December 4, 2022

Outdoor Christmas Lights 101


Choose From A Wealth of Options In The Exterior Christmas Lights Category 

LED-Icicle-LightsWhere and how should I use icicle lights, and what in the world are LED icicle lights? What’s the difference between string lights and rope lights? What are curtain lights, and are they the same as net lights? These are probably among the questions you’re asking yourself if you’re new to the outdoor Christmas décor game. Here’s a “crash course” in outdoor Christmas lights that will make you a confident exterior Christmas lights shopper in no time flat! 

Just the Facts: Icicle Lights

Icicle lights have, over the past few years, become one of the most popular categories of outdoor Christmas lights. As their name implies, icicle lights look like real icicles. Available in different shapes (traditional, snowflake, star, etc.) and colors (white, blue, pink, and purple), this variety of lights allows you to give your outdoor Christmas décor a “white Christmas” type of look–even when the weather outside is anything but frightful. Simply suspend them from the eaves and/or roofline of your home. Icicle lights come in two varieties–traditional incandescent and LED. Some proponents of incandescent icicle lights say they are a better choice because they are brighter and cost less money to purchase than their incandescent counterparts. However, fans of LED icicle lights point out that they do not contain a filament and require less energy to operate, rendering them a more economically viable option in the long run. When selecting between the two varieties, consider that LED icicle lights are made of heavy plastic, making them extremely durable. 

The Real Deal on Rope and String Lights

Rope and string lights are another major subcategory of outdoor Christmas lights. Manufactured from clear PVC tubing, these lights can be formed into different shapes and cut in regular increments, as well as programmed to illuminate outdoor areas in a steady fashion or using flashing/blinking effects generated by a controller. Many people like to wind rope lights around outdoor Christmas trees, and they can also be used to extend outdoor Christmas décor to railings and fences when wrapped around these structures. 

Catching The Drift on Net Lights

This variety of exterior Christmas lights allows users to place blankets of Christmas mini lights on bushes and trees, as well as to uniformly illuminate areas that may otherwise be difficult to light. A majority of Christmas net lights available on the market incorporate 150 bulbs. They’re very easy to install; just lay them over bushes or wrap them around tree trunks. Outdoor curtain lights are swaths of lights that are ideal for draping from balconies, running along gutters and draping across walls. Some vendors offer connectable LED systems wherein LED string lights, net lights and icicle lights can all be added to the same chain for an added element of flexibility to outdoor Christmas décor.

Take A Shine To LED Icicle Lights

LED Icicle Lights Make Creative Holiday Decorating Economical and Easy

take a shine to LED Icicle lightsIf you’re like many consumers, you want Christmas lights that will truly beautify your home at holiday time, without breaking the bank. LED icicle lights, which look like real icicles and come in a variety of shapes (traditional, snowflake, and star, to name a few) and colors (like white, blue, pink, and even purple) fit the bill perfectly.

Unlike traditional incandescent mini-bulbs, LED icicle lights have no filament. As a result, they not only require a reported 88% less energy to operate; they generate less heat than other kinds of bulbs. LED icicle lights are also constructed from heavy plastic, so they’re more durable than traditional mini-lights. This makes them easy on your pocketbook–a great benefit at a time of year when most people are also spending big bucks on gifts for family and friends.

take a shine to LED Icicle lights 1Jazzing Up Outdoor Christmas Décor

If you think LCD icicle lights can only be hung beneath the roof  line of your home, think again. It’s just as simple to create a striking outdoor lighting display by stringing together numerous icicle light strands and draping them across an expanse of your front porch railing or shrubbery. You can also wind the strings around front porch columns and/or banisters. For an even more distinctive look, intersperse different colors or shapes of lights. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

take a shine to LED Icicle lights 2Bringing Creativity Indoors

LCD icicle lights also aren’t just outdoor Christmas décor. Considering the number of varieties and colors available today, along with the ease of melding together numerous light strings, incorporating these products into your mix of indoor Christmas lights makes perfect sense. Again, be creative, not only by mixing-and-matching multiple shapes and colors, but by doing more than hanging LCD icicle lights from your living room mantle. How about hanging a string of lights across the inside of a large living room window or above a door? Fashion a “curtain” of lights on either side of a smaller window. Run several strands down the length of a table to accent a table runner. Pair icicle lights with other types of Christmas décor, such as garlands, when decorating an indoor banister. Again, the possibilities are endless. So don’t get caught in a Christmas lighting rut this holiday season. Give LCD icicle lights a whirl indoors and out.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations–The Lure of Icicle Lights

outdoor xmas decorations the lure of Icide lights

Icicle Lights–One of the Most Popular Choices for Holiday Decorating

In recent years one of the most popular outdoor Christmas decorations has been icicle lights.  Originally available as incandescent lights, in recent years a small but growing number of these  lights are being sold as LED icicle lights.  A number of factors have been driving the high level of interest in this product.  Of the various reasons consumers opt for this product one of the most compelling is energy savings and the resulting decrease in the typical holiday time electricity bill.

