December 4, 2022

Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark

C9 holiday lights make a great addition to any holiday lighting scheme.
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights SparkLook at the Web site of almost any manufacturer that offers holiday lighting, and you’ll probably see a listing for C9 Christmas lights. Along with C7 Christmas lights, C9 holiday lights have become true Yuletide staples. Here’s what you need to know about them.

So What’s A C-9, Anyway?
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark 1C9 Christmas lights are the largest available lights in the “C”-style lighting category. This variety of holiday lighting features bulbs that just over three inches long, allowing users to achieve a striking look. C9 holiday lights come in a wide variety of colors. You can also select either transparent or opaque C9 Christmas lights, as well as either traditional incandescent or light-emitting diode (LED) varieties.

Incandescent Versus LED
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark 2In a recent holiday lighting investigation, Consumer Reports compared C7 and C9 Christmas lights using four variables: price, energy use/costs, durability and brightness. On the price side, C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights were found to be slightly more expensive than their incandescent counterparts. They were also deemed five to six times less bright. However, according to the report, C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights are more cost-efficient to operate. They utilize one to three kilowatt hours of energy; incandescents, 12 to 105 kilowatts per hour, for a savings of up to $11. Additionally, C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights came out a winner in terms of durability. All LED bulbs tested by Consumer Reports continued to work after more than 4,000 hours of operation and were made of shatter-resistant plastic. Conversely, the more fragile glass incandescent holiday lighting products displayed one or more burned-out bulbs before 2,000 hours of use had elapsed.

Get Your Sockets Right
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark 3Candelabra and intermediate light bulb bases are the most commonly used light bulb bases in holiday lighting. C9 Christmas lights have the larger intermediate variety of base, while C7s bulb have the candelabra base, which is smaller. Each type of base has one corresponding socket size, so when purchasing light strings, don’t forget to select C9 bulbs with compatible (intermediate) bases.

Kmart’s Christmas Lane Includes Ceramic Villages & LED Christmas Decorations

Time to Plan Your Holiday Lighting & Decorating

Have you started thinking about your holiday lighting and decorating yet?  You may not have, but retailers are starting early hoping to get you thinking now about how you’ll deck your halls come December.  It’s time to plan your Christmas light displays!

The retail mega-combo Kmart and Sears today blasted thousand of American homes with its first animated e-mail of the season.  Complete with a flying airplane banner boosting its Christmas Lane line and traditional bell-tinkling holiday music, the execs of these stores don’t want to miss a single early holiday sale–especially when little or no growth is to be expected.

Kmart Christmas Lane includes ceramic villages & LED christmas decorationsSo what are they touting for the holidays this year? The highlight of the collection appears to be a Kmart exclusive grouping of collectibles and ornaments from the Lemax Village Collection.  The collection includes a little something for everyone.  Victorian homes, a scuba and boat salvage, a vintage lighthouse and even a nostalgic bowling alley round out the we’ve-got-it-all village.  For those of us that covet ceramic Christmas villages but don’t have the money to make a huge investment, there’s Lemax.

Light up Your Village with Miniature Christmas Lights

A cute little warming hut starts at $11.99 with plenty of selections in the $20-$40 range.  If it’s movement you covet, check out the Ferris wheel, carousel or flight school.  Each of these come with a 4.5 volt adapter and cost $65-$75.  Pictured here is the Lemax village collection Inn and Ale House offered at $29.99.  A simple attractive display can be assembled with a few of these village buildings placed on a bed of fiber-fill snow.  For added interest run some miniature Christmas lights through and around your display.  To check out the selection of villages see Kmarts website of holiday lights decorating

Holiday Lighting–ideas in LED Christmas Decorations

Kmart Christmas Lane includes ceramic villages & LED christmas decorations 1Cute little villages aren’t the only thing you’ll be seeing at Kmart this year.  In the lighting category you’ll find LED Christmas decorations such as the Neo Neon LED Rope Lighting in bright blue or green.  9 ft. strings of these LED Christmas rope lights cost just $14.99.  This Neon LED Snowflake lighting set is yet another of the LED Christmas decorations you’ll find at Kmart.  An 8 piece set of these will set you back $36.99

Whatever the holidays have in store for you Kmart and the nations holiday retailers are ready provide–preferably sooner than later.

Healthier Holiday Decorating

Holiday Decorating–Increasing the Level of Toxins in the Home?

healthier holiday decoratingEver wonder about the effects of holiday decorating on your health?  You may not have, but increasingly families are taking an inventory of what they use in their homes and how it affects their health.  All year long many of us use numerous toxic chemicals that adversely affect our  health.  These chemicals interfere with the normal function of our organs and may contribute to sluggish metabolism, body weight issues and the inner hormonal workings of our bodies and those of our children.  Offending products in the home include everything from harsh cleaning substances to personal hygiene products and even scented products like candles, air freshener and potpourri.

In December, our holiday decorating desires often find us adding even more scents, candles, potpourri to our already stale, confined indoor winter air.  You may not be aware of it, but a growing number of individuals are limiting their exposure to harmful household chemicals by opting to use high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils and essential oil-infused products in their homes.  One of the largest suppliers of these products is the Young Living Company.  Young Living offers a wide spectrum of products that rely on natural essential oils in place of harmful chemicals. Offering a tremendous selection of products that enable us to remove offending chemicals from our lives all year long, Young Living also offers seasonal specialties that are ideal for Christmas time.

