December 4, 2022

What are LED Christmas Lights?

In recent years, LED Christmas lights have proven to be a more durable, energy efficient and cost effective way of illuminating your home around the holidays. They use much less wattage, they run 50-times longer and are safer all around. But what exactly is this technology, and more importantly, why is it so much more efficient than the run-of-the-mill incandescent bulbs?

Why LED for Holiday Lights?

what are led xmas lights 48Let’s look at a little history of LED technology: The discovery of LED technology is thanks to a Russian radio technician named Oleg Vladimirovich Losev who discovered in the 1920s, that the diodes in radios emitted light. In fact, LED stands for light-emitting diode. LED technology is based on the movement of electrons through a electric diode and when the diode is turned on, energy is released in the form of light.

While Losev is credited to the discovery, any practical use wasn’t discovered until the 1960s when a General Electric employee named Nick Holoyak Jr. developed the modern light-emitting diode. But it wasn’t until 1968 when Hewlett Packard found a real use for the technology in their calculators. Since their inception, it has been realized that LED technology was much more energy efficient than using incandescent lighting, but was more expensive because it required a more exact science. It was in 1998 when LEDs were being used for Christmas lighting.

what are led xmas lights 48 1LEDs Used in Christmas Decor

Today, America is beginning to switch over to LEDs in all aspects such as lawn lighting, outdoor home lighting and Christmas lighting. In 2007, the famous Rockefeller Center tree in New York City was illuminated with 100% LED lights. In today’s tough times, the fairly new technology is gaining large momentum in the holiday decorating industry is saving businesses and consumers lots of money by cutting back 75% of holiday energy consumption while stimulating the economy.

String Your Tree With LED Christmas Lights

This season, forget about throwin’ the old tangled strings of bulbs on the your fir, and get yourself some efficient tree lights. We’re talking about the newest wave, all the rave LED Christmas tree lights. They save energy, they last long, and they look great on your tree.

Facts About Christmas Tree Lighting

Since the beginning of tree decorating, families have vigilantly worried about the dangers of their incandescent bulbs around their beautiful evergreen. The number one worry? – overheating. Even the modern television show “Mythbusters” has presented the world with the dangers of Christmas tree lighting, and according to the University of Arkansas Agriculture Department, Christmas tree lights “make the perfect ignition source.”

The tradition of lighting an evergreen tree with lights and ornaments originated in Germany in the Early Modern Era and the first Christmas tree illuminated with electrical lights was produced by an associate of Thomas Edison named Edward H. Johnson. It is said that each individual bulb on the 80-light strand was the size of a walnut.

Whether you have a real fir tree or an artificial tree, the danger of your tree setting a flame is present in the holiday season. In using LED Christmas tree lights you save money as well as putting your mind at ease.

Facts About LED Christmas Tree Lights

In this new economic outlook, consumers will  be pleased to know that each bulb on a string of LED Christmas tree lights uses only .1 watts of power as opposed to the old incandescents that use .48 watts per bulb. And instead of glass, LED lights are surrounded by a molded plastic, protecting children and pets from a household disaster.

Plan on using these lights for years to come? Well no problem because LEDs will last you about 100,000 hours on your tree lasting 39-times longer than incandescent bulbs. You could keep your tree up year-round if you so choose.

So what’s the cost of keep your tree and loved ones safe? Well, according to, Christmas tree fires are at about 200 annually and the lights are the main reason. Since LEDs have this low energy consumption, they run very cool, so you might pay a little for the convenience – about $10 per 50 bulbs.

Christmas-Decorative Holiday Lights

Create a Merry Environment with the Use of String Lights

christmas decorative holiday lightsOne of the easiest ways to add pizzazz to your holiday decorating is with the use of string lights.  Among the many opportunities that exist to decorate your interior spaces for Christmas, string lights are a quick and inexpensive way to set a mood and add visual appeal for the festive season.  They can evoke a warm and comfortable “home for the holidays” feel, a jolly party atmosphere, or, even, a romantic softly-lit surrounding.  String lights allow you to quickly transform a room’s mood by adjusting other lighting in a room.  Wrap string lights around Christmas trees, garland, wreaths, or even other displayed greenery.  Other ideas are to put string lights in or around table-top displays.  A large hurricane sparkles with beauty when filled with string lights and glass ornaments.  Fireplace mantels that are lit with string lights sparkle with festivity.

