December 4, 2022

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights (Cont. 1)

Electric Christmas Lights Shine Bright and Illuminate the Night

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas LightsThe story of the first electrically lit Christmas tree says Edward H. Johnson, an associate of Thomas Edison, had electric Christmas lights made especially for himself.  The first known electric Christmas tree, as pictured here, was reportedly displayed in Johnson’s New York home in December, 1882.  Electric Christmas lights are still hung in this manner, indoors and outdoors, more than a century later!  Clearly, people love the luminescent luxury of decorating for the holidays using electric Christmas lights.  One of the easiest ways to hang electric Christmas lights is to start from the bottom and move upwards in a ribbon candy pattern, an “S” curve, that travels back and forth around one-third of the tree at a time.  Electric Christmas lights can also be used to outline a building or landscaping.  Hanging Christmas lights on a building is best done using lighting clips.  Small and transparent plastic clips are good for attaching lights to gutters or roofs and are discrete enough to allow them to be hung year-round and reused in future years.

Battery-Operated Christmas Lights Are Safe and Easy to Use

How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights 1Battery-operated Christmas lights are the perfect answer when deciding how to hang outdoor Christmas lights where electrical outlets are not available or are hard to reach.  The freedom and ease of battery-operated Christmas lights allows anyone who wants to illuminate their outdoors to do so without the inconvenience of unsightly extension cords.  A small battery pack powers light sets for a long time and allows for discrete camouflage.  Holiday decorating can be safe and easy with the convenience of battery-operated Christmas lights.

Solar-Powered Christmas Lights Glow with Radiant Energy

go green with solar string lights 1Solar-powered Christmas lights are a dream-come true for “green” enthusiasts.  These energy efficient lights use an energy panel that collects radiant energy from the sun during the day to power a battery that automatically turns on when dark providing light throughout the night.  Hung in the same manner as all other string lights, solar-powered Christmas lights can decorate trees, shrubs, and buildings.  Solar-powered Christmas lights have the convenience of battery-operated Christmas lights and the advantage of being the most energy-efficient and the best for the environment.  Like battery-operated Christmas lights, solar-powered Christmas lights can be easily transported from one location to another.  Light up your holidays with solar-powered Christmas lights.

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