December 4, 2022

Name Brand GE Holiday LED Lights Are Nationally Known

ge led christas lightsGE Holiday LED String Lights Are Available Online

If you’re looking for GE brand holiday LED string lights this year, check out the website,  Santa’s Best Craft has a licensing agreement with General Electric to make and distribute all GE holiday LED string lights.  Information on purchasing LED string lights or replacing holiday bulbs is available on the website.  The website also has live online help from a customer service representative and email contact if information is needed about LED string lights.  Questions about LED string lights can also be answered by call Santa’s Best Craft toll-free at 1-877-398-7337 Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. U.S. Central Time. 

Popular String Lights Come in a Variety of Styles and Colors

String lights come in a variety of colors and styles making them a popular choice when decorating for the holidays.  Every color of the rainbow can be found in string lights providing endless creativity when planning Christmas décor.  String lights are available in multi-colored sets or monochromatic colored sets.  Monochromatic white string lights have been especially popular in recent years.   Some of the GE holiday LED string lights that are available are crystal miniature lights in multi and soft white lights, net style lights in multi and soft white lights, and icicle style lights in multi and soft white lights.  GE LED pre-lit trees are also available to those who do not want to string lights on their Christmas tree.  String lights provide many decorating possibilities when planning for the holidays.  String lights can be used indoors or outdoors.  String lights can be wrapped around Christmas trees, garland, wreaths, or other greenery.   String lights look beautiful when placed in or around table-top displays.  A large hurricane filled with string lights and glass ornaments sparkles with opulence and adds a special touch to Christmas decorating.  Fireplace mantels topped with garland that has been covered with string lights glow with beauty.  The beauty and splendor of decorating for the holidays with string lights makes a very special time of year filled with fun and joy.

 Will GE LED Christmas Tree Lights Grace The National Christmas Tree This Year?blue capitol

The 2009 National Christmas Tree lighting ceremony will take place on Thursday, December 3, 2009 in Washington, D.C.  Will the 2009 National Christmas Tree be decorated with GE LED Christmas tree lights?  The 2007 and 2008 National Christmas Trees were outfitted with GE LED Christmas tree lights.  As of last year, GE had a 46 year history of donating lights for the National Christmas Tree.  The design and materials have been donated every year since 1962.  In 2007, most of the lights were replaced with LED Christmas tree lights.  The 2007 LED Christmas tree lights made that year’s tree 100 times more energy efficient than previous years.  The LED Christmas tree lights on the 2008 tree were further designed to be 50 percent more energy efficient than the 2007 LED Christmas tree lights.  How will GE improve upon that success this year?  The good news is that the LED Christmas tree lights used in the 2007 and 2008 trees will last 10 times longer than traditional incandescent lights used in previous years.  The GE LED Christmas tree lights used during the last two years should have many more years of lighting left in them.  These GE LED Christmas tree lights should grace the National Christmas Tree this year and for many years to come providing much cheer and joy to all who see it.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations–The Lure of Icicle Lights

outdoor xmas decorations the lure of Icide lights

Icicle Lights–One of the Most Popular Choices for Holiday Decorating

In recent years one of the most popular outdoor Christmas decorations has been icicle lights.  Originally available as incandescent lights, in recent years a small but growing number of these  lights are being sold as LED icicle lights.  A number of factors have been driving the high level of interest in this product.  Of the various reasons consumers opt for this product one of the most compelling is energy savings and the resulting decrease in the typical holiday time electricity bill.

What You Should Know about Purchasing LED String Lights

The biggest concern we initially heard was the additional investment required when opting for LED string lights over the more conventional incandescent Christmas lighting.  But with the resultant cost savings, many individuals were happy to make this initial sacrifice in return for the anticipated conservation of electricity.

Inherent in the selection process was the assumption that the LED icicle lights would be long lasting.  Purchasers anticipated using their string of cascading icicle lights for years to come.

Unfortunately for many who invested in this style of Christmas lighting, the years of use were not to be.   Many of the lights were manufactured with exposed steel wire which is not designed to hold up to the frequently cold and icy conditions that they were to be used in.

The biggest complaint noted was rusted wires on bulbs that prevented lights from operating when they were removed from storage for use the second year. Purchasing replacement bulbs for these light strings was more costly than purchasing traditional incandescent Christmas light bulbs.

The Key to Buying Long Lasting LED Icicle Lights

How can you avoid this problem?  Fortunately many manufacturers have finally caught this error. If you select carefully and rely on a reputable vender, you can greatly improve your chances of selecting truly long-lasting LED icicle lights.

