December 14, 2018

Landscape Lighting to Create the Perfect At Home Vacation

The economic times are getting tougher.  We are all returning to the simpler things in life.  Enjoyment of what we have at home, instead of chasing the adventures across the world.  After all the best adventures usually start in our own backyards!  And trips away are almost more of a hassle than skipping the vacation altogether.  Often we feel like we need a vacation after our vacation.

Make your own vacation spot at home

landscape lighting to create the perfect at home vacationInstead of using our time off of work to pack up the family and make a trek to our vacation spot of the year, why not just stay at home and enjoy what we have in our own backyards?  You can use landscape lighting to enhance your own backyard to make it like your favorite vacation spot.  Use festive lighting to give it a more tropical feel.

Entertain your guests as if they were at a resort
Landscape Lighting for Summer Enjoyment 1The patio is where the bulk of your entertaining will be.  You should first consider where you want to install patio lights.  Lights can be mounted on your home on either side of the doorway.  This will provide safety for your guests as they enter and exit your deck area from your home.  You can also use string lights to highlight walkways.

Enhance the comforts you already have

Landscape Lighting for Summer Enjoyment 2Lighting to enhance your landscaping is a very exciting process.  This where you really get to show off all the hard work you have put into your landscaping.  You can be as creative as you want.  You are held back only by your own imagination.  Use landscape lighting to highlight trees, bushes and flowers.  Who says the beauty that you created should only be seen during the day?  Keep in mind that trees and walls look best when lit from below.  Another plus to using landscape lighting in your garden and yard area is that it helps to light up dark areas that may be hidden without lighting.  You can also place lighting to create dramatic shadows.

Whatever your landscape lighting, make sure that you take the time to enjoy it.  When your lighting project is complete, you will not regret missing out on a long trip with the family, because you will have your own little paradise in your backyard!

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