February 7, 2023

Icicle Holiday Lights–Not Just for Christmas Anymore

Icicle-style lights have made a huge, if somewhat frozen, splash in the US over the last 10 years.  But did you know that icicle holiday lights are not just for Christmas anymore?

Patriotic Holiday Light Set

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymoreCheck out this patriotic holiday light set.  Wit red, white and blue icicle lights it makes an ideal home decoration for Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July or even Labor Day.  One of many novelty lighting ideas for the all-American holidays, this represents an interesting new evolution of outdoor Christmas lighting ideas.  Using your imagination, staples such as icicle holiday lights can be applied in many unique and exciting new ways.

Halloween–Camera, Lights, Decorations—–Action!

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 1According to “Selling Halloween” magazine, Halloween is the biggest holiday for outdoor lighting following Christmas.  One of the most popular choices for outdoor lighting at Halloween is icicle holiday lights–but this time in orange, green or even purple.  Orange and green are traditional, but over the last few years purple has been seeing increasing action as a trendy color for Halloween products.  We’d imagine this is due to its particularly eerie-looking nature.

Novelty Lighting–Holiday Icicle Lights Take Shape

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 2Even more unusual are icicle lights that have taken on interesting shapes in celebration of holidays other than Christmas.  Just one example is this string of cascading spider icicle lights–a particularly creepy way to get your icicles on.

Icicle holiday lights not just for xmas anymore 3Even more surprising were these heart and shamrock icicle lights we found. Perfect for novelty lighting projects at Valentine’s Day and St.Patrick’s Day, these unique products are sure to be the talk of the town.

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