December 4, 2022

Christmas Lighting – Amazing Christmas Tree Display Using Solar, LED, Battery Operated and Musical Christmas Lights

Christmas lights on Aleksanterinkatu.

Christmas Lights

Christmas is not complete without those amazing Christmas lighting display.  During the 17th century people are using small candle to light up the Christmas tree. This has been the developed and has many variation since the replacement of candles by electric lights. These lights provide an awesome and festive charm that nothing else can. Christmas lights usually come in different forms and you will be confounded if you go to a store offering these lights. You will find the fundamental round colored bulbs which have been used conventionally, however there are lots of fancy shapes available today.  Before purchasing you need to consider the following: size and shape of the bulb, color, length of bulb strings, types of bulbs and for outdoor or indoor use. These factors will help you in searching the right Christmas lights for your decorations.

Here is a short history of Christmas lights. The story of this holiday light started in  the early 1880s the associate of Thomas Edison, Edward Johnson make used of a homemade string of lights to decorate his Christmas tree. In 1890 GE purchased the rights to Edison’s light bulb. In 1895 President Grover Cleveland decorated the White House Christmas tree using the electric lights. After the World War II General electric started producing the bulb shapes which includes Santa and stars. In 1925 a group of American based manufacturers of Christmas light formed the NOMA – National Outfit Manufacturer’s Association. You can find these NOMA tag in every holiday lights produced in the US. The Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree has lights since 1931, but was not able to have a real electric lights until 1956.

During the same decade bubble lights was introduced, created by Mr Carl Otis in late 1930. It was only marketed after World War II in the later 1940. The distribution of the bubble light in 1945 was lead by NOMA and was joined by others offering the same shapes and size. This has provide good business in the holiday light industries. In 1950s bubble lights and twinkle bulb lights were quite a rage in America. Several other manufacturers are creating this type of bubbling holiday lights. The popularity of bubble lights were halted. In 1960s replacements for string lights and basic evergreens where created. Rotating colored discs, artificial silver or aluminum trees and spotlights are some of the light replacing the traditional holiday lights. Wanamaker department store was the first store that display the most amazing holiday lights display in United States.

Christmas Lighting Using LED Christmas Lights

Because of the present situation of the economy today people are using the energy saving LED Christmas lights in stores and houses in Cincinnati. This type of light bulb is not only an energy saver but is safer to use as well it emits  blue color light. LED lights will not overheat, thus it will not burn the fingers or does not present a fire hazard if left for too long.  Although the incandescent lights remain widely used, the use of LED lights are starting to increase its sales.  The light emitting diodes make use of 1/10 energy required to burn the same wattage of filament lights.  This type of Christmas lights is long-lasting diodes, easy to handle cables and plastic casing. It is also available in multi-color sets, icicles, nets and snowflake. The LED lights are impervious to shock, environmental fluctuation and vibration. These LED holidays lights can be converted into leg lamp after the season.

Outdoor Christmas Lights For Christmas Lighting

Decorating your backyard with swag outdoor Christmas lights to make it distinctive within your neighborhood might seem an easy task but actually it is not. There are some individual that get injured and hurt while decorating their outdoor with netted Christmas lights. It is important that you  plan first before decorating your outdoor. Holiday C9 green ceramic is one of the common outdoor Christmas light that is used most of the time.  Your selection of illuminated festive designs will be very easy. Obviously, Santa and his reindeer climbing down the chimney wall will be placed on your chimney, angels singing can be displayed near the window and you can use a steady or blinking lights.  It is enjoying to see an illuminated palm snowman installed in your garden with speedway.  In planning your display, check that your lights are functioning very well.  Some of the most irritating part is hanging a long string of lights only to discover that the whole section is broken.

Christmas LED rope lights is recommended as your outdoor lights. You can also find mini lights encased in clear flexible PVC tubing . These outside lights are available in pack of multi-color sets, icicle, snowflakes and nets to staybright at night. All the colors can be found in varying lengths which is suitable for every situation.  These rope lights are very flexible so you can produce your own illuminated figures. You can place these string of lights in the bottom half of the awning hangers using a glue gun rest.

