February 7, 2023

Trends in Christmas Decorations–2009

trends in xmas decoration

Research On Lights Decorations

If you’re getting ready for Christmas and planning ahead for your lights decorations, you might be interested in knowing what the coming season’s hottest trends are likely to be.  Lucky for you, we’ve done a lot of research and can give you a pretty good idea of what’s to come in Christmas lighting decorating for 2009.

Holiday Decorating to Go Green

trends in xmas decoration 1Scanning the market, one of the biggest trends we see coming is movement toward more eco-consciousness in holiday decorating. According to “Selling Christmas Decorations Magazine”, in a recent survey retailers reported that eco-conciousness was a factor in 23% of consumers purchases.  Decreased energy usage, longer lasting bulbs and LED lighting were sited as important considerations.  Bags,  receipts and other waste were also mentioned as customer concerns.

trends in xmas decoration 2The percentage of people looking for “green” Christmas decorations in 2008 was significant and is expected to continue to grow.  Natural products for holiday decorating is just beginning to influence buying habits according to many retailers. It appears environmentally-conscious products are expected to exert a growing influence in holiday decorating, especially among younger buyers.

LED Lighting–An Eco-Concious Product Anticipated to Grow

trends in xmas decoration 3Retailers also reported on holiday decorating products that are expected to continue to exhibit the greatest growth.  These products include indoor décor, ornaments–especially glass ornaments, pre-lit trees and options in LED lighting.

As we near the holiday shopping season you can expect to see retailers add some specific categories to their selections of merchandise for 2009.  More pet items, jewelry and personalized products are anticipated.  Other new and unique items that you may find this coming holiday season include inspirational items, personalized merchandise and foods as well as decorations and ribbons of high quality.  Just as the number of these categories are expected to grow still others are likely to be less prevalent this Christmas.  Trees, greeting cards, collectibles, paper tableware, stationery, inflatables, party goods and potpourri are likely to take up less space on retailer’s floors than in past seasons.

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