes of ornaments for the purpose of decorating their homes for Christmas. While some enjoy the work that goes into this process, many consider it a burden and may even opt to not decorate at all in order to spare themselves the trouble. But for a nominal fee, those who want their homes to exude holiday cheer without them having to put in the labor can hire decorating professionals to give their yards a look that will slow the pace of any passers-by.

    This Holoday Season Let the Professionals set up your outdoor christmas decor 1Besides the obvious benefits of not spending the time to decorate and avoiding the risk of injury, those who hire professional decorators also gain the luxury of an outside perspective when it comes to the design scheme of their outdoor Christmas décor.

    “It’s obvious when a person has hired a professional to decorate their home or business,” said Robert Bralich, owner of the Christmas Décor franchises in SE Wisconsin. “The look is clearly superior, we use higher quality materials than the average person has access to and we work with our clients to design a look especially for them.” Bralich added that other benefits include freeing up the client’s time over the holiday season by not having to set up, take down and make periodic checks to ensure their lights are working properly. All of that is taken care of by his company. And for businesses, Bralich noted that employee and customer moral is at its highest when in a well-decorated environment.

    “Plus,” said Bralich, “when a person attempts to decorate a home or business themselves it often comes across as tacky. More often than not, a person will over-do it with the lights to the point that you can see them from the moon. But when you hire professionals, your home or business is given a tactful shine that will grab the attention of anyone who sees it.”

    This Holoday Season Let the Professionals set up your outdoor christmas decor 2Contribute to the Design with Novelty Lighting

    And for those who want their home or business to have a professional look, but still want to contribute to the decorating process, there are slews of novelty Christmas lights and ornaments that are sure to add the personal touch you’re looking for. These can range anywhere from traditional plastic Santa and snowman statues to inflatable Christmas-themed Simpsons characters and many more.

    So this holiday season, take the hassle out of your outdoor decorating by leaving it to the professionals. While they do the work, you and your neighbors are free to sit back and admire the splendor of a well decorated home.


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    Bralich, Robert: owner of SE Wisconsin Christmas Décor franchises. Interviewed on the phone 6/17/09. 414.351.1925