January 18, 2019

Residential Holiday Lighting Services for the Chicago Area



Holiday Concepts

In the Chicago area, Holiday Concepts of Romeoville, makes an excellent choice for a total holiday lighting specialist.  With a full menu of services, the Holiday Concepts team of experts can offer you every holiday lighting service you could possibly desire. 



 Holiday concepts can help you with:

1. Holiday lighting design for the exterior of your home and yard.

2. Installation of your outdoor holiday lights

3. Timely efficient and careful take-down, as well as safe, secure, organized storage of your holiday lights. 

 Not sure what really makes sense for you and your budget? The folks at Holiday Concepts can create a custom package that exactly fits the needs of you, your home, your budget and your family.

Holiday Lighting.Org found plenty of reasons to recommend Holiday Concepts of Romeoville to residents of Chicagolad.  An ideal company to handle all your outdoor holiday decorating and lighting needs, Holiday Concepts is unique in that all the installers are employed by the company and fully trained in-house.  Unlike many firms, Holiday Concepts will never send outside contractors to handle your decorating.  All lighting and decorating is handled by the company with their own fully insured employees. Holiday Concepts  has almost 10 years of experience meeting customer’s needs.  The well-trained staff of this company  can pre-empt problems– like making sure you have sufficient electricity to avoid blown circuits and making sure electric cords are hidden so your holiday display looks great in the daytime as well as at night.

In addition to reliable set-up and trustworthy employees, Holiday Concepts offers an excellent response time in the unlikely event some of your decorations should require service.  If something should malfunction in your display, Holiday Concepts guarantees a response within 48 hours.  And 99% of the time, we found they had someone there to correct problems in 24 hours or less. 

Holiday Concepts  also warranties it’s work.  The firm can store your decorations and any products you may purchase from them in their own insured warehouse.  With all that Holiday Concepts has to offer, why would you bother even thinking about climbing that ladder this holiday season?

To reach Holiday Concepts in Romeoville, IL, call 630-754-8850, 1-800-856-9303 or follow this link:  www.hclights.com



Christmas Light Installation: A Beginner’s Guide

Hanging Exterior Christmas Lights Can Be Easy
Christmas Light Installation A bEginner GuideIf you celebrate Christmas and live in a private home, chances are that you will, at some point, want to make the season more festive by hanging Christmas lighting outside. Contrary to what many people believe, learning how to hang Christmas lights isn’t difficult. Here are some tips to get you started.

Getting Ready
Christmas Light Installation A bEginner Guide 1It’s best to find someone to help you rather than undertaking a Christmas light installation project on your own. However, if you cannot find one, hang a receptacle (either a basket or a bucket with a handle) from a nail or an “S” hook on your ladder. This will limit the number of times you need to climb up and down from the roof during the course of your work. Carefully scrutinizing all of your exterior Christmas lights before you–and, if available, your assistant–ascend the ladder is also a good idea. Ensure that all lights are operable and have no frayed areas in the cords prior to carrying them up the ladder with you.

Starting At The Top
Christmas Light Installation A bEginner Guide 2One of the most important things to remember when doing a Christmas light installation is to finish each piece of the project before starting on another. Otherwise, you may miss something important and will find yourself re-taking steps you thought you had already completed in the course of installing Christmas lighting outside. Start with the roof line. You can run an extension cord through a window or plug it into an exterior outlet and running it from there to the roof line, keeping it as close to the house as possible and making certain that the outlet is not exposed to rain, snow, and sprinkler water. Then, install fasteners or holders over which to drape the extension cord or cords and the strings of exterior Christmas lights themselves. Space all fasteners uniformly, and ensure that they hold up to 10 pounds.

The Hang of It
Christmas Light Installation A bEginner Guide 3Once the fasteners or holders have been installed, it’s time hang your exterior Christmas lights. Starting at the power source, “follow” the fasteners across to the other side of the line. Suspend an individual string, then plug in the next string, then the next, etc. Never plug all the strings together to speed things up, as it will result in a mess of tangled light strings. Finally, double-check that the light string cords of all Christmas lights outside are secure in/on the fastener and cannot be knocked off the roof. Do the columns on your home next, interspersing light strings with natural or artificial holiday garland. Removable tacky clay, placed behind the string garden, will help adhesion here. Loop light strings under and over the railing of your porch, and–with the same peel-and-stick fasteners you used on the roof, along the top of the porch enclosure. Done! See, learning how to hang Christmas lights, and doing a Christmas light installation on your own, isn’t as difficult as you thought. Enjoy your handiwork!

Hanging Holiday Lights Indoors

Christmas light installation inside your home? Nothing to it!
Hanging Holiday Lights IndoorsIndoor Christmas lights are a great complement to Christmas trees and add a hearty dose of festivity to your home at holiday time. Christmas light installation is not only a fairly simple job; it can be a fun, very creative project as well. Just think how many different places there are for hanging holiday lights around the house!

Opening the Door
Hanging Holiday Lights Indoors 1Indoor Christmas lights add a festive touch to any doorway or archway. Simply take garland or any other kind of greenery and intertwine it with string lights, starting at one end and weaving in and out. Then place the finished product on the floor and bring the ends together. The “fold” of the greenery becomes the center, which should be positioned in the center of the entrance with the rest of the strand flanking its left and right sides and lightly draped to look as natural as possible. Push pins or small, sturdy hooks should be used to attach the string lights/garland combination to the doorway or archway.

Stepping Up
Hanging Holiday Lights Indoors 2Hanging holiday lights on your banister and using them to decorate your stairs is another creative twist on indoor Christmas light installation. Weave together string lights and garland, ensuring that the end of the garland strand and the end of the string lights are at the same end to simplify lighting. Run the strand down one side of the stairs, starting at the top, and/or drape or wrap it around the banister. Embellish the look of colored or multi-colored lights with white bows tied every three feet or so along the banister. Use a red or green bow to create the same effect with strands comprised of garland and white string lights.

Fanning the Festivity Flames
Holiday Lighting Clips 4You might also want to consider using indoor Christmas lights to frame your fireplace. Again, intertwine string lights and garland and drape atop the fireplace mantle, with the ends cascading downward. Top off your creative Christmas light installation by decorating a few medium or large house plants with additional string lights, preferably white ones that can be used year-round. Place these in your front hallway, near the stairs and in the dining room. Of course, these ideas are just a start; there are plenty of other means of hanging holiday lights to fashion an interior winter wonderland. Don’t be afraid to experiment; the results may surprise you.