December 4, 2022

What’s Hot: LED Christmas Decorations

Use C7 LED Christmas Lights in both Indoor and Outdoor Applications

whats hot LED christmas decorationsFor hundreds of years, people celebrated Christmas by decorating their homes with trees, wreaths, and assorted lights.  Within the last decade, development of the C7 LED Christmas lights offers the advantage of cool-to-the-touch, energy efficient, and recyclable lighting.  Like its predecessor C7 incandescent bulb, C7 LED Christmas lights can be used indoors or outdoors and are moisture, shock, and vibration resistant.  The C7 LED Christmas lights make a wonderful night light year-round emitting a soft glow in the home.  Whether buying new sets or purchasing replacement bulbs for traditional sets, you can’t go wrong with C7 LED Christmas lights to make your LED Christmas decorations sparkle.

whats hot LED christmas decorations 1Save Money With Energy Efficient C9 LED Christmas Lights

C9 LED Christmas lights have all the same features and advantages of the C7 LED Christmas lights but come in a larger size for bigger displays of light and color.  Like the C7 bulbs, the C9 LED Christmas lights are just the solution if you want to use a traditional C9 cord with LED bulbs.  Considering the reduce, reuse, and recycle concept, it’s nice to know that C9 LED Christmas lights can easily replace traditional incandescent light bulbs saving money and the environment.  Make your Christmas illuminations more affordable with the use of C9 LED Christmas lights.

Battery LED Christmas lights

whats hot LED christmas decorations 2If freedom and ease are your style, try battery LED Christmas lights.  Don’t worry about unsightly extension cords.  A simple small battery pack powers enough light to keep the battery LED Christmas lights shining bright for a long time.  They come in candles and tea lights, star-shaped lights, wide angle lens lamps, and the ever so popular mini-lights.  Mini ice lights can also be found.  Every color of the rainbow is available to battery LED Christmas lights.  For the first time ever, illuminating cloth materials like clothing for theatre, dance, parades, etc. is safe and easy with the wonderful invention of battery LED Christmas lights.  Of course, decorating the home or office is safe and easy with battery LED Christmas lights.  A hostess can light up a party with battery LED Christmas tea lights and not need to worry about burning down the building.  Try using battery LED Christmas lights for your holiday entertaining this year and see how safe and easy they are.

Will Solar Christmas Lights Catch On?

With Americans dying to find new ways to save energy costs and be eco-friendly at the same time, anything with the word solar-powered is going to spark interest. If your willing to go the distance of being environmentally progressive around the holidays, you might have mixed feelings about the technology.

Solar Power History

Cases of harnessing solar power can traced back to over 100 years ago when machinery during the industrial revolution was dependent on steam power. Many solar power plants were created to produce steam for these newly invented machines and according to, “Today, commonly available solar panels are 12% efficient, which is four times greater than only a few years ago.”

With advancements over the years, solar energy has brought us two modern forms of production. One is thermal solar which heats water to power moving parts. The other, photovoltaic directly produces solar energy for electricity.

Solar Power in Christmas Lighting

Solar technology in Christmas lights is a relatively new idea. They work just like any other photovoltaic solar-powered product. A solar panel is place somewhere outside the home in direct sunlight. This panel grabs energy from the sun, charges a battery and saves enough power to illuminate the lights after a light sensor installed in the panel tells it that it is not bright enough to harness energy and the lights turn on!

The bulbs themselves are LEDs which is kind of a drawback. LEDs do not provide high wattage and have more of a focused light instead of a glow. The good is that they do last much longer than the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs and are easier to replace.

One very large drawback is the price. While an average string of LED lights runs for about $11.99, a string of solar lights will run a consumer about 7 times that amount. You may want to ask yourself if it’s worth the money. On a typical sunny day, a string of solar -powered lights will produce 1.8 volts of electricity and will light all night until the morning when the process starts all over again. On an overcast day, you’ll be lucky to get 8 hours of illumination.

While many may think the price is of no concern to them, variety will be. Solar-powered lights do not come in the many different forms of their plug-in counterparts. It may be hard to find vast colors, blinking arrangements and bulb counts. It’s up to you decide if the energy efficiency and eco-friendliness is worth the many cons of this breed.

