May 25, 2020

Using Color to Enhance Your Christmas Light Decorations

Color Makes the Mood

Color has an amazing ability to evoke emotion and create mood.  Using color to create the feeling you want your home to emanate for Christmas is easier than you might imagine.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorationsTake elegance for example.  Shades of gold and ivory together can create one of the most elegant Christmas statements.  Simply mixing these two colors in your Christmas light decorations will give you the antique feel of sophisticated holidays of years gone by.  Remove all the bold color from your decorative scheme and the feeling is not only elegant, but soft, calm, quiet and sophisticated–perfect for chic, grown-up adult parties.

Need a livelier scheme?  Simply add some red to your gold and ivory decorations and suddenly your home takes on a bolder and more contemporary look.  Check out this Christmas tree and see how the color changes your reaction to the photo.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorations 1Should you need to entertain sophisticated clients, family and children all in one space, consider starting with a base color-scheme of gold and ivory.  You can entertain your professional friends with this calm, chic scheme. Then when it’s time for the family and kids to arrive, change the entire mood quickly by simply adding a few red flower picks to your garlands and red ornaments to your tree.  Voila! In no time you can change the entire mood of party with a few simple changes to your Christmas lights decorations.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorations 2Let There Be Light–Candle and Wreath Lighting

Light as well as color can be used to influence the emotions evoked by holiday decorating.  Add candles and wreath lighting to a mantle to achieve a beautiful warm look above your fireplace like the one pictured here.

Using Color to enhance your christmas light decorations 3Elegant Inside & Outside Christmas Lights

When the interior is complete, you’ll want to be sure to take you Christmas light outdoor.  Elegant, beautiful Christmas light decorations are as easy to complete outdoors as in.  Consider this outdoor Christmas tree.  It’s simple, elegant and carries our beautiful gold scheme outside.

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