What You Should Know about Purchasing LED String Lights

The biggest concern we initially heard was the additional investment required when opting for LED string lights over the more conventional incandescent Christmas lighting.  But with the resultant cost savings, many individuals were happy to make this initial sacrifice in return for the anticipated conservation of electricity.

Inherent in the selection process was the assumption that the LED icicle lights would be long lasting.  Purchasers anticipated using their string of cascading icicle lights for years to come.

Unfortunately for many who invested in this style of Christmas lighting, the years of use were not to be.   Many of the lights were manufactured with exposed steel wire which is not designed to hold up to the frequently cold and icy conditions that they were to be used in.

The biggest complaint noted was rusted wires on bulbs that prevented lights from operating when they were removed from storage for use the second year. Purchasing replacement bulbs for these light strings was more costly than purchasing traditional incandescent Christmas light bulbs.

The Key to Buying Long Lasting LED Icicle Lights

How can you avoid this problem?  Fortunately many manufacturers have finally caught this error. If you select carefully and rely on a reputable vender, you can greatly improve your chances of selecting truly long-lasting LED icicle lights.

Whether in your local discount store or when meeting with a professional installer look for strings where the lights are encased in a protective plastic.  In a recent check of light strings, GE was offering LED lights that were manufactured in this manner.  Keep in mind that the bulbs are often exposed to the elements, so purchasing strings with covered wires will add to the longevity of the decorations you select. For additional information on high quality LED icicle lights and other options in LED string lights you might want to consult a reliable and knowledgeable

vendor such as or

LED Christmas Lights–Make Holiday Decorating Greener

LED xmas lights make holiday decorating greener

Why LED Christmas Bulbs are Greener

LED xmas lights make holiday decorating greener 1Common sense tells us that outdoor holiday lights are the farthest thing from green.  But, if you insist on lighting your home, consider LED Christmas lights for energy conservation and cost savings.

Based on the semiconductor diode, LEDs (light emitting diodes) release light when the electrons combine with holes.  Although LEDs originally emitted only red light, today’s LEDs produce light across the visible, ultraviolet and infra red wavelengths.  This allows interior as well as exterior LED Christmas lights to be produced in a rainbow of colors.

The Benefits of LED

LED xmas lights make holiday decorating greener 2Selecting LED Christmas lights will cost you a bit more up front, but they will use up to 90 percent less energy and can last up to seven times as long as regular incandescent lights.  You can expect a savings of over 50% on your holiday electric bill and anticipate 100,000 hours of lighting when these LED Christmas bulbs are used indoors.

LED Christmas Lights–Not only Greener

LED xmas lights make holiday decorating greener 3LED lights are not only greener but have a longer lifetime than classic incandescent Christmas bulbs.  They’re also faster switching, more robust and can be manufactured in smaller sizes–as in the case of the LED Christmas mini lights. The array of choices in LED holiday lights has grown tremendously over recent years.  Check with your local vendor and expect to find more variety in this type of lighting than you knew ever existed.

LED xmas lights make holiday decorating greener 4

Wrap Your Home in Icicle Lights this Christmas

Icicle Lights Evoke Winter Memories Anywhere

wrap your home in Icide lights this xmasDangling icicle lights that emulate the real thing have been an American staple for the past decade.  One of many types of outdoor Christmas lights, cascading white icicle lights have enabled people to create their own private icy winter wonderland regardless of whether they live in the snow belt or in parts of the country where they will never, ever see a single snowflake.

Expanded Variety thanks to LED Icicle Lights

wrap your home in Icide lights this xmas 1Did you know that the typical little white icicle lights are far from the only choice in this category?  In the last few years these icicle lights have evolved into a whole new generation of colorful LED lights in a variety of shapes and sizes.  These days you can opt for icicle lights composed of a multitude of little snowflakes or even little stars.

On top of that you can select LED icicle lights in a variety of tempting colors to complement a color-coordinated display of outdoor Christmas lights.  Color choices are potentially endless but in addition to white, red and green, unusual color schemes with purple and even blue Christmas lights are showing up nationwide.

Opt for Energy Savings With LED Lights for your Outdoor Christmas Lighting

Eye-popping and unusual, the newer LED lights can cost a fair amount more than traditional incandescent outdoor Christmas lights.  But with reported energy savings of up to 88%, these new little LED lights have garnered plenty of attention and sold well.

wrap your home in Icide lights this xmas 2So, as you plan your outdoor Christmas lights for the coming year, don’t be afraid to venture into something just a bit different.  Experiment with unusual, non-traditional colors, and add variety to your display by considering some of the new shapes and designs that will be arriving in local stores this fall.  Christmas in America is not just little white icicle lights any more.