July 4, 2022

Holiday Lighting Clips

Easier Decorating with Holiday Lighting Clips

If you’re looking for a foolproof way to hang your decorative holiday lights without damaging your home, fence, boat or other properties, you might want to consider investing in some holiday lighting clips.  Unlike staples or nails these easy-to-use little gadgets don’t damage the paint of leave holes behind.  Typically they clip to the edge of the fascia board, shingles or gutters of your home.  Available in various types, you’ll want to purchase the kind of holiday lighting clips that work on the surface where you will be placing the lights.

It’s a Snap with the Right Holiday Decorating Clips

First plan out your project and determine where you will be placing your exterior Christmas lights.  Once you know where you will be hanging outdoor lights, it’s easy to select your holiday lighting clips.  Review the types of clips below and select the ones that best meet your needs.

Shingle clip: Shingle clips or tabs can be mounted above gutters or hung below them.

Holiday Lighting Clips

Mounted Above

Holiday Lighting Clips 1

Hung Below

All in One Chips

All in One Chips

All-in-One Clips: These clips hang below the roof under the edging.  They also can be used under gutters, but are not intended for mounting lights above the gutter.  You can order all-in-one light clips

at www.christmaslightsandmore.com.

Kwikclips: These clips are useful for attaching C7 and C9 Christmas lights to fascia board.  They are not appropriate for mounting lights to shingles or gutters.

Holiday Lighting Clips 3


Holiday Lighting Clips 4

Kwikclips in Use

You can find these handy holiday lighting clips at www.Kwikclip.com.

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