A national lottery in UK Camelot Lotto has taken the page of Miller light’s book with TV advert featuring holiday lights. It is a 20 second advert begins with a view of dimly-lit suburban house. The scene will become lively form the piano soundtrack which sounds similar to Trans-Siberian Orchestra Wizard of Winter after a couple of seconds the tempo of the music will picks up

Christmas Lighting Utilizing Battery Operated Christmas Lights

Battery operated Christmas lights also known as string light, party lights or fairy lights are the most adaptable and multi-functional  all battery powered lights since as it can be used not only for Christmas but on different occasion as well. The main purpose of this type of lights is to light up your Christmas tree.  With this type of LED Christmas lights you will not see cables running the ground and getting twisted up in extension leads. It is available in different colors or plain white which makes it cool for every color theme and the Mini LED lights are amazing for Christmas wreaths and angel design.  Since it is battery operated there is no need for you to look for a place near the mounted socket.  The LED closet light bulbs is automatic it turns on and off every 20 minutes. It has fast release feature which lets you change the batteries easily. You can change it using a Phillips screw, tester is needed in order to check which is needed to be replaced. This could be installed with mounting bracket or double sided tape. Since it does not have any wires you can install this light easily, thus there is no need to spend an added amount to pay for  an electrician and there is no added amount on your electric bill.

Christmas Tree Lights – Great Display of Christmas Lighting

Christmas tree lights consider the natural traditional visage of a tree and add sufficient twinkle and warmth so it can have that unique look of the Christmas season. Lights are available in various shapes, styles and colors. Some maybe in simple strands, while some take the form of icicle, baubles, stand-alone or baubles decorations. These holiday game lights are easy to install and can be done either by an installer or you can do the installing by your own. Professional Installers may or may not charge you depending on your agreement upon purchase. No matter what Christmas tree lights you choose, they are certain to include a invaluable effect to your home’s decoration. Some take a variety of methods to Christmas tree lighting, and it will depend on what it means to you. Others prefer multi-coloured strands of Christmas lights to make the season more lively. Most Christmas lights are wired as series of bulbs to illuminate. If one of the bulb is missing the quickest way is to repair the strand. Repairing is very easy and there is no need to ask the service of the repairman. Troubleshooting and fixing your holiday lights is easy. Most holiday lights stores fix your lights free of charge or you can exchange the defective lights with a new sets.

You can also choose solid colors lights the most popular could be all white and all red and may provide a reflective, simple tone to your Christmas decoration. To create a more unique look you can choose micro-bulbs that will add twinkle to the tree. To evoke tiny fruits of winter you can choose the berry lights and to provide warm glow a flickering cone lights is a good choice. These Christmas lights could be used both in outdoors and indoors and you can hang these holiday lights using gutter hooks or clips to easily clip it in the gutter. In Los Angeles city center the holiday lighting displays along the beach which is controlled by  computer are digital and are getting more and more amazing and exotic to watch. The display requires a LED cordless holiday lights. These lights are working without cord and is battery operated.

Christmas Lights For Sale At Home Depot

LED Christmas lights are the most safest, efficient and also cost effective on the market based on reviews. It has a variety of vibrant colors and several sizes and shapes. Discount coupon can be redeem at home depot. LED Christmas lights for sale now have several vibrant colors such as purple, spiral and many sizes and shapes. You can choose from 12v, low volt bulbs, medium voltage, miniature bulbs, spectrum and ultraviolet. It can also now blink just like other traditional string lights. Some of the familiar manufacturers are Sylvania, Philips, GE and Westinghouse. These brands are sold at wholesale price in Walmart and other local stores. This is the only the reason why it is the superior topper choice. You can also choose from tree toppers star design, aside from Santa. Most LED based holiday lights use copper wire that connects to the aluminum-based wires of the LEDs and thus the bulbs flicker in sync with alternating current.

By buying this type of lights you will be purchasing the more efficient and cheap string of lights. It actually burn 90% more efficiently as compared to traditional lights. Another consideration in buying LED Christmas lights is safety.  Review shows that these light are ideal in creating a unique display of holiday lights. You can purchase these 50 clear twinkling Christmas lights bulb at discounted prices by getting coupon codes. If one bulb burns out, the other bulb will not burn and it will remain lit it would be best if you have spare bulbs. These types of lights are best for Christmas wreaths and trees. They could be utilized as steady burning lights or as two way flash lights. For outdoor lights you can choose from beautiful clear silhouette LED and colored lights. Particularly at night when the entire street is lit up. You can purchase a Robson green wire C7 light set add-on connector and 25 clear lights which can extend out to 25ft in length or the C6 light set.

