May 25, 2020

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights

Use Christmas Lights for Your Outdoor Christmas Decor

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas LightsFor more than a decade, the Quincy, Illinois Chamber of Commerce has organized an “Avenue of Lights,” a more than two mile outdoor Christmas décor made of numerous displays illuminated with Christmas lights.  For a small fee, visitors can drive through the Moorman-Wavering Park to see the wondrous outdoor Christmas décor.  Thousands of volunteer hours are logged in the year-round planning and execution of the outdoor Christmas décor in the park.  Each year displays are updated and changed to make a unique viewing of their outdoor Christmas décor.  The magnificent “Avenue of Lights” has entertained more than a million visitors with its outstanding collection of Christmas lights displays and outdoor Christmas décor.

Make a Brilliant Rainbow with Outdoor String Lights

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights 1Visitors drive through the ‘Avenue of Lights” showcasing several different tunnels and individual displays, all using string lights.  One Tunnel is decorated in a brilliant flashing rainbow of outdoor string lights.  Other tunnels, created with outdoor string lights, include a holly tunnel and an animated snowflake tunnel.  Outdoor string lights frame and decorate many individual displays for people of all ages and interests.  Some of the outdoor string lights displays include traditional Christmas themes associated with Santa, snowmen, lighted Christmas trees, reindeer, and even a nativity scene.  Other outdoor string lights displays include novelty themes related to and including fishing polar bears, baseball playing elves, jumping dolphins, Cinderella, golf, dinosaurs, erupting volcanoes, the Loch ness monster, motorcycles, trucking, and many others.

Create a Meandering Caterpillar Using Green Christmas Lights

Create a Festival with Outdoor Christmas Lights 2The Quincy, Illinois “Avenue of Lights” has more than 100 individual Christmas lighting displays in all colors.  A brilliantly displayed Christmas caterpillar, made with green Christmas lights appears to meander through the park.  Green Christmas lights are a favorite color of Christmas lights to decorate with during the holiday season.  Green Christmas lights pair well with red Christmas lights since both are complimentary colors and naturally look good together.  A poinsettia tunnel made of green Christmas lights, red Christmas lights, and white Christmas lights looks majestic with flowers popping up throughout the display.  Green Christmas lights are used in many “Avenue of Lights” displays.