August 8, 2022

Residential Holiday Lighting Services for the Chicago Area



Holiday Concepts

In the Chicago area, Holiday Concepts of Romeoville, makes an excellent choice for a total holiday lighting specialist.  With a full menu of services, the Holiday Concepts team of experts can offer you every holiday lighting service you could possibly desire. 



 Holiday concepts can help you with:

1. Holiday lighting design for the exterior of your home and yard.

2. Installation of your outdoor holiday lights

3. Timely efficient and careful take-down, as well as safe, secure, organized storage of your holiday lights. 

 Not sure what really makes sense for you and your budget? The folks at Holiday Concepts can create a custom package that exactly fits the needs of you, your home, your budget and your family.

Holiday Lighting.Org found plenty of reasons to recommend Holiday Concepts of Romeoville to residents of Chicagolad.  An ideal company to handle all your outdoor holiday decorating and lighting needs, Holiday Concepts is unique in that all the installers are employed by the company and fully trained in-house.  Unlike many firms, Holiday Concepts will never send outside contractors to handle your decorating.  All lighting and decorating is handled by the company with their own fully insured employees. Holiday Concepts  has almost 10 years of experience meeting customer’s needs.  The well-trained staff of this company  can pre-empt problems– like making sure you have sufficient electricity to avoid blown circuits and making sure electric cords are hidden so your holiday display looks great in the daytime as well as at night.

In addition to reliable set-up and trustworthy employees, Holiday Concepts offers an excellent response time in the unlikely event some of your decorations should require service.  If something should malfunction in your display, Holiday Concepts guarantees a response within 48 hours.  And 99% of the time, we found they had someone there to correct problems in 24 hours or less. 

Holiday Concepts  also warranties it’s work.  The firm can store your decorations and any products you may purchase from them in their own insured warehouse.  With all that Holiday Concepts has to offer, why would you bother even thinking about climbing that ladder this holiday season?

To reach Holiday Concepts in Romeoville, IL, call 630-754-8850, 1-800-856-9303 or follow this link:




  1. Jane Raddatz says


    I am interested in having the outside of my bi-level home decorated, house and landscape shrubs. My address is 5101 S. Meade Ave, Chicago. (2 minutes from the I-55 and Central exit). I can be reached at 773-858-7896. If you are available, could you provide an estimate? Thank you in advance.

  2. Christina astorga says

    I have a large 50 ft tree in my yard that I want lights on. Can you provide me a quote please? 219-765-1492 thx

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