February 7, 2023

Holiday Organization: Storing those Pesky Little Icicle Lights

Have you joined the holiday trend of draping your home in beautiful, cascading icicle lights?   If you have, then you know the holiday fun is really over when it’s time to take them down and store them for next year.   Wrapping, bagging, twisting, turning or balling them up– finding a way to store holiday icicle lights is a real challenge.  If hanging the holiday lights is your job for next winter, you have a vested interest in getting them put away right.

How to Keep Icicle Lights Tangle-Free

holiday organization storing those pesky little icide lightsKeeping icicle lights tangle-free doesn’t have to be impossible.  A variety of methods are available to help make storage of these outdoor xmas lights easier.  One suggestion is laying your light strings out on plastic sheets, then taping them in place so the icicles don’t tangle.  Once taped down, you simply roll the plastic sheets up and secure them for storage.  Yet another method is to wrap your icicle lights around a plastic frame such as those that extension cords are sold on.  This type of frame is also often seen in fabric and hobby stores.  Ribbon and trimmings are often displayed on them. If you’re a crafter and can get your regular store to throw in the plastic frame, you’re in luck with your Xmas icicle lights!

Eliminate the Hassle of Ever Storing Your Holiday Lights Again

holiday organization storing those pesky little icide lights 1An even better idea is to get someone to handle your holiday lighting display for you.  Many companies around the country are now offering the service of designing, hanging, and even wrapping and storing your holiday lighting display for you.  To see what these companies have to offer try checking out some of these sites. They’re all highly professional residential and commercial holiday lighting contractors.




Low Priced Icicle Light Alternatives for the Do-It-Yourselfer

If you think hiring a firm to manage your holiday lights is taking it just a step too far, you might consider mimicking what they do with icicle lights.  Many of these professional lighting experts offer icicle lights that are permanently attached to metal frames.  If you’re handy, you might consider attaching your own icicle lights to metal or even wooden slats for easier and permanent display and storage.  Icicle lights can be wrapped around slats and affixed with thin gauge wire or carefully stapled to strips of wood.   Whatever method you choose, based on how much time, money and effort you’re willing to invest, you’re sure to have an eye popping display this upcoming holiday season.

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