June 27, 2019

Hanging Holiday Lights in Trees

Outdoor Lights–Not Just in Pines Anymore

Hanging Holiday Lights in TreesOne of the most challenging spots to place Christmas lights is in outdoor trees.  For years people have placed lights on their smaller outdoor pines, but increasingly trees of every shape and size are being adored with blazing holiday lights.

Getting Christmas Lights Up There

Hanging Holiday Lights in Trees 1Hanging holiday lights on trees, especially very tall ones, can be pretty tricky.  If you check around the internet you’ll find lots of ingenious ways to get your lights up there–some that are practical and some that we wouldn’t recommend trying.

One suggestion is to get the longest pole you can find and place three nails in the tip of it in a V shape. Then thread the light string around the nails to hold them in place and hoist them up, placing the light in the tree and then releasing them from the pole.  This method works fairly well but is a bit cumbersome.  It can be quite difficult to manage a pole of a set length.

Yet another solution is to rely on a telescopic tree pruner.  This method is quite popular in the Chicago suburbs where year after year enthusiastic tree trimmers raise their lights into the sky attached to these tools.  Fairly effective, this method’s biggest disadvantage is the investment required to purchase a pruner.

Some websites we came across suggested throwing lights into the tree.  We found this method to be very hit or miss and to result in lights that become very tangled and difficult to remove from the tree after the holidays.  Ditto for attaching Christmas lights to a softball and tossing them into the tree–unless of course, you’re ability to control a softball toss is better than ours.

Yet another method is the tried and true practice of using a ladder.  A fine solution, this only becomes a problem when the tree you’re working on is much taller than your ladder or when ice and snow make the support surface for your ladder treacherous.

Safe & Sure with a Holiday Decorating Company

Hanging Holiday Lights in Trees 2The safest and surest bet for really high trees is to hire a holiday decorating company to do this task for you. Many of these companies opt to use a commercial-style bucket truck to safely reach even the highest branches.  Such a choice can be costly, but it’s certainly safer than taking your chances and being electrocuted as one gentleman in Palo Alto, CA was when he missed his target and entangled his lights in live power lines.

Hanging Holiday Lights Indoors

Christmas light installation inside your home? Nothing to it!
Hanging Holiday Lights IndoorsIndoor Christmas lights are a great complement to Christmas trees and add a hearty dose of festivity to your home at holiday time. Christmas light installation is not only a fairly simple job; it can be a fun, very creative project as well. Just think how many different places there are for hanging holiday lights around the house!

Opening the Door
Hanging Holiday Lights Indoors 1Indoor Christmas lights add a festive touch to any doorway or archway. Simply take garland or any other kind of greenery and intertwine it with string lights, starting at one end and weaving in and out. Then place the finished product on the floor and bring the ends together. The “fold” of the greenery becomes the center, which should be positioned in the center of the entrance with the rest of the strand flanking its left and right sides and lightly draped to look as natural as possible. Push pins or small, sturdy hooks should be used to attach the string lights/garland combination to the doorway or archway.

Stepping Up
Hanging Holiday Lights Indoors 2Hanging holiday lights on your banister and using them to decorate your stairs is another creative twist on indoor Christmas light installation. Weave together string lights and garland, ensuring that the end of the garland strand and the end of the string lights are at the same end to simplify lighting. Run the strand down one side of the stairs, starting at the top, and/or drape or wrap it around the banister. Embellish the look of colored or multi-colored lights with white bows tied every three feet or so along the banister. Use a red or green bow to create the same effect with strands comprised of garland and white string lights.

Fanning the Festivity Flames
Holiday Lighting Clips 4You might also want to consider using indoor Christmas lights to frame your fireplace. Again, intertwine string lights and garland and drape atop the fireplace mantle, with the ends cascading downward. Top off your creative Christmas light installation by decorating a few medium or large house plants with additional string lights, preferably white ones that can be used year-round. Place these in your front hallway, near the stairs and in the dining room. Of course, these ideas are just a start; there are plenty of other means of hanging holiday lights to fashion an interior winter wonderland. Don’t be afraid to experiment; the results may surprise you.

Slideshow of the World’s Best Hanging Holiday Lights

Ever dream of taking a tour around the world so you could see some of the best displays of hanging holiday lights?  With plenty of us obsessed with seeing the finest outdoor Xmas light displays in our communities, it’s only fitting that we want to branch out and see what the world has to offer.

If you’re one of those who’d love to see these Christmas light displays from around the world, be forewarned. We can’t take you in person for free to see this outdoor Christmas lighting, but we can do the next best thing.  We can lead you to a slideshow where you can see the absolute finest in exterior Christmas lights the world over. So come on, be an adventurous armchair traveler and see the highlights, with the help of Travel and Leisure magazine, what we have picked out for you.

This slideshow starts out with clips from Disney World, Tokyo, Brussels, Branson, Johnson City and Mexico City.  For more on these decorative holiday lights refer to our companion story, “The World’s Best Displays of Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights”.  Following clips from these locations the show moves on to cover the lights decorations of 5 additional outstanding light displays from around the world.  Stick with the slideshow and treat yourself to bold and bright holiday greetings from the following locales:

Slideshow of the Worlds Best Hanging Holiday LightsTivoli Gardens-Copenhagen: Tivoli’s amusement park Christmas decorations were designed by John Loring of Tiffany and Co.  With 20 acres of trees, buildings and rides decked out with festive lights, this is the place to be if you happen to land in Copenhagen at Christmastime.

Plaza de Comunicaciones, Madrid: This awe-inspiring display occurs only on Christmas Eve at the new city hall in Madrid. Unusual in the sense that it combines a whole lot of smoke and fireworks with the Christmas lights, it will remind you that cultures around the world each have a different take on what constitutes a successful light display.

Dededo, Guam: Smack in the middle of the Micronesia Mall, this Christmas light display includes a holiday lights train as well as a 35 foot tree and lights that blink in time to music.  Most unusual is the aroma machine that pumps out the smell of Christmas’ familiar pine trees.

Harbor City, Kowloon, Hong Kong: Thousands of blinking light in this shopping area serve to make the whole experience an overwhelming and dizzying one.  When it comes to Christmas lights, if you’re looking for excess–this is the place!

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