July 4, 2022

Save Your Outdoor Christmas Décor For Display After Thanksgiving



turkeySeparate Your Lights Decorations For Specific Holidays

When decorating for the holidays, it’s important to concentrate lights decorations on one holiday at a time.  Lights decorations can look cluttered and unattractive if more than one holiday is represented.  Christmas lights decorations should be saved for display after Thanksgiving.  Some people like to hang lights decorations in their trees during the fall when the weather is warmer and at their convenience.  This is fine as long as the lights decorations are not lit until after Thanksgiving.  Some people like to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Lights decorations that change colors for different seasons are just the answer for this interest.  An internet search of holiday lights will produce lights decorations that can be colored orange and purple for Halloween and then changed to red and green for Christmas.  During the month of November, these lights decorations can remain hung but unlit then simply changed colors for the Christmas season.  It’s also important to remember that after the New Year, people do not want to see lights decorations lit.  Many homeowners associations have rules allowing for specific time periods that lights decorations can be hung and lit.  Specify a specific holiday when planning your lights decorations this season.


Take It One Holiday At A Time When Decorating With Yard Lightinglights

Yard lighting can look quite lovely and add a special feel during the festive holiday season.  When more than one holiday is represented in yard lighting, the look gets confusing and appears unorganized and poorly planned.  Every year it seems the Christmas yard lighting goes up earlier and earlier in the season.  It has gotten so the pumpkins are barely gone from Halloween when some eager decorators are already displaying their yard lighting.  This early display of yard lighting can be annoying for some.  The unwritten rule of decorating used to be that the Thanksgiving turkey needed to be cleared from the table before the yard lighting was lit.  There are a few who are more than annoyed and who take action.  One radio station in the Chicago suburbs has a service to help decorators learn the rules.  Eric and Kathy, disc-jockeys, at 101.9fm, WTMX take emails at angrypilgrim@wtmx.com from neighbors who can’t stand the early Christmas yard lighting on display before Thanksgiving.  Eric and Kathy send their “angry pilgrim” producer Swany out dressed in his pilgrim outfit to the offending house at the crack of dawn to take down the yard lighting and other decorations that have been prematurely displayed.  Later that morning, Eric and Kathy call the house to tell the owners that their yard lighting has been taken down but will be given back after Thanksgiving.  Decorators need to be careful with the timing of their Christmas yard lighting or Swany, the angry pilgrim, will show up at their doorstop and create a cheerless holiday.


Decorate Each Holiday With It’s Own Novelty Holiday Lights

Swany the angry pilgrim will also take down novelty holiday lights if they are put up too soon.  Star-shaped, snowflake-shaped, or other novelty holiday lights will be targeted for take down if they are displayed before Thanksgiving.  Don’t make Swany the angry pilgrim mad by putting up your novelty holiday lights before Thanksgiving.  Set up your novelty holiday lights up after Thanksgiving and it will be a fantastic, wonderful, beautiful Christmas holiday.

Christmas Decorations–Spotting the Trends

Boutique-Beautiful Christmas Decorations

Ever wander through one of those beautiful boutique home decorating stores just before the Christmas season?  If you have, you know these stores are often filled with tasteful, unique and sometimes breathtakingly beautiful holiday ideas.  Just exactly where do these store owners get these original home decorating ideas?  The answer to this burning question is that they get them at a variety of extravagant trade shows around the country.  Let’s take a look at just what the source is for all this holiday decorating bliss.

Biggest, Brightest and Best:  The Industry’s Finest Shows for Holiday Decorating

According to “Selling Christmas Decorations Magazine”, the major shows that US buyers report as their most important sources of holiday decorating ideas are The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market, The Dallas Total Home & Gift Market/Holiday & Home Expo, The New York International Gift Fair, and The Chicago Market: Living & Giving.

Christmas Decoration Spotting The TrendThe Atlanta show is attended by buyers of furnishings and home décor, as well as gift shop owners, interior decorators and those who sell gourmet food and elegant tableware for the holidays.  A big influence in the industry, this show is for the trade only, so if you want to know the latest you’ll have to hook up with a local decorator who makes attendance at this show a priority.

Collectible ornament Atlanta Gift Show

Shoot’em Up this Holiday Season–12 Gauge Christmas Lights

Christmas Decoration Spotting The Trend 1Billed as the most complete wholesale market in the country, the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market this June featured 222 exhibitors in the Christmas category alone. In the category of Christmas lights, a real original is 12 Gauge Designs.  In true Texas style, this off-the-wall manufacturer offered Christmas lights in the shape of 12 gauge shotgun shells.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you Texas doesn’t have an attitude all its own!

Home for the Holidays–Lights Decorations & the Hottest Trends

Not to be outdone the New York International Gift Fair packs 2900 exhibitors into the Javitts Exhibition Hall and the Pier 94 passenger ship terminal.  Here you’ll find a mind boggling selection of merchandise for the home and holidays. Each August 30,000 buyers from 50 states and 77 countries descend on the city to collect the gather holiday decorating merchandise from the 4 corners of the world.  When it comes to lights decorations, this show, as well as The Chicago Market, have plenty of ideas to satisfy even the most selective designer.

Christmas–The Joyful Holiday of Lights Decorations

Fond Memories of Christmas Tree Lighting

Do you have fond memories of getting your childhood home ready for Christmas?  Are you like me, where you can remember the excitement of bringing home the Christmas tree each year?

In our upstate town of Tribes Hill, New York, in the 1960’s and 1970’s artificial trees were pretty rare.  Being so close to the Adirondack Mountains most of us kids expected to have real pine in our homes.  This was an opportunity to bring indoors the familiar pine smell we enjoyed all summer as we camped, picnicked, swam and boated in the region’s recreational areas.