Home Depot is offering a free shipping on the Christmas accessories that you buy. In Lowes they are offering an animated large inflatable Christmas lawn decorations which includes the realistic scene of Bethlehem and the nativity scene. It is complete with the Holy Family figures and the whole manger scene. If you are looking for fun and high grade holiday lights, GKI Bethlehem Decorations can provide one for you. You can also find a life-sized Santa created by Gemmy which seems to be ready to take a child on his lap and has a long list of Christmas gifts. It has an internal lights to illuminate the decoration at night, testers, yard stakes and a stand. You can also choose the bubble light in different colors including a merry red border. If you want some tips on purchasing holiday light visit the Frisco shop stores offers a wide array of holiday light that you can position on windows.

You can also deck your lawn with the two of the most unforgettable characters from the 1974 Christmas special The Year Without a Santa Claus, Heat Miser and Snow Miser. It is a 42-inch tall Massachusetts, Ma metal sculptures, that come with a stand, floodlight and stakes. It can be also folded for easy storage. you might also want to consider these giant ornament in classic designs and shapes from Grandin Road with pre-strung with lights and are ready to hang outdoors from a trellis, porch or tree. It is made from PVC and steel, five oversized ornaments are in the market, ranging from 12 inches in diameter to 30 inches long and in teardrop and round shapes. Putting Christmas rope lights are fun to hang, and it provides giggles. It is also available in colored flood lights and spot lights to celebrate your tree and your home. In Bristol clearance sale coupons code must be used to get a discount. For those who fail to use these coupon code there will be no refunds.

Use Solar Christmas Lights To Brighten Your Holiday Season

You might not noticed that your neighbour is using solar Christmas lights on their Christmas tree. These type of lights seems to look the same vs the usual Christmas lighting. It differs only in the power supply that one’s put. Solar lights gets their power from batteries and cells. If you think your lights will be less brighter during winter because the sun does not shine and will not provide power for solar lighting then you are wrong. Actually, even during cloudy day or even when there is rain  the solar cells can function. The energy are being stored in one or two batteries the lights will surely shine brightly during the night. It comes in several styles, designs, colors and sizes.

You can purchase the one that light continuously or others that will twinkle like stars. It is equipped with controller board that will switch it on and turn it off by themselves. You also use it both outdoors and indoors. They are ideal when attached on porches, trees, guttering and garden accessories. It is available in two forms string lights and rope lights. You can search online for great graphic and clipart design. Some are available in gif files for better viewing.

Amazing Christmas Lighting Display in America

Christmas lighting has been a holiday tradition since the first tree was decorated indoors. Up until 1930 the lighting of the Christmas tree included the use of real candle and fire. It was not the safest thing to do. Because of the danger involved inventors has created electric light bulbs that is changing constantly. At first, these vintage electric bright lights were used only indoors until in 1904 in San Diego the first outdoor lights was dangled in the tree. Then New York, NY New Jersey, NJ caught up in 1912. In 1956 North Carolina was given the official credit for making the tradition of stringing outdoor lights around evergreen trees. Christmas lighting has become an art form for many individual not only in NYC but in every part of the world and you don’t have to avail tickets just to see the display. This requires months of hard work and several dollars, masterpieces against the dark sky illuminate the entire city block.

Every year Atlanta is lighting a giant Christmas tree atop Lenox Mall. In 2009 the Lighting of the big tree featured the performance of LeeAnn Rimes from Dallas,Texas, Tx. It includes festivals and special events to several places in Atlanta throughout the season. Denver outlet is also offering free installation of equipment. Photographing the Phoenix, Arizona 2010 annual Mesa Temple Garden Christmas Lights display entitled The Birth of Christ in Lights and Music. It conveys peace and goodwill of the season with the spectacular and unique exhibit hundreds of thousands of crazy lights which serve as a backdrop for the sounds of the holidays. You can park along the Boston tree display shows gratitude with the symbol of thanksgiving for helping them in their need.

