December 4, 2022

Unify Community Spirit Using Outdoor Christmas Lights

Communities Share Camaraderie When Holiday Decorating

Subdivisions across America can come together during the holidays by coordinating holiday decorating.  Nearly every home in one subdivision in the Western suburbs of Chicago shares in the holiday spirit by planning and coordinating their holiday decorating.  Some homes choose to accent their homes, some accent their landscapes, and some homes accent both in their holiday decorating.  Neighbors get together to decorate parkway trees to create a tunnel effect driving through the neighborhood.  Some streets are lined with monochromatic white tree trunks and green foliage and some neighbors choose to do the opposite color scheme.  Some homeowners like to be more colorful and choose multi-colored Christmas lights or other colored light combinations in the holiday decorating of their parkway trees.  The beauty not only lies in the holiday decorating but in neighbors coming together for a common purpose.  This spirit can be taken further.  After years of decorating and adding to their collections, some homeowners go all out in their holiday decorating.  There are homes whose entire garages, fronted with clear plexiglass, are devoted to holiday splendor.  One home has an elaborate train set displayed in their garage staged in a winter mountainous small town Christmas festival.  Many homeowners also create festive winter wonderlands throughout their outdoors.  In addition to hanging numerous outdoor Christmas lights, some homeowners pipe in speakers playing holiday music from local radio stations and provide candy canes to visitors adjacent to a donation basket.  The use of outdoor Christmas lights, speakers coordinated with twinkling lights, candy canes offered to visitors, interactive displays for children, and the smell of the great outdoors all come together as part of a multi-sensory holiday decorating experience that’s fun for everyone.

Neighbors Coordinate Yard Lighting To Unite In The Holiday Spirit

Ideas abound when planning yard lighting for a unified neighborhood holiday lights display.  Neighbors can consider stringing lights on shrubbery and trees, spotlighting wreaths, and lighting pathways to make yard lighting festive for all who pass by.  Elaborate displays can be placed inside glass boxes and staged on one’s lawn as part of a protective yard decoration.  The yard lighting of these displays is best when spotlights are used to up light the display.  Popular figurines like Pooh Bear and Tigger or Snoopy and Woodstock are shown in festive holiday poses and accented with yard lighting.  Yard lighting makes the holiday season more festive for all.

Homeowners Create Festive Displays With Window Holiday Lights

Another way a community can organize a unified holiday display is with the use of window holiday lights.  Festive window holiday lights can be displayed in various ways.  Special scenes like the nativity, Santa carrying presents, elves peeking over window sills looking to see if the children have been naughty or nice, or any other holiday related scene make an impressive use of window holiday lights.  Other ideas for window holiday lights can include outlining the top of the window frame with icicle lights, outlining the window frame with rope lighting, hanging special shapes like the Moravian Star or Starlight Spheres, or creating a special design of your own.  The creativity is endless when using window holiday lights and the best part is the display is contained inside free from weather or harm.  Encourage all of your neighbors to decorate with window holiday lights to create a luminescent luxury for all to see when driving through your neighborhood.

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