June 27, 2019

Landscape Lighting for Summer Enjoyment

Summer is finally here.  Time has come to break out the barbecue grills and party supplies.  It is also time to get the lawn ready and landscape.  Landscape lighting can enhance the lawn, fixtures and plants in the lawn.  There is a vast array of landscape lighting options to choose from.  One only needs to consider what type of look they are going for, the results of the lighting on the landscape and the function of the lighting.

What is your goal?

Landscape Lighting for Summer EnjoymentBefore rushing out to the neighborhood home improvement store or rushing to call a landscaper, think first about what you want to achieve with your landscape lighting.  You work very hard to maintain your lawn and its appearance.  You should do the same for your lighting.  The lighting you choose should enhance your lawns beauty and your hard work.  Unless you want to show off the lighting as the main focal point, that is.  Think first about what is in your lawn.  Do you have flowering plants that brighten up the lawn?  Are there large bushes for security or decoration?  What about the pathways leading up to your house or toward the garden area?  Each of these questions will lead you the type of lighting you will need.

Be creative

Landscape Lighting for Summer Enjoyment 1Choosing lighting to add style and flair to your existing landscaping will help to accent your home and the visual appeal of your lawn.  You can also add to the value of your home.  Think first about the look you would want to create.   You will want to choose yard lighting that enhances the features of your home, something that will blend well with the current style you have.  Choosing styles that are vastly different will cause the styles to clash and you will end up with a look that is tacky.

Be creative while creating safety

Landscape Lighting for Summer Enjoyment 2Outdoor lighting not only enhances the appearance of your home, but it also makes for a safer environment.  Consider the pathway that you have leading form your driveway to your home.  Pathway lighting will not only illuminate the path for safer stepping, but will also enhance the architecture of your home and walkway.  There is virtually an endless amount of choices when it comes to the styles, colors and finishes of the landscape lighting for this purpose.

How to Decide What Landscape Lighting is Best for You

What does every home need to play up its best assets?  Landscape lighting of course!  There are virtually thousands and styles to choose from.  Plus you can decide how much to spend and what designs fit within your budget.  And the best thing is that landscape lighting will improve the comfort surrounding your home, making times at home much more enjoyable.

You can decide the lighting that is best for you

how to decide what landscape lighting is best for youThe first thing to decide is which type of lighting to use when choosing outside lighting.  Ask yourself which power source would be best for you, your home and most importantly your pocketbook.  There are a few different options to choose from.  The majority of consumers will choose electric or low voltage, but there is also solar powered and gas lighting to choose from.  All have their advantages, so it is up to you to decide which is best.

Function will determine placement
how to decide what landscape lighting is best for you 1When you are thinking of the purpose of your lighting, you will need to think about where your lighting will be.  Placement of the lighting will determine the purpose the lights will serve.  We will first think about lighting for safety.   Pathways, walkways, patio lights and stairways require the use of lighting for safety.  You will need to light these areas to keep your guests on the right path and to keep them from making a misstep and harming themselves.

Be creative and have fun

how to decide what landscape lighting is best for you 2Lighting to enhance your landscaping is a very exciting process.  This where you really get to show off all the hard work you have put into your landscaping.  You can be as creative as you want.  You are held back only by your own imagination.  Use yard lighting to highlight trees, bushes and flowers.  Who says the beauty that you created should only be seen during the day?  Keep in mind that trees and walls look best when lit from below.  Another plus to using landscape lighting in your garden and yard area is that it helps to light up dark areas that may be hidden without lighting.  You can also place lighting to create dramatic shadows.