Make It a Green LED Christmas

christmas decorative holiday lights 1If investing in new Christmas lighting this year, try energy-saving LED Christmas products.  Green is in and the commitment will provide financial savings throughout the years.  A variety of electric or battery powered LED Christmas products in many sizes exist to design a monochromatic white or colorful fascinating lighting display.  The assortment of string lighting includes many bulb size options and shapes, as well as string lengths.  Some popular shaped string LED Christmas lighting includes star-shaped spheres and Moravian stars to make a dramatic display.  In addition to string lights, you can use rope or icicle lighting to embellish your environment.  Pre-lit LED Christmas trees, wreaths, garland, or swags provide an easy and quick decorating option.  As with indoor LED Christmas lighting, many options are available for your outdoor yard decorations.

Construct a Fabulous Holiday Display with Outdoor Christmas Lights

christmas decorative holiday lights 2What better way is there to improve curb appeal during the holiday season than with the use of outdoor Christmas lights?  Whether using traditional displays like a nativity scene or using a more humorous non-traditional Santa riding a motorcycle, many messages of holiday reflection or cheer can be displayed in the yard.  Outdoor Christmas lights can be used as accents for a home and its landscaping.  Icicle lighting can highlight roof lines, while net lighting draws attention to shrubbery.  Rope lighting can even be used to outline driveways and sidewalks to welcome visitors.  Don’t forget to dangle stars and snowflakes from your trees.  Neighbors can create a unified cohesive neighborhood look by decorating all parkway tree trunks and tree tops in same-colored outdoor Christmas lights.  This creates a beautiful pathway down a street.  The opportunities for creativity and cheer are endless with the use of outdoor Christmas lights.

Your Yard Will Save With LED Christmas Lights

Any holiday loving resident will want to have their impressive barrage of lights gleaming through the long winter nights, presumably to show up their neighbors. But whatever the case, it’s something that the competitive holiday decorator would want. If that’s what you want for your outdoor Christmas decor, you want LED Christmas lights.

The Outdoor Christmas Lights Tradition

your yard will save with led xmas lights 38The average American starts their outdoor Christmas decorating two days after Thanksgiving – Black Friday of course absorbs the day after turkey day. Let’s say you fit the credentials of this average American, and let’s say you run your lights from 5 p.m. until 10 p.m. every night until Christmas day. That’s 150 hours that you’ll be running your outdoor Christmas lights. That’s also about one seven-hundredth of how long outdoor LED lights are able to run.

What You’ll Get With Outdoor LED Lights

Since these wonders of modern holiday technology can run nonstop for about 10 years, there has to be something unique about them that makes them able to do this right. Well unlike the traditional incandescent outdoor christmas lights, LEDs use a light-emitting diode that harnesses fast electron movement to create a sufficient glow- sufficient glow because of their lower wattage. Incandescents use about .48 watts per bulb, more than four times the amount of LED Christmas lights, a big reason why they are more energy efficient.

your yard will save with led xmas lights 38 1

If you are the neighborhood attention hog and you need to save money, it’s worth it to invest in the LED technology. Each strand of 50 bulbs may cost 1.5 to two times more than regular incandescent lights, but in a 30-day period, it’ll cost you one sixtieth of what you would usually pay on energy.

What Kind of LED Christmas Lights Can I Get?

what kind of led xmas lights can i get 88LED Christmas lights are on the rise and people are starting to see the allure of their energy-saving glow. For some people, the switch from the conventional incandescent bulbs to LEDs can be hard because they’re afraid they’ll lose their selection of color, quantity and functionality. That concern is understandable, but there is no reason to worry as LED Christmas lights come in all sorts of varieties.

