August 10, 2020

Moving Away From the White Light

New Themes-Not White

This year how about a theme for your Christmas lights decorations? The most common themes of recent years have involved all white Christmas lights or more recently blanketing the home, porch, windows, eaves and outdoor tree lights with icicle holiday lights.  This year how about something more original?  There are many more options available for Christmas light decorations than these themes and variations of white lights suggest.

moving away from the white lightLet’s pick a more original theme–say bows.  You can start by decorating your Christmas tree all over with them. The bows shown here are gold, but more creative options abound.

What’s up with those Pink Christmas Lights?

moving away from the white light 1Right now, I’m partial to bows made of pink and white striped or polka-dot grosgrain ribbon. Attach little ornament hooks or mini rubber bands to the back of these bows and presto, you’ve got instant bow Christmas tree decorations.  Mix these bow ornaments with pink Christmas lights or even the little white Christmas lights, ( f you must) and you’ve got a unique theme all you own–or in this case a theme that currently tickles my fancy!

moving away from the white light 2The pretty-in-pink Christmas tree shown here is yet another example of my current fetish of working in pink for holiday decorations.

Purple Scores a Hit for the Holidays!

moving away from the white light 3And while we’re talking color, what about creating Christmas lighting and decorating ideas in other unique living colors?  Who says we can’t do purple for Christmas decorations?  These balls cover a whole range in shades of purple and blend nicely with little purple Christmas lights.

Orange is the New Red?

moving away from the white light 4What about orange?  I’m sure you’ve never really considered orange to be a Christmas color, but really why not?  Christmas ornament, Artist Eunice Saunders, mentions orange as the newest of Christmas colors on her website  There you can find unique, artisan-created Ornaments by Nisha, like this one for sale.

moving away from the white light 5If you’re planning to stick with orange as a theme-color, you might also want to add some orange Christmas lights to the exterior of your home as well as to trees–both indoors and out.  Anyway, you look at it, Christmas lights decorations don’t have to be just white lights anymore.  Choose a theme, a symbol, an icon or just a color and let it go wild!

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