December 4, 2022

Christmas Lighting Installation–Working with the Pros

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Christmas Lights:  Should You Leave this Job to Someone in the Know? 

Using a Christmas lights professional to install Christmas decorations–including Christmas lights–can make the difference between ho-hum holiday décor, and décor that wows everyone who passes your home. And unless you are a real pro at this task, you should probably at least consider hiring a Christmas lights professional to handle your Christmas lighting installation. After all, you wouldn’t call a plumber to mow your lawn, or a doctor to cut your hair, would you? 

Narrowing the Field

The first step to take when engaging a Christmas lights professional is to determine exactly what extent of help you need. Do you already know what you would like your Christmas lights and decorations to look like? In that case, you would  probably do fine with the kind of company that only takes care of Christmas lighting installation jobs, such as hanging Christmas lights. Others provide a wide variety of services, from helping you select lights that suit your taste and budget, to choosing other holiday embellishments, to ensuring that your entire “package” of lights and other Christmas decorations look great together. 

Questions to Ask

Before settling on a specific Christmas lights professional to take over your Christmas lighting installation project, it’s prudent to ask each candidate a variety of questions so that there are no surprises later. For example, does the company provide any sort of guarantee that its team will arrive at your home on time and start hanging Christmas lights according to your agreed-upon design plan? How will the situation be handled should the initial cost estimate prove too low; in other words, will they consult with you to maintain a lid on costs? What happens should Christmas lights and/or Christmas decorations purchased from the company fail; e.g., will the company repair or replace it? And perhaps most important, does the Christmas lights professional have liability and worker’s compensation insurance? 

Other ‘Musts’

It’s also important to remember that a reputable Christmas lights professional doesn’t disappear once a Christmas lighting installation has been completed. Rather, it should have in place a system for responding to follow-up inquiries and calls. The company should also provide, preferably in writing, a date or a range of dates on which it will return to your home to take down the Christmas lights (and Christmas decorations, if applicable) it has installed. Providing you keep these guidelines in mind, dealing with a Christmas lights professional should be a breeze.

How To: Decorate Xmas Lights

It’s Easy to Decorate Using a Christmas Lights Professional

How To Xmas LightsPeople who are busy, who need physical help, or who simply want to pay for expertise are perfect candidates for the Christmas lights professional.  A Christmas lights professional can hang Xmas lights efficiently and safely.  Although costly, the Christmas lights professional takes care of design, measurement, installation, and take down.  Some people face sticker shock because they don’t know how much it costs.  They don’t realize how labor intensive it is.  The most important job of the Christmas lights professional is to make sure all stays safe.  Their job is focused on using proper caps, terminators and measuring wattage to not over burden a line.  They won’t use wire nuts, black tape, or cheap lights that will melt.  The Christmas lights professional can take down and discard the lights at the end of the season or take down and leave the lights for you to store in the off-season and then pay only for installation in subsequent years.

Safety is Important When Hanging Outdoor Lights

How To Xmas Lights 1Education is key when hanging outdoor lights and there are a few important steps to follow to make sure the Xmas lights are hung the right way.  First, determine the number of hanging outdoor lights that are needed.  Second, locate power sources to be used for hanging outdoor lights.  Third, calculate the number of watts that can run on each circuit.  Fourth, visually inspect the Xmas lights including wires, and bulbs.  Replace any broken or missing bulbs on the hanging outdoor lights.  If the wires are faulty, replace the strings.  Fifth, test the Xmas lights prior to hanging outdoor lights.

The Right Tools Makes a Christmas Lights Repair Quick and Easy

How To Xmas Lights 2A few tools can make a Christmas lights repair more efficient and safe.  There are a few devices on the market to locate bad mini bulbs on a set without first removing it.  These tools can make a Christmas lights repair by locating a Xmas light “hum” through the use of an audible continuity detector.  They also have a fuse and bulb tester and a bulb puller.  Some Christmas lights repair tools feature a head light with LED beam to illuminate the working area.  Christmas lights repair tools save time and money by locating bad bulbs, sockets, and wire without checking the entire strand.

Getting The ‘Hang’ of Christmas Lighting Installation

What You Need to Know About Installing Christmas Lights
get the hang of xmas lighting installationChristmas decorations simply aren’t complete without a presentation of beautifully hung holiday lights. But while using a variety of lights to accent your home’s eaves, windows, and shrubbery is a great way to get into the Yuletide spirit, Christmas lighting installation can be tricky unless you know the basic “do’s” and “don’ts” of how to hang Christmas lights.

Getting Started With Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Before you climb a ladder, assemble your materials and tools. You’ll need several strings of Christmas lights, light clips for gutters and shingles, nail-on wire clips, and heavy-duty extension cords, plus a hammer, tape measure and long-nose pliers. To determine how many 50-foot strings of lights you will need, measure the length of the house along the ground, as well as its height and that of any bushes or trees you’re planning to illuminate. Don’t forget to measure any portion of doors and windows around which you also want to position lights. Inspect each light string before plugging it in, replacing broken or missing bulbs. To remove broken bulbs, put on a pair of gloves and use a pair of long-nose pliers. Discard any string with faulty wires. Then, plug in each complete light string and check it for burned-out bulbs. Unplug every string prior to replacing bad bulbs, and re-test to make certain all lights work. If a string does not light up at all, follow the manufacturer’s directions for checking for blown fuses. Replace each blown fuse once; replace the entire string if it blows again.

get the hang of xmas lighting installation 1Stringing ‘em Up–Christmas Lighting Installation

Unless your home’s eaves are very low–in which case, a stepladder may suffice–position an extension ladder firmly on flat ground and against the eaves. The ladder should extend beyond the eaves and be set at a comfortable, safe climbing angle. If you absolutely must lean the ladder against a gutter, reinforce the gutter with a short piece of 2-by-4. Hang lights easily and safely without ruining your home’s trim and walls by using specially made plastic clips to attach the strings along your gutters and roof. The clips grip shingles and gutters; their lower hooks hold light strings and extension cords alike. To attach lights to window trim or other vertical surfaces, use tube light or nail-on plastic clips spaced 12 inches apart. You can buy these clips at any home improvement center. Avoid stapling or nailing light strips to trim, as both staples and nails can perforate or erode the protective insulation, causing a fire hazard.

get the hang of xmas lighting installation 2Calling In The Pros–Christmas Lights Professional

Don’t have the time and/or patience to hang holiday Christmas lights yourself? Prefer not to agonize over why a string of lights way up along the roof line of your home just isn’t lighting up? Consider hiring a Christmas lights professional. Some companies handle only the Christmas lighting installation piece of the business, which is fine if you already have a specific idea of what you would like your lighting scheme to look like. Others offer a comprehensive menu of design services and will work with you to create a lighting configuration to perfectly complement your other Christmas decorations. But whether you hang your own lights or call in the pros, make beautifully hung lights a part of your holiday décor.