December 4, 2022

Share in the Spirit–Hang Outdoor Christmas Lighting


snowflakeCreate a Winter Wonderland with Snowflake Lights in Your Yard

Whether big white puffs of freshly fallen snow have just fallen in your yard or not, hanging snowflake lights can help set a mood for a white wintry festive holiday season.  The anticipation of a powdery light and airy snowfall helps create great excitement during the festive holidays.  Snowflake lights can help stir great imagination and wonder of the season.  Use snowflakes lights in your yard to share the anticipation of the season with family, friends, and neighbors.  Snowflake lights come in many lighting types and sizes.  A search through retail stores, magazines, or the internet will yield a plethora of all sorts of snowflake lights.  There are snowflake lights for “green” minded people.  A few manufacturers produce LED snowflake lights for people who are concerned with energy efficiency.  LED snowflake lights have a number of advantages including longer lasting, 90% less energy consumption, and environmentally friendly.  Snowflake lights are also available in traditional string sets for those who prefer that.  Traditional snowflake lights are less expensive up front and could be desirable for people who don’t keep their lights sets very long.  Snowflake lights can be hung in trees, draped on shrubbery, mounted on poles and made into yard decorations, or even hung on the eaves of a house to frame its outline.  There are an infinite number of ways to use snowflake lights.  Encourage joyful anticipation of this wonderful time of the year and hang snowflake lights throughout your yard.


Illuminate Your Home This Holiday Season With Christmas Lamps

Of course, traditional Christmas lamps decorated in many Christmas themes can be found just about anywhere.  An internet search will show numerous indoor and outdoor Christmas lamps of all types, shapes, and sizes.  There are even inflatable outdoor Christmas lamps illuminated from within.  Perhaps the most interesting and remarkable Christmas lamp comes from a remake of the “major award” the Old Man received in the movie, A Christmas Story.  The “major award” was a quirky leg lamp with fringed gallery silk shade that he so proudly displayed, at the dismay of his wife, in his front window for all neighbors to share in his enjoyment.  The leg lamp displayed a nicely developed female butt cheek, chubby thigh, and knobby knee with a fishnet stocking and elegant stiletto heel.  This Christmas lamp would make a fun gift and great conversation piece and, if ordered over the internet, the leg lamp ships in a box marked, “his end up” and “fragile” just like it’s shown in A Christmas Story.  For more information, check out the website,  Ignite the spirit and decorate your home with festive and jovial Christmas lamps.


Accentuate Entrances To Your Home With Wreath Lights

Decorating for the holidays can be cheerful, especially when attending to details like wreath lights.  It is commonly thought that wreaths placed on entry ways into the home, or in the home itself, is a symbol of welcome and hospitality.  Placing wreath lights on a wreath is a wonderful way to illuminate and highlight your joy of hosting guests.  Electrical, solar, or battery-operated wreath lights can be used to light up your wreath.  Electrical wreath lights provide a consistent bright light but can be cumbersome in dealing with the power cord.  Solar wreath lights would work in outdoor applications, especially on a south-facing door.  Battery-operated wreath lights are perhaps the most convenient option because the power source can be hidden within the wreath.  The luminary effects of wreath lights make a special welcoming to all of your guests.

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