December 4, 2022

Get Fired Up For Christmas With Creative Christmas Tree Lighting


Mix It Up A Bit This Year With New Festive Lighting Combinations 

For most people, the focal point of interior Christmas decor is the Christmas tree. But rather than getting caught in the same Christmas tree lighting rut this year, why not experiment a bit with new festive lighting combinations and/or options? You may like what you see!


Go Crazy With Cs…C7 C9

 Some people prefer to use traditional incandescent Christmas tree lighting products. The most common large incandescent options–C7 and C9 Christmas lights–feature a tapered shape and come in white as well as in several different colors and in frosted and clear varieties. Instead of selecting C7 Christmas lights or C9 Christmas lights in white this year, make a Christmas tree lighting plan that includes strings of colored bulbs–or a combination of strings with color and white bulbs if you prefer. Try frosted C7s and C9s if you’ve always gravitated towards clear ones, and vice versa. Another idea: C7 Christmas lights and C9 Christmas lights usually come in strands of 25 bulbs spaced about a foot apart, but 100-bulb and 1,000-bulb strings can now be found.


…And LEDs C7 LED

LED versions of C7 Christmas lights and C9 Christmas lights are becoming increasingly popular, too. While they are more expensive to purchase upfront, they do offer energy savings down the road. Even better, stores now feature a wide range of LED light strings with which you can exercise your creativity. Choose from miniatures, tapers, globes, and novelty Christmas lights.



The Novelty of It All

Speaking of novelty Christmas lights, these items can add another twist to any festive lighting design. Offered in incandescent and LED varieties, and in large and miniature sizes, are novelty Christmas lights that replicate everything from traditional icons, like Bethlehem stars and wrapped gifts, to sports equipment, carton/comic strip characters, miniature wrapped gifts, and popular foods and beverages. You may also want to experiment with combining different lights to create uniquely themed trees. For example, design a candy-themed Christmas tree lighting scheme using novelty Christmas lights that look like candy canes and other types of confections, topping it all off with alternating strands of red and white miniature lights for a candy-cane “finish”. Chili pepper, candy and grape novelty Christmas lights make a great food-themed tree, or use strings of basketball, soccer, football and other novelty Christmas lights in a sports motif to decorate a super sports-themed tree. Such sources as Everything Christmas ( sell this category of Christmas tree lighting products online.

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