January 18, 2019

Irresistible GE Holiday Lights Create Festive Illumination


Contemporary Holiday Lights Have More Than a Hundred Year History

Today’s holiday lights have a long history beginning with the General Electric Company, GE.  With its inception of the invention of the first practical incandescent light bulb designed by Thomas Edison, GE’s roots began in 1878. GE is proud to herald itself with a tradition of innovation.  Today, GE is considered the largest company in the world.  GE reports to have provided the basis for modern life with their life changing innovations of power and light.  GE has a continual history of product innovations, including the first holiday lights.  It is reported that the first Christmas tree with electrically lit holiday lights was displayed in December, 1882, in the New York home of Edward H. Johnson, and associate of Thomas Edison.  Electric holiday lights are still hung in this manner more than a century later!  Not only that, Christmas trees decorated with electric holiday lights have become an iconic symbol of Christmas.


The Energy Efficient LED Holiday Light Is Becoming Increasingly More Popular

Major retailers are stocking more GE LED holiday lights this year in anticipation of consumer demand for the product.  It is reported that one major retailer expects 65% of its holiday lighting sales to come from LED holiday lights.  The reason for this comes from the economic and ecological advantages that LED holiday lights provide.  Energy efficient LED holiday lights provide many benefits including using little power consumption, long life, recyclable, environmentally friendly, dimmable and programmable, quick turn-on, light-weight and compact, and hard-wearing.  LED holiday lights use 90% less energy than traditional incandescent holiday lights.  GE reports that each LED holiday light string uses 80% less energy costing less than $1.00 per season to operate.  Some LED holiday lights manufacturers report that their lights illuminate between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.  GE has a five year limited warranty on their LED holiday lights with a 20,000 hour rated LED life.  LED holiday lights contain no mercury and are recyclable.  LED holiday lights are dimmable, programmable, cool-to-the-touch, and turn on quickly.  LED holiday lights are durable, break-resistant, light-weight, and compact.  GE also reports to have an exclusive “Constant On” technology that allows the LED holiday lights to function even if a single LED light is loose or not working.  The many economic and ecological advantages are the reason that LED holiday lights are becoming increasingly more popular and quickly flooding the holiday light market.  Jump on the LED bandwagon and brighten your holiday decorations with GE LED holiday lights.


New Products Intended For Other Uses Can Be Used As Holiday LED Lights

Holiday LED lights can come from other sources than advertised Christmas lighting products.  LED light products have so many advantages that they can be used for many purposes, including holiday LED lights.  GE introduced a robust and patented LED Tetra lighting system that is reported to burn 15 times the brightness of other LEDs.  GE produced these long-life, high efficiency systems for use indoors and out.  Some applications that LED Tetra lights are used for include signage, architecture, transportation, and display lighting.  Although not produced for holiday LED lights, these power house little lights have received national attention from their use in the 42-inch tall, star-shaped tree topper used on the 2007 and 2008 National Christmas Trees in Washington, D.C.  Holiday LED lights are a smart choice when purchasing Christmas lights.  Make your holiday decorations radiate this year with energy efficient holiday LED lights.

C7 Holiday Lights–A Christmas Tradition

What’s a C7 light?

If you’re starting to plan your holiday decorations you may come across the term C7 when referring to Christmas lights.  I  know because I came across this term when doing research for a story on Christmas decorations and initially had no clue as to what it referred to.  With some digging I found a wealth of information about this little light bulb that I now share with you.

C7 Holiday Lights A Christmas TraditionA C7 Christmas bulb is the smaller of the two sizes of traditional Christmas lights; the larger one being a C9.   Larger than the popular little white holiday lights, but smaller than C9’s, these lights are often seen in bright candy colors.  However, you may occasionally find them offered in other colors and decorative styles.

A Little History on C7

C7 Holiday Lights A Christmas Tradition 1Originally manufactured by GE, these bulbs were introduced in 1934 and gradually gained popularity until in the 1950’s they were the most commonly used bulb for Christmas lighting.  What set these GE holiday lights apart from their predecessors was their parallel circuits.  Parallel circuits allowed a string of these bulbs to stay lit even if one of the bulbs burned out.  Prior to the release of this type of product, when one Christmas bulb went bad the entire string went dim.  The resulting challenge was the frustrating and time consuming task of replacing and testing each bulb individually until the offending bulb could be found.  I know what a challenge this can be because as a child in the 60’s hunting down the burned out bulbs in old light strings was often assigned to me.  Many years I had the misfortune of being the Christmas light tester.

Anyway, when shopping for holiday lights, you’re likely to find C7 bulbs available in both solid and see-through styles.  The solid colored bulbs are referred to as ceramic bulbs, while the transparent type, where you can see the filament inside, are termed transparent bulbs.

Which you choose is really a matter of taste, but I would suggest not mixing the two types of Christmas bulbs in your display or on your tree for maximum effect.

A set of C7 bulbs should last you a good, long time.  A life expectancy of 10 or more years is not uncommon for a set of these lights.  The fact that they are intended to be used indoors goes a long way in helping these lights last a long time.  If you need a string of lights for outside decorating, choose a string of the larger C9 type lights instead.  These larger bulbs make a better outdoor show and are insulated to stand up to cold and wet conditions.

C7 lights are also fairly low consumers of energy. They use about 5 watts per bulb which is more than mini lights, but you get far more illumination from C7 type lights.  Anyway you look at it, chances are you won’t go wrong if you purchase some C7 for you holiday decorating projects.

Christmas Tree Lighting

Light Your Tree with LED

Christmas Tree LightingWith the US paying more attention to energy usage, it was only a matter of time before this greening trend affected Christmas tree lighting.  This year we expect to continue to see a rise in sales of the more efficient LED light strings.  In fact when queried about Christmas tree lighting, Costco buyer Lester Cox responded, “It’s obvious that LED is the wave of the lighting future”.

Consuming 75% less energy than their incandescent counter parts, these light emitting diode (LED) bulbs are an efficient way to handle holiday lighting.  In fact according to a source at GE, a total market shift to LED holiday lights could save the electrical equivalent of the power used by almost 500,000 households.

Of course, energy efficiency is not the only reason the market is moving to these new bulbs.  Since the new LED bulbs generate less heat than conventional bulbs, they are not only less costly to operate but safer to use. In addition, LED bulbs are reported to last up to 10 times longer than regular incandescent Christmas bulbs.

Costco to Feature LED for the Holidays

At a recent trip to Costco we spotted the early arrival of two sku’s of GE’ holiday lights. strings.  We noted these styles, the larger C9 bulbs and the smaller, more unusual C6 “strawberry bulbs.”

trends in xmas decoration 3

C9 Bulbs

Christmas Tree Lighting 2

C6 Bulbs

Which LED Xmas Lights to Choose

C9 LED Bulbs are the bulb of choice for outdoor Christmas tree lighting projects.  These bulbs are larger and thus more visible from a distance.  They’re also insulated and can stand up to the extremes of outdoor weather.

For indoor Christmas tree lighting, consider the sweet, little nostalgic looking C6 LED bulbs. Reminiscent of the little lights used in the 1940’s, these LED’s now feature diamond etching.  Unlike the bulbs of yesteryear, these bulbs stay lit–even when one burns out.

Currently, these are the selections available, but as Christmas nears more styles of LED Christmas lights are sure to arrive at your local retailer.