Whether in your local discount store or when meeting with a professional installer look for strings where the lights are encased in a protective plastic.  In a recent check of light strings, GE was offering LED lights that were manufactured in this manner.  Keep in mind that the bulbs are often exposed to the elements, so purchasing strings with covered wires will add to the longevity of the decorations you select. For additional information on high quality LED icicle lights and other options in LED string lights you might want to consult a reliable and knowledgeable

vendor such as or

LED String Lights to The Rescue

In with the new, out with the old
LED string lights to the rescueIntrigued by LED string lights but don’t know anything about them? Tired of dealing with incandescent lights but don’t know of any other alternatives? Decorating and preparing for the holidays can be a bit overwhelming at times, so use this guide to see how and why LED Christmas lights are the more efficient and longer-lasting light sources for enjoying holiday lighting.

Perks of using LED string lights

One of the biggest advantages of owning LED lights over incandescent ones is the amount of energy they save. While a set of 50 incandescent lights use about 300 watts of energy, a set of 50 LED lights use only 4 watts of energy, meaning you can save up to 90 percent on your next energy bill while preserving the environment.

Worried about safety? Built with solid, flameproof plastic non-breakable materials, you will never have to worry about leaving your lights alone anymore. Even after being on for a couple of hours, LED lights will never get hot like incandescent lights due to the material they are made out of. On top of that, LED lights contain no Mercury, eliminating all risk of toxic exposure.

Why LED lead the pack
LED string lights to the rescue 1Like to save money? LED string lights last about 100 times longer than average incandescent lights, allowing you to spend some of that Christmas money you save up each year on presents rather than holiday decorations. Burn-out bulbs will no longer be a problem since LED lights typically have a 100,000 hour life span compared to 2,000 hours for incandescent bulbs.

Along with saving you money, LED lights come in a variety of colors that help create that perfect holiday atmosphere. With colors like red and green, purple and blue, you have many options at your disposal. LED bulbs are also 10 times brighter than incandescent bulbs, allowing you to fully showcase your decorations to others.

Healthier Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating–Increasing the Level of Toxins in the Home?

healthier holiday decoratingEver wonder about the effects of holiday decorating on your health?  You may not have, but increasingly families are taking an inventory of what they use in their homes and how it affects their health.  All year long many of us use numerous toxic chemicals that adversely affect our  health.  These chemicals interfere with the normal function of our organs and may contribute to sluggish metabolism, body weight issues and the inner hormonal workings of our bodies and those of our children.  Offending products in the home include everything from harsh cleaning substances to personal hygiene products and even scented products like candles, air freshener and potpourri.

In December, our holiday decorating desires often find us adding even more scents, candles, potpourri to our already stale, confined indoor winter air.  You may not be aware of it, but a growing number of individuals are limiting their exposure to harmful household chemicals by opting to use high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils and essential oil-infused products in their homes.  One of the largest suppliers of these products is the Young Living Company.  Young Living offers a wide spectrum of products that rely on natural essential oils in place of harmful chemicals. Offering a tremendous selection of products that enable us to remove offending chemicals from our lives all year long, Young Living also offers seasonal specialties that are ideal for Christmas time.

Christmas Spirit–So Much More than Holiday Lighting

healthier holiday decorating 1Beautiful scents like Christmas Spirit, Frankincense, Myrrh and well as a variety of evergreen and pine essenses are available.  These products come in kits with diffusers to disperse them into the air and not a one contains any of the usual harmful chemicals found in most synthetically, scented oils.  Young Living’s scents can be added to candles and liquids, and even used on the body or ingested to boost health.  You’ll never find an objectionable ingredient in these fine products.

healthier holiday decorating 2In the most recent collection of Christmas products Young Living offered a unique ceramic Christmas ornament that was porous enough so that drops of beautifully essential oils could be added to it.  What a wonderful gift and one that’s health conscious as well as appropriate for holiday decorating.  To find wonderfully healthy products for your home this holiday season as well as unique gifts for your friends like real resin of Frankincense, check out Young Living at  You’ll find just the gifts you’re looking for.

Something New With Mother Earth in Mind–LED Christmas Light

And while you’re selecting gifts and decorating your home, don’t neglect ways to save electricity by considering the use of LED string lights in place of the traditional incandescent form.  You’ll save money and take better care of the environment if you consider these for your Christmas bulbs. LED Christmas light is available in such a wide variety of forms.  You can choose from large c9 LED lights, c7 LED Christmas lights, LED Christmas mini lights and warm white LED Christmas lights.  Even battery operated LED Christmas lights are an option for locations where electrical outlets are just not an option.

So whatever you choose to do this holiday season, select carefully and keep the healthful needs of your home, family and friends in mind as well as the health and future of mother earth herself.