Christmas Spirit–So Much More than Holiday Lighting

healthier holiday decorating 1Beautiful scents like Christmas Spirit, Frankincense, Myrrh and well as a variety of evergreen and pine essenses are available.  These products come in kits with diffusers to disperse them into the air and not a one contains any of the usual harmful chemicals found in most synthetically, scented oils.  Young Living’s scents can be added to candles and liquids, and even used on the body or ingested to boost health.  You’ll never find an objectionable ingredient in these fine products.

healthier holiday decorating 2In the most recent collection of Christmas products Young Living offered a unique ceramic Christmas ornament that was porous enough so that drops of beautifully essential oils could be added to it.  What a wonderful gift and one that’s health conscious as well as appropriate for holiday decorating.  To find wonderfully healthy products for your home this holiday season as well as unique gifts for your friends like real resin of Frankincense, check out Young Living at  You’ll find just the gifts you’re looking for.

Something New With Mother Earth in Mind–LED Christmas Light

And while you’re selecting gifts and decorating your home, don’t neglect ways to save electricity by considering the use of LED string lights in place of the traditional incandescent form.  You’ll save money and take better care of the environment if you consider these for your Christmas bulbs. LED Christmas light is available in such a wide variety of forms.  You can choose from large c9 LED lights, c7 LED Christmas lights, LED Christmas mini lights and warm white LED Christmas lights.  Even battery operated LED Christmas lights are an option for locations where electrical outlets are just not an option.

So whatever you choose to do this holiday season, select carefully and keep the healthful needs of your home, family and friends in mind as well as the health and future of mother earth herself.

Holiday Organization: Storing those Pesky Little Icicle Lights

Have you joined the holiday trend of draping your home in beautiful, cascading icicle lights?   If you have, then you know the holiday fun is really over when it’s time to take them down and store them for next year.   Wrapping, bagging, twisting, turning or balling them up– finding a way to store holiday icicle lights is a real challenge.  If hanging the holiday lights is your job for next winter, you have a vested interest in getting them put away right.

How to Keep Icicle Lights Tangle-Free

holiday organization storing those pesky little icide lightsKeeping icicle lights tangle-free doesn’t have to be impossible.  A variety of methods are available to help make storage of these outdoor xmas lights easier.  One suggestion is laying your light strings out on plastic sheets, then taping them in place so the icicles don’t tangle.  Once taped down, you simply roll the plastic sheets up and secure them for storage.  Yet another method is to wrap your icicle lights around a plastic frame such as those that extension cords are sold on.  This type of frame is also often seen in fabric and hobby stores.  Ribbon and trimmings are often displayed on them. If you’re a crafter and can get your regular store to throw in the plastic frame, you’re in luck with your Xmas icicle lights!

Eliminate the Hassle of Ever Storing Your Holiday Lights Again

holiday organization storing those pesky little icide lights 1An even better idea is to get someone to handle your holiday lighting display for you.  Many companies around the country are now offering the service of designing, hanging, and even wrapping and storing your holiday lighting display for you.  To see what these companies have to offer try checking out some of these sites. They’re all highly professional residential and commercial holiday lighting contractors.,

Low Priced Icicle Light Alternatives for the Do-It-Yourselfer

If you think hiring a firm to manage your holiday lights is taking it just a step too far, you might consider mimicking what they do with icicle lights.  Many of these professional lighting experts offer icicle lights that are permanently attached to metal frames.  If you’re handy, you might consider attaching your own icicle lights to metal or even wooden slats for easier and permanent display and storage.  Icicle lights can be wrapped around slats and affixed with thin gauge wire or carefully stapled to strips of wood.   Whatever method you choose, based on how much time, money and effort you’re willing to invest, you’re sure to have an eye popping display this upcoming holiday season.

LED Lights: The Future of Holiday Lighting

Tired of looking for that one bulb that burnt out? Are strings of holiday lights running up your energy bill? Do your Christmas tree lights run way too hot? If so, you need to look into LED lighting.

Since their inception, lights have been a staple in the holiday decorating process. A reindeer here, a wreath there, but no decorated home is complete without some strings of lights around the house as well as the tree. Only until recent years has LED technology become present in Christmas lights, but in these tough times they couldn’t have come soon enough.

LED Lighting Advantages

Many tests have been run to contrast the standard incandescent to the newly sought after LED technology. After comparison, tests showed that there are amazing advantages to using LED lights, but like anything else does not rule out some drawbacks.

Power Consumption

Consumer Reports writes that after testing LED against incandescent lights, LED tremendously outperformed the latter. The test showed that LED used up to 33% less power than their outdated brethren. They go on to say that they can save you ten dollars every 300 hours. It looks like LED has the power!


Now that we know that you can save some bucks from using LEDs, you probably want to know what your investment can get you. Well it turns out that LEDs can burn up to 4000 hours without quitting! Incandescents were reported to burn out in half that time. According to, LED lights are “Used often in the dashboards of jet planes – so burn out after one season is highly unlikely.” Things are looking bright for LEDs – maybe not that bright.


With any relationship there is some give and take and this one is no different. While the LEDs may have won in the bang-for-your-buck category, they fail to out-glow the incandescents. Consumer Reports says that while LEDs may run cooler, it is because of this that they are dimmer. also says that while the dimness of LEDs is not very significant in the comparison of incandescants, the drawback of the lower power is a more focused light rather than a halo-like glow.


You’ll be glad to know that if by some chance one of your new LED lights does burn out, it is a piece of cake to getting them all glowing again. Unlike incandescent lights, individual LEDs do not contain a filament that will shut off all the other lights on the string. According to, they instead use light emitting diodes that run off the movement of electrons inside the bulbs.

After close review of the two competitors, there is no doubt that LED has come out on top. In four basic grades of value, LEDs take home three. It appears, without pun intended, that incandescents cannot hold a candle to the awesomeness of LED lighting for your every holiday needs.