There are dozens of websites selling almost exclusively LED Christmas lights. Sites such as, and are selling vast numbers of different LED lights. Surprising, the newer technology lends its hands to all the classics such as: white Christmas lights, blue Christmas lights and red Christmas lights., for example, sells six different colors – in addition to the previous three mentioned, the website also sells purple, orange, green or a set of multi-colored lights. Beside the color variations, these websites provide different shapes and designs. sells strings with the traditional bulb shape, spherical bulbs, wide angle bulbs, strawberry-shaped bulbs and novelty bulbs such as icicle lights and flower-shaped casings.

what kind of led xmas lights can i get 88 1Now you may wonder if you’ll be missing the functionality from your old incandescent lights that wrapped your Christmas tree in warmth. Not to worry – LED Christmas light manufacturers have kept your blinking and chasing lights in mind when designing new wallet-friendly products. The website sells your favorite multi-function light sets from 15 to 200 bulbs per string.

While the LED implementation into Christmas lights is still an ongoing process with a few kinks to work out, there is no doubt that the geniuses behind these lighting innovations are doing there best to serve the everyday, obsessive holiday decorator.

Some History of LED Christmas Lighting

Today, LED Christmas lights are being purchased every holiday season to replace their old incandescent string lights. They save money and frustration, but where did this holiday decorating phenomenon come from?

A Short History of Christmas String Lights

some history of led xmas lighting 58The tradition of lighting a tree for the celebration of Christmas originates in Germany in the 1600s and was only done by the most wealthy of people. In contrast to today’s electrical holiday lights, the trees were lit with many candles. The main purpose was not to illuminate the tree, but to shed light on the ornaments hung on the tree.

In 1882, while finding new uses for the incandescent light bulb, Thomas Edison’s assistant Howard Johnson conceived the idea of using smaller bulbs to light a Christmas tree. A great feat was accomplished when he lit up a tree in New York City with 80 small bulbs. It took about 20 years before electric Christmas lights were available in stores throughout the country.

LEDs Used in Holiday Lights

Oleg Vladimirovich Losev, a Russian radio technician, was the first to discover the LED (Light-Emitting Diode) technology while working on a radio in 1927. He found that one of the electrical diodes in the radio was emitting a fairly bright light. There was no real practical use for this technology until 1968 when the company Hewlett Packard starting using a small LED in its calculators.

some history of led xmas lighting 58 1Throughout the next three decades, the evolution of LEDs was ongoing. In the ‘70s, LEDs replaced incandescent indicator lights in machinery and electronics and through the ‘80s and ‘90s, different colors were introduced and according to, it wasn’t until 1998 when LEDs were implemented into mini Christmas lights. And since then, LED Christmas lights have transformed into a low-energy, long-lasting staple in holiday decorating, saving Americans hundreds of dollars a year.

Have Yourself an LED Christmas

have urself an led xmas copyChristmas, in the modern tradition, most definitely calls for a bright, sometimes eccentric, display of outdoor lights and tree lights. There’s no doubt that it is not a trend, but a paradigm in Christmas celebration. And in light of recent research and economic downturn, LED lights turning out to be a new revolution in Christmas lighting.

Great Advancements in Christmas Lighting

For one thing, LED Christmas lights can give you more bang for your buck. Because of their power-saving electron diode technology, LED Christmas lights can run for over 4,000 hours without burning a bulb. On average, they use about 33% less power than regular incandescent lights and are about the same price – averaging at about $10 for a 50-bulb string.

Variety in Outdoor Lights

have urself an led xmas copy 1A website,, proves that not only can you save money on bills, you can get a grocery-store-like variety. The outdoor lights category can be found with 20 varieties, varying from shape to size to color – green, blue, white, multi-colored, round, oblong, you name it.

What about Christmas Tree Lights?

Don’t worry, you can find dozens of varieties on, as well as sites such as and also ranging in variety of color, shape and size.