August 8, 2022

Hanging Holiday Lights in Trees

Outdoor Lights–Not Just in Pines Anymore

Hanging Holiday Lights in TreesOne of the most challenging spots to place Christmas lights is in outdoor trees.  For years people have placed lights on their smaller outdoor pines, but increasingly trees of every shape and size are being adored with blazing holiday lights.

Getting Christmas Lights Up There

Hanging Holiday Lights in Trees 1Hanging holiday lights on trees, especially very tall ones, can be pretty tricky.  If you check around the internet you’ll find lots of ingenious ways to get your lights up there–some that are practical and some that we wouldn’t recommend trying.

One suggestion is to get the longest pole you can find and place three nails in the tip of it in a V shape. Then thread the light string around the nails to hold them in place and hoist them up, placing the light in the tree and then releasing them from the pole.  This method works fairly well but is a bit cumbersome.  It can be quite difficult to manage a pole of a set length.

Yet another solution is to rely on a telescopic tree pruner.  This method is quite popular in the Chicago suburbs where year after year enthusiastic tree trimmers raise their lights into the sky attached to these tools.  Fairly effective, this method’s biggest disadvantage is the investment required to purchase a pruner.

Some websites we came across suggested throwing lights into the tree.  We found this method to be very hit or miss and to result in lights that become very tangled and difficult to remove from the tree after the holidays.  Ditto for attaching Christmas lights to a softball and tossing them into the tree–unless of course, you’re ability to control a softball toss is better than ours.

Yet another method is the tried and true practice of using a ladder.  A fine solution, this only becomes a problem when the tree you’re working on is much taller than your ladder or when ice and snow make the support surface for your ladder treacherous.

Safe & Sure with a Holiday Decorating Company

Hanging Holiday Lights in Trees 2The safest and surest bet for really high trees is to hire a holiday decorating company to do this task for you. Many of these companies opt to use a commercial-style bucket truck to safely reach even the highest branches.  Such a choice can be costly, but it’s certainly safer than taking your chances and being electrocuted as one gentleman in Palo Alto, CA was when he missed his target and entangled his lights in live power lines.

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