Come Christmastime, we gathered the family into the ever-present station wagon to go to the local tree lot or sometimes even the local Christmas tree farm.  No one was ever left behind for this important event.  As kids we rushed around the snow-covered trees, pushing, shoving and hiding from each other among the icy branches.  All this went on while Mom and Dad, and my live-in Great Aunt negotiated over the all-important tree. Would it be a Scotch pine like Aunt Alice’s?  Never–Mother hated those short, full, stubby trees with there long, thin needles.  How about a beautiful blue spruce?  That would be nice, but this particular species of tree was one of the most expensive.  Most every year we found ourselves in the aisle with the balsam fir trees.  These trees are tall and somewhat sparse in my opinion, but in these years they were among the more reasonable options.  The best thing about them is their incredible aroma.  Even now years later when I smell balsam fir, I’m returned to these times.

Bringing That Outdoor Christmas Tree In

Usually the tree we ended up with had a blemish of some sort–at least in my mother’s mind.  Even after my poor father held up tree after tree looking for the perfectly-shaped one, it was sure to have a flaw.  The solution to this was remarkably to remake the tree!  My mother would point out the spots where branches were lacking and my father would be required to saw off branches from the bottom and place them in holes he drilled out higher up on the tree.  This unorthodox method usually resulted in a fairly symmetrical tree but alas one that didn’t last too long before the poor water starved needles started shedding onto the carpet.

A Time Before the Advent of Miniature Christmas Lights

Following the selection and remodeling of the tree, it was placed in the traditional screw-tightened tree stand and ready for the initial step of adding the Christmas tree lighting.  In those days, long before the little, miniature Christmas lights, we lit the tree with traditional c7 lights or sometimes even with those pesky string lights with the pointy bulbs that must have been left from the 1950’s.  These bulbs were the ones that wouldn’t light if any one of the many bulbs was burned out.  My job was often to find the offending Christmas bulb or if I were unlucky the offending Christmas bulbs.  This was truly the worst job. If more than one were burned out fixing the string became a frustratingly impossible task.

Frustrating or fond, all those memories are all that’s left of a time so long ago.  Little did we know that these were special times that would eventually fade into the distant past.

Trends in Christmas Decorations–2009

trends in xmas decoration

Research On Lights Decorations

If you’re getting ready for Christmas and planning ahead for your lights decorations, you might be interested in knowing what the coming season’s hottest trends are likely to be.  Lucky for you, we’ve done a lot of research and can give you a pretty good idea of what’s to come in Christmas lighting decorating for 2009.

Holiday Decorating to Go Green

trends in xmas decoration 1Scanning the market, one of the biggest trends we see coming is movement toward more eco-consciousness in holiday decorating. According to “Selling Christmas Decorations Magazine”, in a recent survey retailers reported that eco-conciousness was a factor in 23% of consumers purchases.  Decreased energy usage, longer lasting bulbs and LED lighting were sited as important considerations.  Bags,  receipts and other waste were also mentioned as customer concerns.

trends in xmas decoration 2The percentage of people looking for “green” Christmas decorations in 2008 was significant and is expected to continue to grow.  Natural products for holiday decorating is just beginning to influence buying habits according to many retailers. It appears environmentally-conscious products are expected to exert a growing influence in holiday decorating, especially among younger buyers.

LED Lighting–An Eco-Concious Product Anticipated to Grow

trends in xmas decoration 3Retailers also reported on holiday decorating products that are expected to continue to exhibit the greatest growth.  These products include indoor décor, ornaments–especially glass ornaments, pre-lit trees and options in LED lighting.

As we near the holiday shopping season you can expect to see retailers add some specific categories to their selections of merchandise for 2009.  More pet items, jewelry and personalized products are anticipated.  Other new and unique items that you may find this coming holiday season include inspirational items, personalized merchandise and foods as well as decorations and ribbons of high quality.  Just as the number of these categories are expected to grow still others are likely to be less prevalent this Christmas.  Trees, greeting cards, collectibles, paper tableware, stationery, inflatables, party goods and potpourri are likely to take up less space on retailer’s floors than in past seasons.

Icicle Holiday Lights–Not Just for Christmas Anymore

Icicle-style lights have made a huge, if somewhat frozen, splash in the US over the last 10 years.  But did you know that icicle holiday lights are not just for Christmas anymore?

Patriotic Holiday Light Set

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymoreCheck out this patriotic holiday light set.  Wit red, white and blue icicle lights it makes an ideal home decoration for Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July or even Labor Day.  One of many novelty lighting ideas for the all-American holidays, this represents an interesting new evolution of outdoor Christmas lighting ideas.  Using your imagination, staples such as icicle holiday lights can be applied in many unique and exciting new ways.

Halloween–Camera, Lights, Decorations—–Action!

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 1According to “Selling Halloween” magazine, Halloween is the biggest holiday for outdoor lighting following Christmas.  One of the most popular choices for outdoor lighting at Halloween is icicle holiday lights–but this time in orange, green or even purple.  Orange and green are traditional, but over the last few years purple has been seeing increasing action as a trendy color for Halloween products.  We’d imagine this is due to its particularly eerie-looking nature.

Novelty Lighting–Holiday Icicle Lights Take Shape

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 2Even more unusual are icicle lights that have taken on interesting shapes in celebration of holidays other than Christmas.  Just one example is this string of cascading spider icicle lights–a particularly creepy way to get your icicles on.

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 3Even more surprising were these heart and shamrock icicle lights we found. Perfect for novelty lighting projects at Valentine’s Day and St.Patrick’s Day, these unique products are sure to be the talk of the town.