February 7, 2023

Decorative Holiday Lights Include the Tree, Star, and Train

Holiday Lights Tree

Decorative Holiday Lights Include the Tree Star and TrainPre-lit holiday lights trees come in a variety of types and colors.  There are Cherry Blossom tree lights, Peach tree lights, Maple tree lights, and Palm tree lights.  LED versions have multi-colored lights that can easily switch colors.  A more traditional holiday lights tree can be formed from an evergreen tree.  Other ideas include a metal form shaped like an evergreen tree or even a 2-D design of holiday lights tree against a wall.  String lighting is the most popular way to decorate a holiday lights tree.  Don’t forget lighted ornaments and a lit tree topper on your holiday lights tree.  It’s fun to create decorative holiday designs with holiday lights trees.

Holiday Lights Star

Decorative Holiday Lights Include the Tree Star and Train 1The many ways to display a holiday lights star include outlining the shape on a building, hanging from a tree or other object, displaying on a decoration, and stringing star-shaped lights.  Outlining a large star on a city building is a bold decoration that can be seen from a long distance and looks grand when driving down a long street.  Tree and nativity toppers are a popular way to display a holiday lights star.  The six-pointed Star of David is also a decorative holiday lights star among many cultures.  String lights are an easy way to decorate with holiday lights star.  These can be strung on trees, bushes, mantles, table-tops, banisters, etc.  Stringing ideas for holiday lights stars seem endless.  LED versions use about 90% less energy saving you money.  They last longer than traditional string lights and they are cool to the touch decreasing the risk of fire for indoor use.  They can also be used outdoors.  LED lights are more vibrant making them prettier to look at.  The holiday lights star is a popular decoration for many cultures.

Holiday Lights Train

Decorative Holiday Lights Include the Tree Star and Train 2The holiday lights train is a particular favorite of the children.  Some trains are 2-D or 3-D yard decorations made from a wire frame or lumber then outlined in string lighting.  Yard decorations can be many cars long or simply an engine.  These holiday lights trains can be decorated with multi-colored lights or basically outlined in monochromatic white lights.  Another fun use of decorative holiday lights is to outline a real train in string lights.  This is great fun for the children because they can sometimes ride these trains. Holiday lights train can bring the Christmas spirit to all children and brighten their holiday season.

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