August 8, 2022

Alternative Looks in Outdoor Christmas Lights


Icicle lights and little white lights have been all the rage in recent years, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try something just a bit different when you put up your outdoor Christmas lights this year.


Novel Products for Outdoor Xmas Light

Attractive Looks in Outdoor Christmas LightsA variety of alternative ideas can be found at  One novel idea is the Starlight Sphere.  Sphere can be hung from trees for a unique celestial effect. We found them in a variety of colors and sizes starting at just $17.95 a piece.  One design is even available in this multi-colored style.


Flake Out With Snowflake Lights

Attractive Looks in Outdoor Christmas Lights 1If it’s snowflake lights that tickle your fancy, Christmas Lights Etc. won’t disappoint here either.  With snowflake holiday lights in a wide variety of styles up to 4 feet in size, you’re sure to find one that’s just right to grace your home or yard.



Not Lions or Tigers….But Fawns Oh My!

Attractive Looks in Outdoor Christmas Lights 2Charming grapevine, pre-lit topiary animals are also featured on this site.  You’ll find them in sizes ranging from 24″ to 8 ft. One of our favorites is a sitting fawn offered at $ 99.95. Placed in groups, a variety of topiary animals can serve to create a woodland setting.  Add to this a sleigh and your woodlands become a fantasyland just waiting for Santa to arrive.


Christmas Rope Lights to Shape Up Your Décor

Attractive Looks in Outdoor Christmas Lights 3Outdoor silhouettes, motifs and yard art are yet another category of product to consider as you plan how to decorate your yard for the upcoming season. Designs are formed by molding Christmas Rope light into various shapes and designs.  Themes are as varied as Disney characters, Santa and religious themes.  These motifs work equally well for homes and businesses that are looking for commercial Christmas lighting.

Christmas is the Season and the Season is the Reason. Now’s the time to select some new products for your collection of outdoor Christmas lights.

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