August 8, 2022

Save Your Outdoor Christmas Décor For Display After Thanksgiving



turkeySeparate Your Lights Decorations For Specific Holidays

When decorating for the holidays, it’s important to concentrate lights decorations on one holiday at a time.  Lights decorations can look cluttered and unattractive if more than one holiday is represented.  Christmas lights decorations should be saved for display after Thanksgiving.  Some people like to hang lights decorations in their trees during the fall when the weather is warmer and at their convenience.  This is fine as long as the lights decorations are not lit until after Thanksgiving.  Some people like to decorate for Halloween and Thanksgiving.  Lights decorations that change colors for different seasons are just the answer for this interest.  An internet search of holiday lights will produce lights decorations that can be colored orange and purple for Halloween and then changed to red and green for Christmas.  During the month of November, these lights decorations can remain hung but unlit then simply changed colors for the Christmas season.  It’s also important to remember that after the New Year, people do not want to see lights decorations lit.  Many homeowners associations have rules allowing for specific time periods that lights decorations can be hung and lit.  Specify a specific holiday when planning your lights decorations this season.


Take It One Holiday At A Time When Decorating With Yard Lightinglights

Yard lighting can look quite lovely and add a special feel during the festive holiday season.  When more than one holiday is represented in yard lighting, the look gets confusing and appears unorganized and poorly planned.  Every year it seems the Christmas yard lighting goes up earlier and earlier in the season.  It has gotten so the pumpkins are barely gone from Halloween when some eager decorators are already displaying their yard lighting.  This early display of yard lighting can be annoying for some.  The unwritten rule of decorating used to be that the Thanksgiving turkey needed to be cleared from the table before the yard lighting was lit.  There are a few who are more than annoyed and who take action.  One radio station in the Chicago suburbs has a service to help decorators learn the rules.  Eric and Kathy, disc-jockeys, at 101.9fm, WTMX take emails at from neighbors who can’t stand the early Christmas yard lighting on display before Thanksgiving.  Eric and Kathy send their “angry pilgrim” producer Swany out dressed in his pilgrim outfit to the offending house at the crack of dawn to take down the yard lighting and other decorations that have been prematurely displayed.  Later that morning, Eric and Kathy call the house to tell the owners that their yard lighting has been taken down but will be given back after Thanksgiving.  Decorators need to be careful with the timing of their Christmas yard lighting or Swany, the angry pilgrim, will show up at their doorstop and create a cheerless holiday.


Decorate Each Holiday With It’s Own Novelty Holiday Lights

Swany the angry pilgrim will also take down novelty holiday lights if they are put up too soon.  Star-shaped, snowflake-shaped, or other novelty holiday lights will be targeted for take down if they are displayed before Thanksgiving.  Don’t make Swany the angry pilgrim mad by putting up your novelty holiday lights before Thanksgiving.  Set up your novelty holiday lights up after Thanksgiving and it will be a fantastic, wonderful, beautiful Christmas holiday.

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