In 2008 the Magnificent Mile 2008 lights festival on North Michigan Avenue’s start the Holiday season. Million of lights are brightly prelit. The lighting ceremony is culminated in a spectacular fireworks show which covers the entire Chicago River. The Magnificent Mile is popular for upscale shopping, so it is a great day to spend in the city to enjoy and shop the light show. Each year from the third week of November until Christmas week, Gaylord Opryland Hotel and Resort is hosting the Country Christmas that includes the viewing of spectacular holiday lights. Manufacturers has reported a surprisingly good sales even during an economic downturn. Lightbulb maker Osram Sylvania has doubled its LED sales since last year. You can also enjoy the Columbus, Ohio best Orange County holiday display of lights by taking a Segway tour.

As you search for the best Christmas lighting display you might encounter the house full of holiday lights which was located in Pleasant Grove, Utah and was designed by Richard Holdman. It has 45,000 techno crystal lights and is controlled by computer by 180 individual channels. This video of the house has gone viral and was viewed by millions of people all over the world. Flixxy. com also has amazing videos that features great Holiday lights designs. In Cleveland Blossom Music Center transforms into a lovely holiday wonderland with thousands of dripping lights displays scattered around the grounds. Places like Georgia, Pennsylvania, Pa, Portland, Seattle, Sacramento, Oregon and Maryland has one thing in common when it comes to holiday lighting, they all make use of funny, flashing lights. To have fun in Houston ice skating rink during holidays it has great lighting ideas displays. You can take pictures of them as they do their skating stint. In Jones Beach, Jewish prepares holiday lights display every year. They display their ever unique decoration of holiday lights along the lake.

If you are looking for the most extravagant lighting displays you can visit the Lake Lanier Islands Resorts. It includes one of the greatest lighting display using pink lights to make it look different from the rest.

Graceful Flickering of Christmas Lights to Music

There is one decoration that can stand out above the rest and these are the Christmas lights display with music. You will be able to set your lights display dancing with the tune of your favorite Christmas music and will be amazed at the well-timed and graceful flickering of brilliant colors. You can purchased these commercial synchronize musical Christmas display at several electronic stores in order for you to have the holiday decorations that you like. In buying your Christmas lights you need to decide how many channels you must have. A channel can handle up to thousand Christmas lights and thus even four channels is enough and do wonders for your synchronized lights display. You can also create your own kit for a lower price. The kit includes a software application for the lighting and music effects control. It comes with several wallpaper pre-programmed soft music with special effects and all you need to do is to plug it in your PC, connect the lights to the kit, and you will be able to enjoy the synchronized display. These holiday lights with music are programmable so you can choose the music that you prefer and you can use a timer to set up the length of the song.

If you want your holiday lights dance to the tune of your favorite song here’s how to do it. Get a remote control system. You require a hardware and tool that hooks up to your computer. You can purchase a computerized system completely built, a kit or a DIY system motor. The fully built system can work right out of the box controlled by pc where the controllers were attached. You can design your actual outside part of your display. Some of the elements includes net or mini lights go on landscaping, c-series lights on roof or icicle lights, mini-trees to three foot tall trees, made of tomato cages wrapped in multiple or single colors. It is usually arranged in triangle or line, they are very useful in animated displays. The mega tree is also very useful in animation extending from the top to a large ring around the base. You can also target the blow molds which are made of plastic lighted sculptures. C9 lights on yard perimeter and trees, deer & etc. You can checked out youtube for amazing designs of dancing holiday lights. The video will provide an idea on what you can display that will fit your home. You can add the songs of Grace Griffith who was from Washington Dc and has done several great songs about Christmas.

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Solar Christmas Lights

Solar Christmas lights are one of a number of money saving ideas that could help you decorate your home in the strained economic times of this holiday season.  Unlike many money saving ideas, this one is cost effective and allows you the added benefit of doing something green to benefit our environment. 


Why Should I Go Solar?

 Investing in solar Christmas lights can eliminate one of the highest ticket items on your holiday decorating list– electricity for your display.  In place of the power draining strings that can use up to 100 watts a piece, solar Christmas lights work 100% by using the no-cost energy of the sun.  These power-saving light sets work in exactly the same way as the solar lights commonly used in landscape lighting. 

