January 18, 2019

Holiday Lighting Installation–Know Your Lights

When it comes to holiday lighting installation, it makes sense to know the proper terminology for the lighting you have in mind.  Knowing what you want and how to ask for it is important, regardless of whether you’re shopping for Christmas lighting ideas or hiring someone who offers commercial Christmas lighting.

For just this reason we have created a glossary of some common terms you’re likely to run across as you plan and shop for your Christmas lites.  Get a handle on these terms and you can easily communicate your desires to shop-keepers and the professionals who do Christmas decorating.

Holiday Lighting Installation Know Your LightsC7--C7 Christmas lights are the smaller of two sizes of traditional Christmas lights

C9--C9 Christmas lights are the larger of the two sizes of traditional Christmas lights, measuring about 2-1/2″ in length.

Holiday Lighting Installation Know Your Lights 1Bubble lights–these are historical Christmas lights that were in common use from the 1940’s to the 1960’s.  Although now quite rare, there are a few companies offering a contemporary version of this old classic.

Holiday Lighting Installation Know Your Lights 2

Icicle lights–These light strands offer cascading droplets of light meant to simulate the look of icicles hanging from a roof.  In recent years the variety of styles has increased to include icicles in various colors as well as a myriad of shapes including stars and other novelty designs.

Holiday Lighting Installation Know Your Lights 3Rope lights–Rope lights are holiday lights encased in a plastic sleeve making them look like a rope.  They are flexible enough to be formed into various shapes and to be installed around curves.

LED lights–These lights are a more energy efficient type of light.  They typically cost a bit more, save energy and should last longer than conventional Christmas lights.  Most styles of lights are available in an LED version as well as a traditional one.  Look for C7, C9, icicle lights and other styles to be offered in an LED version as well.

Landscape Lighting for Year Round Use

Landscape Lighting–Not Just for the Warmer Months

Landscape Lighting for Year Round UseIf you think landscape lighting is only about summer–think again.  Well planned outdoor landscape lighting should offer you, the homeowner, year-round pleasure and include an opportunity to use your investment in concert with all the seasons including the season of exterior Christmas lights.

Often the drabbest of seasons, winter, usually gets livened up in the yard only when the holiday lights come out. Tasteful landscape lighting can change all this.  Lights can be installed to add interest to your home and your plantings as well as to provide light for safety and security.  And come Christmas time, your investment can be modified slightly to accommodate a rich and opulent display of exterior Christmas lights.

Adapt Your Existing Landscape Lighting to Accommodate Exterior Christmas Lights

Simply replacing your landscape spots with colored outside holiday lights can make them adaptable as the seasons change.  With very little labor after the initial installation, you can change the effect passersby have as they drive down your block.  From spring and summer, to fall and winter, and into the holidays the lighting can be quickly modified to the holiday season.

Simple, elegant Christmas Light Displays

Landscape Lighting for Year Round Use 1At Christmas, your lighting needn’t be the brightest on the block to be the finest.  Simple, versus complex lighting schemes, can sometimes allow you to achieve more elegant outdoor Christmas light displays.  Consider lighting a stately, tall tree in your yard with single spotlights.  As an alternative, you could use tree uplighting as seen in this photo, where the lights are at the base of the trees and angled upward.  The concept is simple, but the effect can be as perfect as the beautiful snow-covered trees on a sophisticated Christmas card.

Landscape Lighting for Year Round Use 2On your home you could try adding some simple wreath lights with stark red bows. With these outdoor Christmas lighting ideas you’ll have some of the most beautiful, classic holiday lighting displays around.  All you need to complete the picture is a fresh, white blanket of newly fallen snow!

Christmas Decorations Add Cheer During the Holidays

Add Brightness to the Holidays with Christmas Lighting Ideas

Christmas Decorations Add Cheer During the HolidaysProper lighting can completely transform an area from dull and boring to festive and exciting.  Christmas lighting ideas can range from string lights to rope lighting, to stick lights, lantern lights, hanging objects, candles, flags, novelty figures, etc.  There are so many Christmas lighting ideas available today, the creativity seems endless.  Don’t forget colors when contemplating Christmas lighting ideas.  The choices for multi-colored lights, monochromatic colored lights, or even monochromatic white lights are many.  One Christmas lighting idea for someone who is short on space, would be to outline a Christmas tree with string lights on a blank wall to create a 2-D Christmas tree.  Visit local stores or peruse the internet to help with more Christmas lighting ideas.

Share the Cheer with Outdoor Christmas lighting

Christmas Decorations Add Cheer During the Holidays 1In addition to indoor Christmas decorations, outdoor Christmas lighting can encourage peace and unity amongst neighbors, add curb appeal, and brighten your “welcome home.”  Some ideas for outdoor Christmas lighting include lighting a path, outlining a boundary with lights, displaying religious or novelty objects, lighting trees/bushes/buildings/objects.  It’s fun to drive down a street lined with parkway trees wrapped in monochromatic lighting of green stems and white tree tops.  Lining a deck railing brings the festivity to the backyard.  Nativity scenes are particularly beautiful when highlighted with outdoor Christmas lighting.  Outlining a house with outdoor Christmas lighting can accent its beauty.  There are many ways to share the spirit with outdoor Christmas lighting.

Chose Among the Many Ways to Decorated an Outdoor Christmas tree

The most grand outdoor Christmas tree can usually be found in the downtown of a major metropolitan area.  Several trees are roped together to form a massive outdoor Christmas tree.  This is then lit with an abundant amount of lights and, sometimes, other Christmas decorations.  It is spectacular.  Other large Christmas trees can be formed from metal framing and then outlined with outdoor lights.  It is easy to form many different sizes in this way.  Lights can be strung horizontally, vertically, or in a swirl design emphasizing movement.  A monochromatic lighting scheme is popular but multi-colored lighting on an outdoor Christmas tree is equally striking.  Of course, decorating an evergreen makes an easy outdoor Christmas tree.  Don’t forget the ornaments and a tree topper.

Christmas Decorations Add Cheer During the Holidays 2