February 7, 2023

Have Yourself an LED Christmas

have urself an led xmas copyChristmas, in the modern tradition, most definitely calls for a bright, sometimes eccentric, display of outdoor lights and tree lights. There’s no doubt that it is not a trend, but a paradigm in Christmas celebration. And in light of recent research and economic downturn, LED lights turning out to be a new revolution in Christmas lighting.

Great Advancements in Christmas Lighting

For one thing, LED Christmas lights can give you more bang for your buck. Because of their power-saving electron diode technology, LED Christmas lights can run for over 4,000 hours without burning a bulb. On average, they use about 33% less power than regular incandescent lights and are about the same price – averaging at about $10 for a 50-bulb string.

Variety in Outdoor Lights

have urself an led xmas copy 1A website, holidayleds.com, proves that not only can you save money on bills, you can get a grocery-store-like variety. The outdoor lights category can be found with 20 varieties, varying from shape to size to color – green, blue, white, multi-colored, round, oblong, you name it.

What about Christmas Tree Lights?

Don’t worry, you can find dozens of varieties on holidayleds.com, as well as sites such as christmaslightsetc.com and 1000bulbs.com also ranging in variety of color, shape and size.

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