A solar Christmas light set consists of a string of lights attached to a controller board.  The board is made up of a battery, solar cells and a light sensor.  The light sensor gathers the light, activating the solar cells (photovoltaic cells) convert the sunlight into electricity.  The produced electricity is then used to charge the battery that powers the Christmas lights.  On a bright, sunny day, the cells can take in enough sunlight to totally recharge the battery that powers the outdoor string lights.  Should the wintry days be cloudy, the cells will still recharge but may not totally recharge the battery.  If this is the case, the lights will not stay lit as long as they would if totally recharged. 

Solar Christmas light sets use the industry’s new darling, LED lights. These LED (light emitting diode) bulbs asolar coverre more efficient to operate than traditional electric Christmas lights, making them the ideal choice for use with sunlight-dependent solar cells.  You’ll find solar Christmas lights to be particularly bright and clear and available in a variety of bulb colors and string lengths. In addition some manufacturers are offering inflatable solar light covers that drape over your lights and create images like this snowman available from




C7 Holiday Lights–A Christmas Tradition

What’s a C7 light?

If you’re starting to plan your holiday decorations you may come across the term C7 when referring to Christmas lights.  I  know because I came across this term when doing research for a story on Christmas decorations and initially had no clue as to what it referred to.  With some digging I found a wealth of information about this little light bulb that I now share with you.

C7 Holiday Lights A Christmas TraditionA C7 Christmas bulb is the smaller of the two sizes of traditional Christmas lights; the larger one being a C9.   Larger than the popular little white holiday lights, but smaller than C9’s, these lights are often seen in bright candy colors.  However, you may occasionally find them offered in other colors and decorative styles.

A Little History on C7

C7 Holiday Lights A Christmas Tradition 1Originally manufactured by GE, these bulbs were introduced in 1934 and gradually gained popularity until in the 1950’s they were the most commonly used bulb for Christmas lighting.  What set these GE holiday lights apart from their predecessors was their parallel circuits.  Parallel circuits allowed a string of these bulbs to stay lit even if one of the bulbs burned out.  Prior to the release of this type of product, when one Christmas bulb went bad the entire string went dim.  The resulting challenge was the frustrating and time consuming task of replacing and testing each bulb individually until the offending bulb could be found.  I know what a challenge this can be because as a child in the 60’s hunting down the burned out bulbs in old light strings was often assigned to me.  Many years I had the misfortune of being the Christmas light tester.

Anyway, when shopping for holiday lights, you’re likely to find C7 bulbs available in both solid and see-through styles.  The solid colored bulbs are referred to as ceramic bulbs, while the transparent type, where you can see the filament inside, are termed transparent bulbs.

Which you choose is really a matter of taste, but I would suggest not mixing the two types of Christmas bulbs in your display or on your tree for maximum effect.

A set of C7 bulbs should last you a good, long time.  A life expectancy of 10 or more years is not uncommon for a set of these lights.  The fact that they are intended to be used indoors goes a long way in helping these lights last a long time.  If you need a string of lights for outside decorating, choose a string of the larger C9 type lights instead.  These larger bulbs make a better outdoor show and are insulated to stand up to cold and wet conditions.

C7 lights are also fairly low consumers of energy. They use about 5 watts per bulb which is more than mini lights, but you get far more illumination from C7 type lights.  Anyway you look at it, chances are you won’t go wrong if you purchase some C7 for you holiday decorating projects.

Solar–A Novel Approach to Christmas Lighting Installation

Solar Outdoor Lights

Looking for a novel, convenient and energy efficient way to achieve manage your Christmas light displays?  This year consider doing your holiday decorating with solar outdoor lights.

go green with solar string lightsSolar Outdoor lights use a small solar panel that is mounted on a support and pushed into the snow or grass in your yard.  By day, the panel gathers energy, that in the evening hours is used to power your holiday light display.  Using this system will save you plenty on utility bills–enough to boost your  budget for additional holiday gift buying.

The only possible disadvantage you need to be aware of is at times when there are multiple days where little sun is offered.  On such days, the lights will usually still come on but you might need to be prepared for them to be a little less bright than on days offering full sun.  You should also be aware that some sets may appear to have burned out bulbs at times of low sunlight.  Often the problem is simply that they need to recharge in the sun.  Be patient before you give up or think your LED light string set has a problem.

