January 18, 2019

Fondest Memories of Outdoor Xmas Lights

Create Neighborhood Unity with Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Fondest Memories of Outdoor Xmas LightsWhen I think of Christmas’ past, the first memories that come to mind are of driving around different neighborhoods on the eve before Christmas looking at outdoor Christmas lighting.  I’ve lived in at least a dozen different neighborhoods, from city to suburban, apartment to single family house.  The thread that ties these communities together during the holidays is the beautiful outdoor Christmas lighting décor.  The many different sizes and shapes of Xmas lights combined with different cultures and personalities, come together to create a unique and varied outdoor Christmas lighting display.  Some people choose a minimalistic approach while others spend many days planning and decorating their outdoors.  Outdoor Christmas lighting can be as creative and unique as the imagination can muster.

Accentuate your home with Landscape lighting

Fondest Memories of Outdoor Xmas Lights 1A beautiful way to highlight a building is with landscape lighting.  A multi-color or all-monochromatic theme can be quite stunning and eye-catching.  Landscape lighting adds curb-appeal and really makes your home shine.  Monochromatic bursts of color, when each tree or shrub is wrapped in a bold statement of color, makes landscape lighting looks stunning.  The all white monochromatic theme makes landscape lighting look elegant and sophisticated.  Multi-color lighting can dazzle the senses and bring cheer to your landscape lighting.

Add fun and laughter using Novelty lighting

Fondest Memories of Outdoor Xmas Lights 2A favorite Xmas lights display of mine from years ago was a neighborhood block where each house used a Charlie Brown and Snoopy themed display of novelty lighting.  Each home had a different story to tell and we wondered how new homeowners to the community felt about being told they had to participate in the yearly novelty lighting.  Novelty lighting can put a smile on a child’s face when they recognize a favorite character or unique display.  Novelty lighting is a creative and fun way to decorate with Xmas lights.

Icicle Holiday Lights–Not Just for Christmas Anymore

Icicle-style lights have made a huge, if somewhat frozen, splash in the US over the last 10 years.  But did you know that icicle holiday lights are not just for Christmas anymore?

Patriotic Holiday Light Set

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymoreCheck out this patriotic holiday light set.  Wit red, white and blue icicle lights it makes an ideal home decoration for Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July or even Labor Day.  One of many novelty lighting ideas for the all-American holidays, this represents an interesting new evolution of outdoor Christmas lighting ideas.  Using your imagination, staples such as icicle holiday lights can be applied in many unique and exciting new ways.

Halloween–Camera, Lights, Decorations—–Action!

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 1According to “Selling Halloween” magazine, Halloween is the biggest holiday for outdoor lighting following Christmas.  One of the most popular choices for outdoor lighting at Halloween is icicle holiday lights–but this time in orange, green or even purple.  Orange and green are traditional, but over the last few years purple has been seeing increasing action as a trendy color for Halloween products.  We’d imagine this is due to its particularly eerie-looking nature.

Novelty Lighting–Holiday Icicle Lights Take Shape

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 2Even more unusual are icicle lights that have taken on interesting shapes in celebration of holidays other than Christmas.  Just one example is this string of cascading spider icicle lights–a particularly creepy way to get your icicles on.

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 3Even more surprising were these heart and shamrock icicle lights we found. Perfect for novelty lighting projects at Valentine’s Day and St.Patrick’s Day, these unique products are sure to be the talk of the town.

This Holiday Season, Let the Professionals Set Up Your Outdoor Christmas Decor

Outdoor Christmas Décor can be a Hassle
This Holoday Season Let the Professionals set up your outdoor christmas decorEvery year, as the holiday season approaches, millions of Americans arm themselves with ladders, lights and boxes of ornaments for the purpose of decorating their homes for Christmas. While some enjoy the work that goes into this process, many consider it a burden and may even opt to not decorate at all in order to spare themselves the trouble. But for a nominal fee, those who want their homes to exude holiday cheer without them having to put in the labor can hire decorating professionals to give their yards a look that will slow the pace of any passers-by.

This Holoday Season Let the Professionals set up your outdoor christmas decor 1Besides the obvious benefits of not spending the time to decorate and avoiding the risk of injury, those who hire professional decorators also gain the luxury of an outside perspective when it comes to the design scheme of their outdoor Christmas décor.

“It’s obvious when a person has hired a professional to decorate their home or business,” said Robert Bralich, owner of the Christmas Décor franchises in SE Wisconsin. “The look is clearly superior, we use higher quality materials than the average person has access to and we work with our clients to design a look especially for them.” Bralich added that other benefits include freeing up the client’s time over the holiday season by not having to set up, take down and make periodic checks to ensure their lights are working properly. All of that is taken care of by his company. And for businesses, Bralich noted that employee and customer moral is at its highest when in a well-decorated environment.

“Plus,” said Bralich, “when a person attempts to decorate a home or business themselves it often comes across as tacky. More often than not, a person will over-do it with the lights to the point that you can see them from the moon. But when you hire professionals, your home or business is given a tactful shine that will grab the attention of anyone who sees it.”

This Holoday Season Let the Professionals set up your outdoor christmas decor 2Contribute to the Design with Novelty Lighting

And for those who want their home or business to have a professional look, but still want to contribute to the decorating process, there are slews of novelty Christmas lights and ornaments that are sure to add the personal touch you’re looking for. These can range anywhere from traditional plastic Santa and snowman statues to inflatable Christmas-themed Simpsons characters and many more.

So this holiday season, take the hassle out of your outdoor decorating by leaving it to the professionals. While they do the work, you and your neighbors are free to sit back and admire the splendor of a well decorated home.


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