January 18, 2019

Get Fired Up For Christmas With Creative Christmas Tree Lighting


Mix It Up A Bit This Year With New Festive Lighting Combinations 

For most people, the focal point of interior Christmas decor is the Christmas tree. But rather than getting caught in the same Christmas tree lighting rut this year, why not experiment a bit with new festive lighting combinations and/or options? You may like what you see!


Go Crazy With Cs…C7 C9

 Some people prefer to use traditional incandescent Christmas tree lighting products. The most common large incandescent options–C7 and C9 Christmas lights–feature a tapered shape and come in white as well as in several different colors and in frosted and clear varieties. Instead of selecting C7 Christmas lights or C9 Christmas lights in white this year, make a Christmas tree lighting plan that includes strings of colored bulbs–or a combination of strings with color and white bulbs if you prefer. Try frosted C7s and C9s if you’ve always gravitated towards clear ones, and vice versa. Another idea: C7 Christmas lights and C9 Christmas lights usually come in strands of 25 bulbs spaced about a foot apart, but 100-bulb and 1,000-bulb strings can now be found.


…And LEDs C7 LED

LED versions of C7 Christmas lights and C9 Christmas lights are becoming increasingly popular, too. While they are more expensive to purchase upfront, they do offer energy savings down the road. Even better, stores now feature a wide range of LED light strings with which you can exercise your creativity. Choose from miniatures, tapers, globes, and novelty Christmas lights.



The Novelty of It All

Speaking of novelty Christmas lights, these items can add another twist to any festive lighting design. Offered in incandescent and LED varieties, and in large and miniature sizes, are novelty Christmas lights that replicate everything from traditional icons, like Bethlehem stars and wrapped gifts, to sports equipment, carton/comic strip characters, miniature wrapped gifts, and popular foods and beverages. You may also want to experiment with combining different lights to create uniquely themed trees. For example, design a candy-themed Christmas tree lighting scheme using novelty Christmas lights that look like candy canes and other types of confections, topping it all off with alternating strands of red and white miniature lights for a candy-cane “finish”. Chili pepper, candy and grape novelty Christmas lights make a great food-themed tree, or use strings of basketball, soccer, football and other novelty Christmas lights in a sports motif to decorate a super sports-themed tree. Such sources as Everything Christmas (www.everythingchristmas.com) sell this category of Christmas tree lighting products online.

Large C9 Christmas Lights Create Bold Patches of Holiday Color

Decorate For the Holidays Using C9 String Lights

Large C9 Christmas Lights Create Bold Patches of Holiday ColorLarge C9 Christmas string lights create brilliant colorful displays that can be used indoors and outdoors.  String lights are a quick and easy way to illuminate the season and set a mood for festivity.  C9 light bulbs typically screw into string lights making it easy to replace a burnt out or broken bulb.  C9 Christmas string lights can be used indoors on Christmas trees, garland, wreaths, other displayed greenery, or even around table-top displays.  C9 Christmas string lights are a popular favorite for the outdoors with their vivid, bold splashes of color that can be seen a great distance away.  Use C9 string lights to create a fabulous holiday display for all to enjoy.

Be Environmentally Friendly With C9 LED Lighting Sets

Large C9 Christmas Lights Create Bold Patches of Holiday Color 1Being “green” is all the rage today.  It’s important to be responsible and consider reducing, reusing, and recycling.  C9 LED lighting sets can help you accomplish that.  Light-Emitting Diode, or LED, lighting is a popular choice in today’s light source market.  C9 LED lights have advantages over traditional string lighting sets.  They are more energy efficient, brightly colored, longer-lasting, cool to the touch, more shock resistant, and slowly fades out over time compared to abruptly burning out.  C9 LED lighting sets are initially more expensive but cost less over their longer life span.  C9 LED light bulbs can be used in a traditional C9 cord making it easy to swap out old C9 incandescent bulbs with the newer model.  Saving money and being kinder to the environment make C9 LED lighting a smart choice for your holiday illuminations.