Back on the plus side, using solar lights will allow you to add Christmas light to parkways without laying and taping power cords to the sidewalk. Eliminating this hassle is one of the best reasons there is to go with solar lights.  If you’re like me you find the stringing of light cords over sidewalks to be dangerous for potential tripping and a hazard during snow blowing or snow shoveling.

Unlike traditional Christmas lights, solar Christmas lights use LED bulbs, which although a bit more expensive than conventional bulbs, are more energy efficient. For just this reason the bulbs make a good choice for use with solar power.

LED Solar

LED Solar

LED Solar Garden Sticks

LED Solar Garden Sticks

Bright and clear, the solar light strings also come in a variety of styles, colors and lengths.    As an option you might consider these solar garden sticks–yet another unusual way to decorate for the holidays with solar.  For added excitement, consider purchasing strings that are equipped with a remote control.  Using a remote allows you to put on your own flashing holiday light show.

Check out the solar garden sticks at:

Hanging Holiday Lights in Trees

Outdoor Lights–Not Just in Pines Anymore

Hanging Holiday Lights in TreesOne of the most challenging spots to place Christmas lights is in outdoor trees.  For years people have placed lights on their smaller outdoor pines, but increasingly trees of every shape and size are being adored with blazing holiday lights.

Getting Christmas Lights Up There

Hanging Holiday Lights in Trees 1Hanging holiday lights on trees, especially very tall ones, can be pretty tricky.  If you check around the internet you’ll find lots of ingenious ways to get your lights up there–some that are practical and some that we wouldn’t recommend trying.

One suggestion is to get the longest pole you can find and place three nails in the tip of it in a V shape. Then thread the light string around the nails to hold them in place and hoist them up, placing the light in the tree and then releasing them from the pole.  This method works fairly well but is a bit cumbersome.  It can be quite difficult to manage a pole of a set length.

Yet another solution is to rely on a telescopic tree pruner.  This method is quite popular in the Chicago suburbs where year after year enthusiastic tree trimmers raise their lights into the sky attached to these tools.  Fairly effective, this method’s biggest disadvantage is the investment required to purchase a pruner.

Some websites we came across suggested throwing lights into the tree.  We found this method to be very hit or miss and to result in lights that become very tangled and difficult to remove from the tree after the holidays.  Ditto for attaching Christmas lights to a softball and tossing them into the tree–unless of course, you’re ability to control a softball toss is better than ours.

Yet another method is the tried and true practice of using a ladder.  A fine solution, this only becomes a problem when the tree you’re working on is much taller than your ladder or when ice and snow make the support surface for your ladder treacherous.

Safe & Sure with a Holiday Decorating Company

Hanging Holiday Lights in Trees 2The safest and surest bet for really high trees is to hire a holiday decorating company to do this task for you. Many of these companies opt to use a commercial-style bucket truck to safely reach even the highest branches.  Such a choice can be costly, but it’s certainly safer than taking your chances and being electrocuted as one gentleman in Palo Alto, CA was when he missed his target and entangled his lights in live power lines.

Christmas Decorations–Spotting the Trends

Boutique-Beautiful Christmas Decorations

Ever wander through one of those beautiful boutique home decorating stores just before the Christmas season?  If you have, you know these stores are often filled with tasteful, unique and sometimes breathtakingly beautiful holiday ideas.  Just exactly where do these store owners get these original home decorating ideas?  The answer to this burning question is that they get them at a variety of extravagant trade shows around the country.  Let’s take a look at just what the source is for all this holiday decorating bliss.

Biggest, Brightest and Best:  The Industry’s Finest Shows for Holiday Decorating

According to “Selling Christmas Decorations Magazine”, the major shows that US buyers report as their most important sources of holiday decorating ideas are The Atlanta International Gift and Home Furnishings Market, The Dallas Total Home & Gift Market/Holiday & Home Expo, The New York International Gift Fair, and The Chicago Market: Living & Giving.

