August 25, 2019

String Beauty Around the Home with Energy Efficient LED Christmas Lights

christmas ballMini LED Lights Offer Versatility and Cost-Savings When Decorating For the Holidays

Add sparkle and pizzazz to your holiday decorating this year with mini LED lights.  Mini LED lights are just like the popular traditional Christmas string lights.  They are easy to decorate with because there are so many different ways to use them.  Their small size makes them easy to work with in many applications.  Mini LED lights are perfect for indoor or outdoor use.  Mini LED lights can be strung around Christmas trees, topiaries, garland, wreaths, poinsettias, or other displayed greenery.  Mini LED lights look beautiful in and around table-top displays.  Mini LED lights offer energy efficiency.  They use about 90% less energy consumption than conventional incandescent lights.  Mini LED lights have a much longer life span.  Mini LED lights are rated to last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.  Mini LED lights help you be green and save money.  LED, or Light-Emitting Diode, is a smart choice in today’s light source market.  Chose smart, energy efficient mini LED lights and brighten your Christmas decorating.


C7 LED Christmas Lights Create A Soft Glow of Beauty

Create a joyful holiday with softly glowing C7 LED Christmas lights.  C7 LED Christmas lights are smaller versions of the C9 LED Christmas lights.  Both are popular for their ease in changing bulbs by simply screwing one bulb in and out at a time.  It’s nice because one burnt out bulb on a C7 LED Christmas light strand does not affect the entire strand of bulbs like traditional mini light sets.  With C7 LED Christmas lights, you can buy new sets or purchase replacement bulbs for traditional C7 light sets.  Like other LED Christmas lights, commercial string light sets are available with different string lengths and end-to-end plugs that allow for a long distance of lights.  C7 LED Christmas lights have the same advantages of LED Christmas lights:  energy efficient, long lasting, 90% less energy consumption, maintenance free, sturdy, cool to the touch, colorful bright lights, quick turn-on, dimmable and programmable, lightweight and compact, environmentally friendly with no mercury, recyclable, and for use indoors/outdoors.  In addition, the C7 LED Christmas lights make a wonderful year-round night-light.  Be responsible; reduce-reuse-recycle.  LED lights can help you protect the earth and be environmentally friendly.   


C9 LED Christmas Lights Radiate Striking Bold Dots of Color

Colorful and bright lighting can jazz up the season and make your holiday decorating sparkle with magnificent illumination.  The three inch long C9 LED Christmas lights have all the same features and advantages of C7 bulbs but are larger in size for bolder displays of brilliant color and radiant light.  Also like the C7 LED Christmas lights, C9 LED Christmas light bulbs can also be screwed into traditional C9 string lights making it easy to replace a burnt out or broken bulb.  The LED Christmas light bulbs fade out over time compared to incandescent bulbs that abruptly burn out.  Like other LED Christmas lights, C9 LED Christmas lights are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Indoor uses include Christmas trees, topiaries, garland, wreaths, or other greenery.  C9 LED Christmas lights are especially beautiful outdoors.  C9 LED Christmas lights are perfect for decorating large, overly dense and full trees.  C9 LED Christmas light bulbs display vivid, bold splashes of color and can be seen from great distances.  Due to the larger size of the C9 LED Christmas lights, not as many lights are needed to cover the same areas as the popular mini lights.  For brilliant colorful displays of holiday light, try using C9 LED Christmas lights this year and ignite the spirit of Christmas.

Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark

C9 holiday lights make a great addition to any holiday lighting scheme.
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights SparkLook at the Web site of almost any manufacturer that offers holiday lighting, and you’ll probably see a listing for C9 Christmas lights. Along with C7 Christmas lights, C9 holiday lights have become true Yuletide staples. Here’s what you need to know about them.

So What’s A C-9, Anyway?
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark 1C9 Christmas lights are the largest available lights in the “C”-style lighting category. This variety of holiday lighting features bulbs that just over three inches long, allowing users to achieve a striking look. C9 holiday lights come in a wide variety of colors. You can also select either transparent or opaque C9 Christmas lights, as well as either traditional incandescent or light-emitting diode (LED) varieties.

Incandescent Versus LED
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark 2In a recent holiday lighting investigation, Consumer Reports compared C7 and C9 Christmas lights using four variables: price, energy use/costs, durability and brightness. On the price side, C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights were found to be slightly more expensive than their incandescent counterparts. They were also deemed five to six times less bright. However, according to the report, C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights are more cost-efficient to operate. They utilize one to three kilowatt hours of energy; incandescents, 12 to 105 kilowatts per hour, for a savings of up to $11. Additionally, C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights came out a winner in terms of durability. All LED bulbs tested by Consumer Reports continued to work after more than 4,000 hours of operation and were made of shatter-resistant plastic. Conversely, the more fragile glass incandescent holiday lighting products displayed one or more burned-out bulbs before 2,000 hours of use had elapsed.

Get Your Sockets Right
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark 3Candelabra and intermediate light bulb bases are the most commonly used light bulb bases in holiday lighting. C9 Christmas lights have the larger intermediate variety of base, while C7s bulb have the candelabra base, which is smaller. Each type of base has one corresponding socket size, so when purchasing light strings, don’t forget to select C9 bulbs with compatible (intermediate) bases.