December 4, 2022

Holiday Lighting Installation–Know Your Lights

When it comes to holiday lighting installation, it makes sense to know the proper terminology for the lighting you have in mind.  Knowing what you want and how to ask for it is important, regardless of whether you’re shopping for Christmas lighting ideas or hiring someone who offers commercial Christmas lighting.

For just this reason we have created a glossary of some common terms you’re likely to run across as you plan and shop for your Christmas lites.  Get a handle on these terms and you can easily communicate your desires to shop-keepers and the professionals who do Christmas decorating.

Holiday Lighting Installation Know Your LightsC7--C7 Christmas lights are the smaller of two sizes of traditional Christmas lights

C9--C9 Christmas lights are the larger of the two sizes of traditional Christmas lights, measuring about 2-1/2″ in length.

Holiday Lighting Installation Know Your Lights 1Bubble lights–these are historical Christmas lights that were in common use from the 1940’s to the 1960’s.  Although now quite rare, there are a few companies offering a contemporary version of this old classic.

Holiday Lighting Installation Know Your Lights 2

Icicle lights–These light strands offer cascading droplets of light meant to simulate the look of icicles hanging from a roof.  In recent years the variety of styles has increased to include icicles in various colors as well as a myriad of shapes including stars and other novelty designs.

Holiday Lighting Installation Know Your Lights 3Rope lights–Rope lights are holiday lights encased in a plastic sleeve making them look like a rope.  They are flexible enough to be formed into various shapes and to be installed around curves.

LED lights–These lights are a more energy efficient type of light.  They typically cost a bit more, save energy and should last longer than conventional Christmas lights.  Most styles of lights are available in an LED version as well as a traditional one.  Look for C7, C9, icicle lights and other styles to be offered in an LED version as well.

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