LED Lights: The Future of Holiday Lighting

Tired of looking for that one bulb that burnt out? Are strings of holiday lights running up your energy bill? Do your Christmas tree lights run way too hot? If so, you need to look into LED lighting.

Since their inception, lights have been a staple in the holiday decorating process. A reindeer here, a wreath there, but no decorated home is complete without some strings of lights around the house as well as the tree. Only until recent years has LED technology become present in Christmas lights, but in these tough times they couldn’t have come soon enough.

LED Lighting Advantages

Many tests have been run to contrast the standard incandescent to the newly sought after LED technology. After comparison, tests showed that there are amazing advantages to using LED lights, but like anything else does not rule out some drawbacks.

Power Consumption

Consumer Reports writes that after testing LED against incandescent lights, LED tremendously outperformed the latter. The test showed that LED used up to 33% less power than their outdated brethren. They go on to say that they can save you ten dollars every 300 hours. It looks like LED has the power!


Now that we know that you can save some bucks from using LEDs, you probably want to know what your investment can get you. Well it turns out that LEDs can burn up to 4000 hours without quitting! Incandescents were reported to burn out in half that time. According to, LED lights are “Used often in the dashboards of jet planes – so burn out after one season is highly unlikely.” Things are looking bright for LEDs – maybe not that bright.


With any relationship there is some give and take and this one is no different. While the LEDs may have won in the bang-for-your-buck category, they fail to out-glow the incandescents. Consumer Reports says that while LEDs may run cooler, it is because of this that they are dimmer. also says that while the dimness of LEDs is not very significant in the comparison of incandescants, the drawback of the lower power is a more focused light rather than a halo-like glow.


You’ll be glad to know that if by some chance one of your new LED lights does burn out, it is a piece of cake to getting them all glowing again. Unlike incandescent lights, individual LEDs do not contain a filament that will shut off all the other lights on the string. According to, they instead use light emitting diodes that run off the movement of electrons inside the bulbs.

After close review of the two competitors, there is no doubt that LED has come out on top. In four basic grades of value, LEDs take home three. It appears, without pun intended, that incandescents cannot hold a candle to the awesomeness of LED lighting for your every holiday needs.

This Year Make Some of Your Own Christmas Decorations

Holiday Decorations for Do-It-Yourselfers

Hobbyists love Christmas!  In fact many crafters work all year creating Christmas decorations either to sell or use in their own homes or give as gifts.

Popular holiday decorating crafts may be as simple ornaments for the Christmas tree or as complex as creating Christmas wreaths with either natural or artificial pine boughs.  For homemade ornament ideas you might try  This website is chock full of ideas for making ornaments out of simple items you’ll find around the home as well as with fairly inexpensive items available from craft stores like Michaels (  and Hobby Lobby (

Wreath making–DIY Christmas Decorations

For wreath making, you might want to go traditional and create an evergreen wreath for your holiday decorating project.  Branches can be affixed to wire, styrofoam and a variety of other materials to make natural and attractive Christmas decorations.  For a wreath made with Mother nature’s own materials consult the ehow website for some easy, beautiful hand’s on wreaths you can make with your own energy, love and materials right from your yard and garden.  Enter into your browser.  Yet another site with a variety of wreath making ideas is

Wreath Lighting–Advent Candle-Style or Electric Christmas Lights?
This year make some of your own xmas decorationsOnce you have your wreath may want to consider some of the various ways to achieve wreath lighting.  Traditionally candles were used and occasionally this is still done today.  Any number of candles can be placed in a fire-proof container and placed in or around your wreath.  Often wreath lighting is specifically of the advent type.  In this type of wreath lighting four or five candles are used. The four candles represent each of the Sunday’s before Christmas.  One candle is lit each Sunday for four weeks before Christmas.  As an alternative a fifth candle may be added which is then lit on Christmas Day.

In addition wreath lighting may be accomplished with today’s more modern and less hazardous method of using electric light bulbs.  Often mini Christmas lights or white holiday lights are wrapped around evergreen boughs to give a beautiful soft glow to the wreath.  Outdoor wreaths can be decorated with the larger c7 holiday lights or even the very large c9 holiday lights.  An even newer outdoor option is the c9 led type of Christmaslights.  Any way you choose to do your wreath lighting, it’s sure that your wreaths lights will add plenty to the festive holiday spirit.