Christmas Decoration Spotting The TrendThe Atlanta show is attended by buyers of furnishings and home décor, as well as gift shop owners, interior decorators and those who sell gourmet food and elegant tableware for the holidays.  A big influence in the industry, this show is for the trade only, so if you want to know the latest you’ll have to hook up with a local decorator who makes attendance at this show a priority.

Collectible ornament Atlanta Gift Show

Shoot’em Up this Holiday Season–12 Gauge Christmas Lights

Christmas Decoration Spotting The Trend 1Billed as the most complete wholesale market in the country, the Dallas Total Home & Gift Market this June featured 222 exhibitors in the Christmas category alone. In the category of Christmas lights, a real original is 12 Gauge Designs.  In true Texas style, this off-the-wall manufacturer offered Christmas lights in the shape of 12 gauge shotgun shells.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you Texas doesn’t have an attitude all its own!

Home for the Holidays–Lights Decorations & the Hottest Trends

Not to be outdone the New York International Gift Fair packs 2900 exhibitors into the Javitts Exhibition Hall and the Pier 94 passenger ship terminal.  Here you’ll find a mind boggling selection of merchandise for the home and holidays. Each August 30,000 buyers from 50 states and 77 countries descend on the city to collect the gather holiday decorating merchandise from the 4 corners of the world.  When it comes to lights decorations, this show, as well as The Chicago Market, have plenty of ideas to satisfy even the most selective designer.

Christmas Decorations From a Winter Wonderstore

We all know that when it comes to the holidays, some of our neighbors go all out on the decorating. From Santas to fully-animatronic nativity scenes encased in plexi-glass, people love lighting up the block when it comes to dressing up the house. For those so devoted to shining like a star, there is Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland.

Located in Frankenmuth, Mich., Bronner’s is home to over 50,000 Christmas related decorations, novelties and gifts. Upon entrance, the first time customer will be overwhelmed by over 350 different Christmas trees decorated with over 6000 different ornaments. Closed only 4 days out of the year, Bronner’s is visited by millions every 365 days.

Opened in 1945 by Wally Bronner, Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland is a haven for the Christian world and those who just love the holidays. On their website, says this about Bronner, “Little did he dream that his small business would one day become the world’s largest Christmas store visited by millions of people.” Two million to be fairly accurate, come from all over the U.S. to see their over 2,000 group tours every year. Bronner’s is undoubtably the largest holiday decor store in the world.

Map and Trivia Taken from

xmas decorations from a winter wonderstore

Here are some fun facts about this mammoth holiday retailer.

– More than 700 whimsical, animated figures enchant guests in the salesroom.

– As many as 100,000 individual lights illuminate the salesroom.

– Decorations and gifts from 70 nations can be found at Bronner’s.

–    Bronner’s stocks “Merry Christmas” ornaments in more than 70 languages.

–    About 1,000 figurines comprise Bronner’s Hummel collection.

– There are over 500 different styles of Nativity scenes for guests to enjoy in the Bronner salesroom.

–   Bronner’s patented life-size Nativity has been shipped to all the continents.

–   Over 6,000 different styles of unique ornaments are featured at Bronner’s.

– Bronner’s artists personalize over 100,000 ornaments annually. One of Bronner’s ornament artists has personally handpainted nearly -million ornaments during her 25 years at Bronner’s.

–   If all the light sets sold in one year at Bronner’s were stretched out in a continuous line, they would span approximately 530 miles.

–    Nearly 700,000 feet of garland are sold at Bronner’s annually.

– Half of the items Bronner’s carries sell for under $10, and two thirds are priced under $20.

– The record number of Bronner guests in one day was 25,981 on Nov. 26, 1994.

– Each year over 2000 motorcoach tours visit Bronner’s.

– Virtually every month, Bronner’s is visited by travelers from all 50 states, Canada and many other nations.

– Movie star John “the Duke” Wayne ordered a Santa suit from Bronner’s by telephone on December 15, 1976.

– Beautifully landscaped grounds cover 27 acres at Bronner’s. (The entire complex is 45 acres.)

– Approximately 100,000 outdoor Christmas lights illuminate Bronner’s grounds every evening throughout the year.

– Christmas Lane, Bronner’s own thoroughfare, is 1/2-mile long.

– The overall size of Bronner’s building is 320,000 sq. ft. (approx. 7.35 acres or 5.5 football fields of space) with 96,000 sq. ft. (2.2 acres 1.7 football fields of space) devoted to the salesroom.