Brighten the Season Using C9 Christmas Bulbs For Your Holiday Decorating

Large C9 Christmas Lights Create Bold Patches of Holiday Color 2Bright and colorful lighting can jazz up the season and make your holiday decorating sparkle with festive illumination. C9 Christmas bulbs can help create an even more grandeur holiday decorating with their 3” long brilliant mark of color splashed on top of greenery.  Due to their larger size, not as many C9 Christmas lights are needed to cover the same area as popular mini-lights.  C9 Christmas lights are perfect for your holiday decorating of large, overly dense and full trees.  Perfect for outdoor holiday decorating, C9 bulbs are also beautiful on large indoor Christmas trees.  Use C9 Christmas bulbs in your holiday decorating to share the Christmas cheer with family, friends, and neighbors.

Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark

C9 holiday lights make a great addition to any holiday lighting scheme.
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights SparkLook at the Web site of almost any manufacturer that offers holiday lighting, and you’ll probably see a listing for C9 Christmas lights. Along with C7 Christmas lights, C9 holiday lights have become true Yuletide staples. Here’s what you need to know about them.

So What’s A C-9, Anyway?
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark 1C9 Christmas lights are the largest available lights in the “C”-style lighting category. This variety of holiday lighting features bulbs that just over three inches long, allowing users to achieve a striking look. C9 holiday lights come in a wide variety of colors. You can also select either transparent or opaque C9 Christmas lights, as well as either traditional incandescent or light-emitting diode (LED) varieties.

Incandescent Versus LED
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark 2In a recent holiday lighting investigation, Consumer Reports compared C7 and C9 Christmas lights using four variables: price, energy use/costs, durability and brightness. On the price side, C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights were found to be slightly more expensive than their incandescent counterparts. They were also deemed five to six times less bright. However, according to the report, C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights are more cost-efficient to operate. They utilize one to three kilowatt hours of energy; incandescents, 12 to 105 kilowatts per hour, for a savings of up to $11. Additionally, C7 and C9 LED Christmas lights came out a winner in terms of durability. All LED bulbs tested by Consumer Reports continued to work after more than 4,000 hours of operation and were made of shatter-resistant plastic. Conversely, the more fragile glass incandescent holiday lighting products displayed one or more burned-out bulbs before 2,000 hours of use had elapsed.

Get Your Sockets Right
Catching the C9 Christmas Lights Spark 3Candelabra and intermediate light bulb bases are the most commonly used light bulb bases in holiday lighting. C9 Christmas lights have the larger intermediate variety of base, while C7s bulb have the candelabra base, which is smaller. Each type of base has one corresponding socket size, so when purchasing light strings, don’t forget to select C9 bulbs with compatible (intermediate) bases.

Holiday Lighting Clips

Easier Decorating with Holiday Lighting Clips

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to hang your decorative holiday lights without damaging your home, fence, boat or other properties, you might want to consider investing in some holiday lighting clips.  Unlike staples or nails these easy-to-use little gadgets don’t damage the paint of leave holes behind.  Typically they clip to the edge of the fascia board, shingles or gutters of your home.  Available in various types, you’ll want to purchase the kind of holiday lighting clips that work on the surface where you will be placing the lights.

It’s a Snap with the Right Holiday Decorating Clips

First plan out your project and determine where you will be placing your exterior Christmas lights.  Once you know where you will be hanging outdoor lights, it’s easy to select your holiday lighting clips.  Review the types of clips below and select the ones that best meet your needs.

Shingle clip: Shingle clips or tabs can be mounted above gutters or hung below them.

Holiday Lighting Clips

Mounted Above

Holiday Lighting Clips 1

Hung Below

All in One Chips

All in One Chips

All-in-One Clips: These clips hang below the roof under the edging.  They also can be used under gutters, but are not intended for mounting lights above the gutter.  You can order all-in-one light clips

at www.christmaslightsandmore.com.

Kwikclips: These clips are useful for attaching C7 and C9 Christmas lights to fascia board.  They are not appropriate for mounting lights to shingles or gutters.

Holiday Lighting Clips 3


Holiday Lighting Clips 4

Kwikclips in Use

You can find these handy holiday lighting clips at www.Kwikclip.com.