Will Solar Christmas Lights Catch On?

With Americans dying to find new ways to save energy costs and be eco-friendly at the same time, anything with the word solar-powered is going to spark interest. If your willing to go the distance of being environmentally progressive around the holidays, you might have mixed feelings about the technology.

Solar Power History

Cases of harnessing solar power can traced back to over 100 years ago when machinery during the industrial revolution was dependent on steam power. Many solar power plants were created to produce steam for these newly invented machines and according to, “Today, commonly available solar panels are 12% efficient, which is four times greater than only a few years ago.”

With advancements over the years, solar energy has brought us two modern forms of production. One is thermal solar which heats water to power moving parts. The other, photovoltaic directly produces solar energy for electricity.

Solar Power in Christmas Lighting

Solar technology in Christmas lights is a relatively new idea. They work just like any other photovoltaic solar-powered product. A solar panel is place somewhere outside the home in direct sunlight. This panel grabs energy from the sun, charges a battery and saves enough power to illuminate the lights after a light sensor installed in the panel tells it that it is not bright enough to harness energy and the lights turn on!

The bulbs themselves are LEDs which is kind of a drawback. LEDs do not provide high wattage and have more of a focused light instead of a glow. The good is that they do last much longer than the old-fashioned incandescent bulbs and are easier to replace.

One very large drawback is the price. While an average string of LED lights runs for about $11.99, a string of solar lights will run a consumer about 7 times that amount. You may want to ask yourself if it’s worth the money. On a typical sunny day, a string of solar -powered lights will produce 1.8 volts of electricity and will light all night until the morning when the process starts all over again. On an overcast day, you’ll be lucky to get 8 hours of illumination.

While many may think the price is of no concern to them, variety will be. Solar-powered lights do not come in the many different forms of their plug-in counterparts. It may be hard to find vast colors, blinking arrangements and bulb counts. It’s up to you decide if the energy efficiency and eco-friendliness is worth the many cons of this breed.

LED Lights: The Future of Holiday Lighting

Tired of looking for that one bulb that burnt out? Are strings of holiday lights running up your energy bill? Do your Christmas tree lights run way too hot? If so, you need to look into LED lighting.

Since their inception, lights have been a staple in the holiday decorating process. A reindeer here, a wreath there, but no decorated home is complete without some strings of lights around the house as well as the tree. Only until recent years has LED technology become present in Christmas lights, but in these tough times they couldn’t have come soon enough.

LED Lighting Advantages

Many tests have been run to contrast the standard incandescent to the newly sought after LED technology. After comparison, tests showed that there are amazing advantages to using LED lights, but like anything else does not rule out some drawbacks.

Power Consumption

Consumer Reports writes that after testing LED against incandescent lights, LED tremendously outperformed the latter. The test showed that LED used up to 33% less power than their outdated brethren. They go on to say that they can save you ten dollars every 300 hours. It looks like LED has the power!


Now that we know that you can save some bucks from using LEDs, you probably want to know what your investment can get you. Well it turns out that LEDs can burn up to 4000 hours without quitting! Incandescents were reported to burn out in half that time. According to, LED lights are “Used often in the dashboards of jet planes – so burn out after one season is highly unlikely.” Things are looking bright for LEDs – maybe not that bright.


With any relationship there is some give and take and this one is no different. While the LEDs may have won in the bang-for-your-buck category, they fail to out-glow the incandescents. Consumer Reports says that while LEDs may run cooler, it is because of this that they are dimmer. also says that while the dimness of LEDs is not very significant in the comparison of incandescants, the drawback of the lower power is a more focused light rather than a halo-like glow.


You’ll be glad to know that if by some chance one of your new LED lights does burn out, it is a piece of cake to getting them all glowing again. Unlike incandescent lights, individual LEDs do not contain a filament that will shut off all the other lights on the string. According to, they instead use light emitting diodes that run off the movement of electrons inside the bulbs.

After close review of the two competitors, there is no doubt that LED has come out on top. In four basic grades of value, LEDs take home three. It appears, without pun intended, that incandescents cannot hold a candle to the awesomeness of LED lighting for your every holiday needs.